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Easton Synergy EQ Pro

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Player Profile

6'0 185 lbs

Play regularly 3+times a week


Right handed shot

Played 4 years of College Hockey

I currently work in Hockey Retail.

Item History

Size 15. Black glove with white font.

Purchased this item two years ago.

Product I am coming from: Multiple pairs of Bauer 4 Rolls and Eagle X95 Tuffek


The Easton Synergy EQ Pro had an amazing first impression. Typically when buying gloves I always run into the same problem of some type of unwanted stiffness especially in the forehand that takes multiple games to break in. The fit was perfect and did not have any bulky feeling that I experienced with other traditional 4-roll gloves. There seems to be a great distribution of space in this glove. My hand never feels suffocated smushed or have any pressure points of any kind. Once you break this glove in you will love it even more mark my words.

Overall Fit. Rating:10/10


This glove has plastic inserts that still hold up very well after two years. I have taken more then my fair share of slashes to the hand and have barely felt a thing. The cuff does seem to have a little bit of extra length to it which has saved my wrists on more then on occasion. My only hesitation would be I have not been able to wear these gloves in a high level game so I am not positive that it will hold up in a higher level game such as college.

Overall Protection Rating: 9/10


This is by far the lightest traditional 4-Roll I have ever come across. During games I barely feel like it is on. The all nylon shell definitely comes in handy and at no point has it felt like it has gotten heavier during games due to absorbing sweat.

Overall Weight Rating: 10/10


This unfortunately are where like most Easton products the gloves come up a little bit short. The nylon shell does happen to get a few cosmetic splits. I currently have one on my left gloves thumb. The hole started small about a year ago and has since expanded to be significantly bigger. Again nothing more then cosmetic, has not effected the overall protection of the glove in the least.

The palm performance is phenomenal. Coming from a ball hockey background as a child I grew very comfortable to playing without gloves so I really like that aspect. Unfortunately like any glove over time the glove does begin to get holes. For me they started about 4 months into having them. The holes started to pop up between my fingers. Currently I have two small sized holes on my right hand. Very important to keep the palm is dry as possible. I remember playing in a few tournaments and found the feel of the glove to get a little worse when not having significant time to air out my gloves.

Overall Durability Rating: 8/10


The look of this glove is simple and classic which I love. The palm performance is phenomenal and provides excellent feel. As I said above once you break it in it often feels like I am not wearing a glove at all. The fit of this glove is key in my opinion. This glove does NOT feel bulky at all and the weight is fantastic which were two qualities other gloves I had in the past were lacking.

Overall Intangible Rating: 9/10


Depending on where you look this glove is on a couple of clearance section. The senior glove will run you anywhere from $60.00-$90.00 which is a huge steal for this glove. Although the glove does have minor durability issues the performance will more then put your mind at ease. The mobility and fit are spot on. I have already purchased two more pairs because obviously this particular model is not being made anymore.

Easton Synergy EQ Pro Senior Glove Overall Rating: 46/50

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