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  1. Strange. It's been a few years since I've ordered my replacements. I'm guessing things have changed on the manufacturing side.
  2. Send True an email. I asked if they could replace my old VH tongues and they were able to make an identical pair for me.
  3. I went to college for product design. I have a lot of professional experience sewing and also doing mods to hockey jerseys and equipment for about 6 years pre-pandemic. I've been out of the loop with gameworn since it's never been of interest to me until now. I've only owned pro practice jerseys but that has not been my experience at least lengthwise with adidas compared to ccm/reebok. They are completely different fits and patterns as well. Adidas in Size 50 lengthwise works best for me where I'd normally wear a 54 in CCM/ Reebok because it fits wider and shorter with a different cut at the bottom. I appreciate all the added tips. A lot of that I did not know. That's awesome! I'll give them a ring.
  4. I don't know what I can get my hands on. Ideally gameworn but if not I will customize to look similar to pro stock. I like wearing a size 50/52 jersey with not much padding underneath. Size 50 isn't really an option for gameworn. I'm looking for a black adidas Canucks skate logo jersey that I will either modify or do work to which is why I stated custom.
  5. Hi. Haven't purchased a NHL jersey recently but trying to purchase a custom Adidas one. Are the numbers still sewn on or are they heat pressed now? I believe the namebars are still sewn on? Someone correct me before I make a bad purchase. Thank you.
  6. ti steel is 160 plus each fly holder (left and right) is 69.99. That equals 299.98 plus tax.
  7. ???? Try reading my whole post. I was talking about $300 for holders and steel
  8. Yeah, most ridiculous thing I've seen Bauer do in a while. May be they are trying to recoup for R and D.
  9. Pro stock ccm pants should fit you. I actually have a pair of hp32s that will probably fit you perfect.
  10. Hoping for a little advice as I need last minute roller hockey skates for work. Could anyone give a guesstimate on the heel width on the retail TF7 roller hockey skates? I'm too far from a retail shop and can only order online. I basically have a AAA heel that tapers to something narrower.
  11. I don't remember the model #. I was a kid. They had laces on the sides and were black and white with a wave pattern. GX something. Couldn't find them in a google search. I had those and flash tracks rollerblades from Toys R Us. Amazing times.
  12. Interesting. I was too young to remember. I could have sworn my Eastons did. I've just gotten interested in Nike hockey gear the last 6 years. Purchasing those Ignites made me utterly confused.
  13. Can anyone else think of a sport that does more awful and ridiculous "innovations" than hockey? I'd have to add the Nike Ignite hockey gloves without finger breaks.
  14. I guess I assumed that a golf net couldn't handle hockey pucks. Should I double it up? I guess I'll try foam wrapped pvc with a t style connection at the bottom.
  15. Was hoping you guys had some price-conscious backstop ideas, diy or otherwise. I want a net about 15 feet in height behind my goal. Ideally it would double as a golf net as well. It would be in my backyard near a neighbor's fence. Thanks for any advice.
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