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  1. If it's within your means, do as the kids and millenials say, "treat yourself." I'd buy a new chassis if the skates haven't gotten too soft. Otherwise, I'd get new skates if you are able to try some on. The retail true roller hockey skates are also worth looking into. Fairly certain they have a wider toe box and have 2 pricing tiers.
  2. Getting back into roller hockey with a local outdoor roller rink. 165 pounds and using a Sprung chassis. The rink has blue tiles. Would I basically use indoor wheels or should I look at something specific? Thanks for the help.
  3. I've seen a number of gloves with a thin strip of matching hockey stick tape.
  4. Price varies by a coach's experience as a coach and/or player. That price is really high imo, but it depends on the length of time of the lesson and whether or not it is during a public session or private ice. You could get a lot out of a 30 minute well structured power skating lesson during a public session every week or every other week.
  5. May I ask how much it is to play?
  6. What to expect from this review: A comparison between the QR1 and the QRL Insights from an undersized adult that uses an Intermediate 70 flex stick A review of the durability and feel of the stick Me: 5'8", 165 pounds, Forward ODR company employee, rink staff Stick Specs: 70 flex, backstrom, rh My stick rotation: Warrior QR1 70 flex, CCM RBZ Speedburner 75 flex, CCM Tacks 75 flex, Easton V9E 65 flex (senior length) Initial Comparison between the QRL and the QR1 The QRL is slightly thinner than the QR1 and the Cortex grip texture starts and ends higher on the QRL. A definite upgrade. I've enjoyed it. The puck feel is very similar though slightly stiffer. Great response. The graphics have seen a serious upgrade. The QRL graphics are similar on both sides of the stick with the large black Warrior lettering dominating. A significant change from the QR1 which has different graphics on either side of the stick with more subtle, static lettering. The white and orange accents on the QRL make the stick look incredible. Excellent job by Warrior. One of the best looking sticks out there right now. 70 flex Life There are few offerings out there for adults in the 5'6"-5-9" and 140-160 pound range. I can attest to this stick being a great option as I have used the QR1 for over a year and this stick seems to be its worthy successor. Thank you JR and Warrior hockey. I appreciate the opportunity. A full review of the QRL is on its way. If you have any questions feel free to PM. I frequent San Jose as well as Los Angeles area rinks. If you see me, feel free to ask to borrow the stick for a little bit.
  7. Yes, it is Tommy Wingels. He switched out after coming off injured reserved. Looking to do a conversion of my old VHs with some Sprung frames. Anyone do this yet? I've seen the Marsblade frames on VHs but have heard there are durability issues with those frames for league play.
  8. There's a recurring theme if you search all the "what equipment should I purchase" threads on this forum, and there are numerous. That theme is purchase what fits best in store. Nothing top end is ever necessary because your needs change as you improve. As ted mentioned, mid-priced items are more than enough protection. If you are purchasing items piece by piece, the next important item is shinguards, especially if you are trying to improve your skating at public sessions. The fit of shinguards is probably one of the most talked about concerns because some people tuck or flop their skate tongues. A lot of people find that their shinguards' length interferes with their skate. Bring your skates with you when purchasing shinguards so you know if the length and width are correct for the skates that you own. After that would be pants and their length. Poor fitting pants do affect your stride. You want to make sure the length is just right and that they sit right above the top of the knee cap or very close to it. After that, a lot of your equipment decisions are a lot easier and relate to mobility and preference.
  9. And you won't, at least that has been my experience since moving to LA. You have to play with people for people to want to play with you. Do the SoCal pick-up or do a stick time at KHS or Lakewood, and start meeting local players.
  10. Go to a pick-up game through SoCal Hockey. You'll meet a bunch of people that play at those rinks. http://socalicehockey.com/ Also ask around on the hockey forum on LGK: http://letsgokings.com/forumdisplay.php/20-Hockey-Players-Forum
  11. Wouldn't call it training but more to unwind and relax. http://www.hockeysaucekit.com/ Chuckin sauce at So Cal beaches, even with good ole' el Nino, has become a fun hobby.
  12. Pretty sure you mean that you don't want to pay ebay fees.
  13. I've been to the Tahoe one a long time ago, and you'll get a wide range of ages. Many people return annually. In all honesty, you won't have time to be concerned with how old every one is. You'll be too busy playing hockey or too tired.
  14. Raffi Torres and 2nd round picks in 2017 and 2018 traded for Roman Polak and Nick Spaling. Really bummed about this one, but the Sharks get an upgrade.
  15. I'm partial to rosterbot because it has Bret Hedican as one of it's proprietors. Plus it is FREE. https://rosterbot.com/
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