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CCM CL 500 Gloves

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CCM CL 500 Gloves

Size 13 Black

Length of use: 3 months

Player profile

5’8” 165 pounds, 2-4 times per week, rink employee/beer leaguer

hand type- skinny, low volume, longer fingers

Previous gloves used: Warrior Luxe, Warrior Projekt, Bauer Vapor Line

Fit 10/10

A very tapered fit. The fit is very snug along the fingers, especially at the finger-tips. I have thoroughly enjoyed that. The smaller gussets at the finger-tips have been very beneficial.

It has proven difficult to find a glove with that type of fit, because my hands are so skinny. The wrist mobility has been great as the glove opens at the cuff.

Protection 8/10

I have only taken slashes to the gloves but no pucks. The ufoams have held up well. They have done their job thus far. They are what you would expect from a top end CCM glove at that price-point. I have had issues with the pro-flex thumb as I have jammed my thumb a couple times.

Weight 10/10

The lightest glove I have used by far. It has the bulk of a low end, entry-level glove, but with the protection of a high end product. Well done.

Durability 5/10

The pro-feel nash palms have shown wear very quickly. They have not held up well, compared to my other gloves. There are also parts of the glove where the stitching has come loose. The backhand padding and nylon exterior have held up well.

I must say I do not like their Dri-lex liners. They have held a lot of moisture and because they are black, stain easy.

Intangibles 7/10

The CCM CL500s are less expensive than its high-end competitors with similar fit types. Its shortcomings make it evident why. These gloves also come with very limited selection in colors.


Overall, these are a solid buy. These are the first gloves I have come across where fit was not an issue whatsoever. That says a lot. Despite a couple issues with durability, I would buy this glove again. I would look into the purchase of the CS 400 also since the price points are so drastic, but the level of protection is similar.


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