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Composite T-Flex Blade

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5'10 200lbs

Used with 85 flex M-1 and Synergy


I got this in a trade a while ago, and have used it in a Synergy shaft as well as an M-1 shaft, both Broken OPS


This blade is very stiff, its just starting to give now after about 2 months of heavy usage for me. Blades generally go soft after 3-4 weeks with me. 9/10


Balance has been good with both of these sticks, a little blade heavy, but nothing awful. Could be a bit better, but it is a long hoselled tapered blade, which is difficult to find now. 7/10

Stickhandling/Recieving Passes:

I really like the feel of this stick. Coming from a wood stick it was tricky for a minute or so, but I think a bit was the curve switch (Crosby to Drury). After a very small time of adapting its been terrific. 9/10


Comes off the blade very quickly, not softening at all nothing to complain about. It's nothing ground breaking, but is better than average. 8/10


After a few little cracks and a scare or two its still holding up after about 2 months of usage. I thought it'd be done or soft by now, but its still going. 9/10

Conclusion: This is an excellent blade. I only use if for Broken OPS because I only have the one and don't want to cut down another shaft to accomodate this. This blade has given me everything I could've asked for and more. I'm a drury guy so I love the curve, the blade has good, crisp feel and can be found for pretty cheap. I'd suggest it, especially if your looking for blades for a broken OPS because the added height helps with the cutting.

Overall: 8.5/10

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