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  1. I feel like this was being advertised along the same line as Custom skates. Disappointing if there are no scans required for this helmet. Don’t see how you can justify the price without that level of customization.
  2. Tried both the FZ-1 and the FZ-3. Ended up going with the FZ-1 because the fit of the FZ-3 was to wide and they did not offer the regular width sizing. Also overall quality of the FZ-1 definitely worth the extra cash(Didn't hurt that I also got a nice deal on the FZ-1). Skated on it once and the comfort was definitely there and I haven't even baked them yet.
  3. So I have been playing both ice and roller hockey for a very long time. I have always preferred the feel of ice boots to roller. I was rocking the Bauer One 70 for over 7 years before they finally had to be retired. I than went to the Bauer S160 and the boot is already splitting at the soul by the toe. My first thought is that I got a low quality boot. Am correct in my thought process? Is there an ideal tier of ice boot to go to for conversion. I am not someone who likes to switch gear especially skates often so for me to need another pair so soon is very disappointing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. At what point can we start referring to them as the AARP Kings. No doubt Doughty was a necessary signing but you have to admit you are starting to feel some of those veteran signings.
  5. From the people I have spoken with the ccm fitlite line particularly the fitlite 80 and 60 are the closest to the 8k.
  6. UPDATE**** Apologize for the delay in response. Have been dealing with a nagging injury and have not had the opportunity for much ice time. i have to say though after 12-15 games this stick really lives up to the anticipation. The response and durability of this stick is very impressive. I think it is also important to not that after the last dozen games the stick still feels like new outside of some cosmetic marks. Look forward to many more games with this stick!
  7. So I have been wearing a Reebok 8k forever now and it is finally time for a new lid. I saw the ccm fit lite 60 and 80 and was definitely interested because of what should be a similar look and sizing. Only question I have is how is the interior. Anyone have any problems with those inserts falling out? Is there any other big difference between the two lids?
  8. First off thank you to JR and True for the opportunity. Time frame of use: One game. Sticks that I have been using: I have been stocking up on the last of the Easton CX sticks. General Intro: I have been an Easton guy for most of my playing career. I was lucky enough to have a opportunity on this forum last year to try out the Warrior QRL. I did love that stick but am a player of habit and went back to Easton after my QRL broke. Weight/Balance/Feel: The stick did felt about the same weight wise as the Easton I have been using lately. As far as balance it did feel a little top heavy. The overall feel of the stick was very nice. Only took a warm up and a couple of shifts to get use to it. Shooting/Passing/Feel: Didn't have many opportunities to take shots with the stick but I like the performance with the limited sample size I had. The puck handling felt great. The stick was very responsive and my passing was on point. Durability: Only played one game so we will see. Nothing more than a little cosmetic damage to this point.
  9. Helmet: Reebok 4K Cage: CCM FL 450 Cage Shoulder: CCM Quick Lite 230 Elbow: CCM Tacks 3092 Pants: Reebok 14k Shins: CCM Tacks 5092 Gloves: CCM 4-Roll Skates: Bauer One.9 Stick: Easton Synergy GX
  10. I was lucky enough to be able to test our the new Warrior QRL and I have to say as far as high end stick goes it is leaps and bounds better then the rest. Have been playing with it since June and the stick still feels brand new. At least Warrior is a glimmer of hope for those who are still in the market for 260-300 dollar sticks.
  11. I mean to summarize the obvious of what was already said the top of the line sticks at the top price points are designed to perform at the highest level with no regard for durability. If you want durability dont bother with that level of stick. Go for a level or two down and you will get another couple grams of weight but the stick will be significantly more durable.
  12. Update #5 Time Frame of use: A little over three months Stick has really impressed me. The durability is really impressive. Stick has held up very well after a lot of abuse. The release is still just as great as the day I got it. Outside of a few cosmetic scuffs the stick is in really great shape. I guess I will report back when it breaks or does something that makes me sad. JR, Warrior thank you both for the gift. This stick has been great and I am enjoying every trip on the ice with it.
  13. Full disclosure I am a big ranger fan. With that being said you can't hate the vesey move. You put the vesey signing along with the Hayes signing and it puts a band aid on the going out of business sale approach the franchise has had with draft picks the past few years. As for the past decision making with other players let's be a little reasonable for a second... Hagelin is a great glue player and a necessity for any team going for the cup DUH. The real reason the Rangers did not resign hi. Was because thy needed to prepare for contracts of players like Kreider Hayes and Miller who they valued higher. I can't say I disagree with that. The signing of grabner brings back a less talented Hagelin type at a more reasonable price. As for Brian Boyle AV just did not value him and what he brought to the table which I thought was a huge mistake. It was evident that AV did not believe Boyle could thrive in his system. Had nothing to do with money. Stralman was coming off a career year and the fact was they already had to much money invested in the defense with a back log of young defenseman ready to come up. What made matters worse was the Dan Boyle experience was an abomination and cost up Duclair. I never heard anything about them not liking Duclair I always believed that the Rangers thought they were one offensive defenseman away from the cup and the only player the Coyotes wanted was Duclair because of his success with Domi at the world juniors. Say what you will but the Rangers are getting younger while also having the potential of being a strong playoff team. The rest of the off season is bound to help veterans like staal and girardi. Combine that with the influx of even more youth joining the team and this has the makings of a really fun season for the Rangers.
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