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  1. I've used the EZ Sharp for 8+ years through my first rink job. I think they have the worst jig because it just has one dial, which only shifts the angle and not height which is manually screw adjusted. I personally despise the machine. Not a fan of their true dressing system either. EZ sharp hasn't updated their site in years. It says it's $1720 which is beyond ridiculous. Base model Wissota is $1500 I spoke to a Blackstone rep. Their base price went up to $5260. Blademaster, you can get a base benchtop model for $1350. A new benchtop Blademaster for the Value is great.
  2. John might be his real legal name as his emails to me were as John Noris.
  3. No, Wissota has their own version for $275
  4. Not trying to hijack this thread...anyone think the Wissota 911 portable is good enough over a Blackstone portable that is about 1000 more? I am an experienced sharpener...over 10 years. Will be for personal use and teammates. Will do FBV and ROH.
  5. I know many people tape down the top part of the shin pad with tape. It's easiest if you wear a baselayer so it has something to adhere to instead of skin. Another option is if there's too much overlap is to attach more velcro to the top of the connection so the thigh guards can sit a little higher. Taping down the top flap of the shin pad is the easiest option though
  6. Yes, Thom is making components. I know Sprung has changed hands may be between 2 other owners between Keith and Thom? I know at least one other is John Noris.
  7. Sprung was purchased by Valhalla Sport, last I spoke to Thom when I purchased parts. Fizix is more or less a "different" product from Keith. Keith is a cool dude. Wish him the best and will probably purchase these when they release. I remember way back when he did the actual skate conversion and I picked up my Sprung conversions at his house.
  8. Strange. It's been a few years since I've ordered my replacements. I'm guessing things have changed on the manufacturing side.
  9. Send True an email. I asked if they could replace my old VH tongues and they were able to make an identical pair for me.
  10. I went to college for product design. I have a lot of professional experience sewing and also doing mods to hockey jerseys and equipment for about 6 years pre-pandemic. I've been out of the loop with gameworn since it's never been of interest to me until now. I've only owned pro practice jerseys but that has not been my experience at least lengthwise with adidas compared to ccm/reebok. They are completely different fits and patterns as well. Adidas in Size 50 lengthwise works best for me where I'd normally wear a 54 in CCM/ Reebok because it fits wider and shorter with a different cut at the bottom. I appreciate all the added tips. A lot of that I did not know. That's awesome! I'll give them a ring.
  11. I don't know what I can get my hands on. Ideally gameworn but if not I will customize to look similar to pro stock. I like wearing a size 50/52 jersey with not much padding underneath. Size 50 isn't really an option for gameworn. I'm looking for a black adidas Canucks skate logo jersey that I will either modify or do work to which is why I stated custom.
  12. Hi. Haven't purchased a NHL jersey recently but trying to purchase a custom Adidas one. Are the numbers still sewn on or are they heat pressed now? I believe the namebars are still sewn on? Someone correct me before I make a bad purchase. Thank you.
  13. ti steel is 160 plus each fly holder (left and right) is 69.99. That equals 299.98 plus tax.
  14. ???? Try reading my whole post. I was talking about $300 for holders and steel
  15. Yeah, most ridiculous thing I've seen Bauer do in a while. May be they are trying to recoup for R and D.
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