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  1. I feel like this was being advertised along the same line as Custom skates. Disappointing if there are no scans required for this helmet. Don’t see how you can justify the price without that level of customization.
  2. Tried both the FZ-1 and the FZ-3. Ended up going with the FZ-1 because the fit of the FZ-3 was to wide and they did not offer the regular width sizing. Also overall quality of the FZ-1 definitely worth the extra cash(Didn't hurt that I also got a nice deal on the FZ-1). Skated on it once and the comfort was definitely there and I haven't even baked them yet.
  3. So I have been playing both ice and roller hockey for a very long time. I have always preferred the feel of ice boots to roller. I was rocking the Bauer One 70 for over 7 years before they finally had to be retired. I than went to the Bauer S160 and the boot is already splitting at the soul by the toe. My first thought is that I got a low quality boot. Am correct in my thought process? Is there an ideal tier of ice boot to go to for conversion. I am not someone who likes to switch gear especially skates often so for me to need another pair so soon is very disappointing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. At what point can we start referring to them as the AARP Kings. No doubt Doughty was a necessary signing but you have to admit you are starting to feel some of those veteran signings.
  5. Helmet: Reebok 4K Cage: CCM FL 450 Cage Shoulder: CCM Quick Lite 230 Elbow: CCM Tacks 3092 Pants: Reebok 14k Shins: CCM Tacks 5092 Gloves: CCM 4-Roll Skates: Bauer One.9 Stick: Easton Synergy GX
  6. Won two pairs of these gloves from two different USA Classic men's hockey tournaments this year. Nothing really special about them other then the custom color design, thought you guys might get a kick out of them.
  7. Hey has anyone had any rivet issues with their mako 2? I am starting to notice mine getting a little loose. Is this the first sign of the beginning of the end of the skate lol?
  8. I just feel like I have to much steel in the back of my skate and every once and awhile I get it caught when transitioning from forward to backward skating
  9. This might be a stupid question but is there somewhere you can go to figure out the different pitches of skates. I wanna get my makos profiled and would like to make them as close to my old skates as possible
  10. So I am not very familiar with profiling skates. I really love the mako 2 boots but would really like a more standard pitch on my steel like my old pair of bauers. Can someone walk me through this such as what to ask for as far as a number also do I need to mention I had the skates profiled everytime I sharpen the skates after the initial profile? Thank you for your help!
  11. Could someone who put tukk holders on there mako 2 boots pm me I have a couple questions.thanks!
  12. Unfortunately I think the future of mako does not look good in Bauer Hand. There is no doubt that the technology is great as well as the performance but the price the average player pays for it scares many away. Don't forget when it came to the Ribcore line and CCM it had a huge following plus CCM wanted to have three different lines to compete with Bauer's three lines. However I don't think Baier is going to scrap the technology. What may happen and again just taking a shot in the dark is that Bauer some how introduces the technology from the Makos into one of there current lines which would probably be the Vapors if I had to guess.
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