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Bauer Supreme One.6 shin pads

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Height - 5'11

Weight - 270 lbs

Pad size - originally 13 inch, but then changed to 14 inch (both over the tongue)

Level of play: Lower league roller hockey, 2-3 times per week.

Fit - I had been using Bauer Pro Series pads. I was in them for well over 3 years. Before that, I had always used Reebok shin pads, which offered a fairly wide fit as well. I have been losing some weight lately and opted that the bulk of my pads should change too! haha. So I opted to try the Supreme line after I was left disappointed by the straping system on the Nexus line (Nexus would be the logical line to transition from Pro Series). I am a big fan of the wrap-around top strap offered on most Bauer shins (Nexus did not offer this). I was looking for a rather "basic" pad as I don't need and don't like the glitz and glamour of the high end Supreme models. I play roller, so even entry level shins will do the trick for blocking shots with that light puck.

I started off by looking at the placement of the liners and overall wear on my old Pro Series. I saw that I placed the liner in a rather high position and had a lot of wear at the bottom of my old pads down by where it overlaps with the skate. My old pads were 14 inch, so I opted to try the 13 inch senior size with Supreme.... These ended up too small. Both length and volume. The pads ever stayed in place, I had to extend the calf strap and overal felt uncomfortable.

So I did the right thing and went into my LHS to actually try pads on this time! Ended up with the same model in a 14 inch and have felt great since. I do not notice any comfort difference between these and the Pro Series. I find that the shell of the Pro Series is bulkier, but the interior of the two pads are the same. Straps feel great as is, no modification needed.

While skating, I do notice a little more spring in my step and a little more mobility with these pads. Maybe I am drinking the cool-aid though?


Protection: This is a mid-range pad and coming from a very bulky/wide pad designed for ice defencemen - I notice the downgrade with the One.6. I like to block shots and when I block one with the shin, I feel it now. It doesn't hurt, but I feel it hit for sure. With the Pro Series, I could only hear it! haha. The knee part handles falls just fine and I have yet to take a puck or stick to the calf-wrap.


Weight - Fairly light. I like it. A lot lighter than my Pro Series. The online shops say the One.8 is lighter, but only by a few grams. I am pleased with the weight, which was one thing I was looking to lower coming from Pro Series.


Durability - Good so far. Its been about 2 months or so in my 14's and there is not a mark on them.


Intangibles - One thing I did not think of before buying is the thigh guard of the shin pad. The thigh guard is attached to the liner, so if you like to adjust the liner up/down in the pad, the high guard will either get longer/shorter as you adjust. Not a big deal for me as I find I am wearing these right in the middle so the thigh guard is properly placed.

Conclusion - Good mid-priced pad. For someone who likes a more pro-like/no-thrills pad, give these a look. No goofy honeycomb padding, flexible ankles or micky-mouse garbage!


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