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Rink Rat World Cup

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Rink Rat World Cup

Durometer - 82A

Setup - 80/76 Bauer Premier Skates
Used on Sport Court/Ice Court about 1 or 2 times per week
Previous Wheel - Rink Rat Identity Krysis
Me- 6’0” 230 lbs
Grip – I was happy to not notice a huge difference between the Identity Krysis and the World Cups. I pushed the limits on the Identity Krysis with my weight and was concerned I was going to notice a big difference in grip, but they grip perfect for me. 9/10
Speed – The speed on these is good, again pretty equivalent to the Krysis. 9/10
Durability – I went to these wheels because I knew I was burning through the other wheels a little fast, so far after about 40 skates on these, they are holding up great and showing little signs of wear. 10/10
Looks – Oange/Black, looks pretty good on the skates. 10/10
Value – A little less expensive than the top of the line wheels, but for a bigger guy they work just as well with better durability. 8/10
Overall – I purchased the Identity Krysis wheels after my Revisions wore out, and opted for what I thought would be a better performing wheel knowing I would sacrifice durability. I was happy with the Krysis, but I do not notice a large difference between the 2 for both the price and durability benefits for someone 220+. 46/50

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