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  1. I don't remember the model #. I was a kid. They had laces on the sides and were black and white with a wave pattern. GX something. Couldn't find them in a google search. I had those and flash tracks rollerblades from Toys R Us. Amazing times.
  2. Interesting. I was too young to remember. I could have sworn my Eastons did. I've just gotten interested in Nike hockey gear the last 6 years. Purchasing those Ignites made me utterly confused.
  3. Can anyone else think of a sport that does more awful and ridiculous "innovations" than hockey? I'd have to add the Nike Ignite hockey gloves without finger breaks.
  4. I guess I assumed that a golf net couldn't handle hockey pucks. Should I double it up? I guess I'll try foam wrapped pvc with a t style connection at the bottom.
  5. Was hoping you guys had some price-conscious backstop ideas, diy or otherwise. I want a net about 15 feet in height behind my goal. Ideally it would double as a golf net as well. It would be in my backyard near a neighbor's fence. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Warrior makes an intermediate 70 flex. Used those for 8+ years till I ended up loving 65 flexes more.
  7. Anyone ever do this? Looking to hem the tops of some pro stock 31s to become 28s. I use the garter style attachment. Just wondering as I've never done it.
  8. Sherwood Code V. I find it to be the most adjustable as well. It does not contain any plastics to my knowledge though has lots of padding. The 9k has the most plastic side hip protection but isn't a wrap style. The Sherwood Code V overall has the most bulky protection in a wrap style and it is available at retail. FYI, I own both of the above but I am currently in the super tacks.
  9. The same could be said before VH/True was in the market.
  10. 199.99 plus tax and shipping. Price shows up once in your cart.
  11. Hey All. There seems to be a handful of options out there, but none that I am currently familiar with. I have a couple of frontier blades but no one seems to stock them right now. Can you tell me about your current experiences with what is out there from Alkali, Bauer, Fischer, etc. Please tell me about puck feel and durability in either of the one piece or standard blade options. Will mainly use with stickhandling balls and green biscuits. Thank you!
  12. Curious if you've tried using regular cloth tape underneath to build up the knob to a desired width/height before wrapping. Had a lot of trouble with lizardskins because it was too thick.
  13. I have one now. I think the padding is a bit on the light side. I've never owned the projekt so I can't tell you if it's better or worse. My guess is slightly better. I didn't think it was padded enough for me personally. I also think they run on the long side even though they are adjustable.
  14. I used to work at the Northridge location. That location would still have been quite a drive and the selection would have only of been so-so. Most people don't account for traffic when they visit SoCal. It would have been 3/4s of the drive to Anaheim in relation to Northridge. I believe there are smaller shops in both Vegas and New York City that you can check out.
  15. Monkey Sports in Irvine and Pure Hockey Anaheim will be the best for inline gear and hockey in general. They will also be the largest in terms of overall selection in all cities and areas listed. Nothing is really close to anywhere you'll be staying. About 1 hour and 20 minutes from your LA location depending on traffic.
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