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  1. You ever try getting her a wedge or something to sleep slightly elevated? Know some people who that has worked for. Also know a few who used this and worked http://www.sleepright.com/product/nasal-breathe-aid-15-day-supply/
  2. I do not tighten the roller hockey skates as tight for the last 2 eyelets as I do for ice. I used to crank them both, but realized I liked a little more flex for roller hockey.
  3. We just lost a couple skaters for the Las Vegas Labatt USA Hockey Ice Hockey Classic May 4-7 and need to add a skater or 2 if anyone is interested. Playing in the Middle of 3 Men's divisions. Cost is about $80. Thanks, Peter
  4. Bauer HDO Pro Straight Visor Usage – About 1 year Beer League Ice - 2 nights week Previous Visor – Oakley Pro Straight Fit – 10/10 Installed on Bauer IMS 9.0 helmet with no issues. Was nice to have the slotted screw nuts unlike the Oakley’s round screw nuts from the previous visor (which made removal a little tougher) Visibility – 10/10 Coming from the Oakley that was my biggest concern. But I do not notice even notice the visor when wearing it. Performance - 9/10 Visor has not fogged up and I just use a microfiber towel to wipe it down (usually just once before the game). Durability –9/10 Visor is holding up well, has a small mark that I cannot remove from a puck it took, other than that no issues. Overall – 38/40 I have been using Oakley visors since I started wearing a visor back in 05 and was always told they were the best, but I got sick of replacing them because they were so sensitive. Was not sure I would be happy with the Bauer, but I saved a couple bucks, have not had the durability issues, and think the performance is the same.
  5. I believe when they were still RBZ's they were considered the widest CCM skateline, then that changed when they changed the line to Jetspeeds.
  6. I am about a 38x32 and I have XL with plenty of room to spare.
  7. Red Wings Sale June 4 starting at 10am at Hockeytown Authentics in Troy
  8. I think you will only know once you try it. I use a longer stick than I used to, like VET88 said, it is because I play D and prefer the reach and didn't notice much of a stick handling drop off for me.
  9. There is a Labeda Warranty thread in the Roller Hockey Forum that I think lists the correct contacts.
  10. CCM 4-Roll Pro III Have been using them for about 6 months. 1 or 2 ice games and 1 roller game per week. I had been wearing my second pair of Bauer 4 Roll gloves which were a couple years old and ready to go. I had been real happy with the Bauers, but read a lot of good things about the CCM 4-Roll Pro III so I thought I would give them a try. FIT – The 15” runs smaller than the same in the Bauer. They also fit a little smaller throughout the glove than the Bauer 4-Roll, which I tend to like better – 8/10 WEIGHT – These are the lightest gloves I have worn since my Eagle X-50’s. - 10/10 BREAK-IN – I HATE breaking in new equipment and I thought these would have little to no break in time. They did require a little bit of break in time (approx. 5 skates), but that could also be because I am way too picky! – 8/10 PROTECTION – Seems like plenty, have been fortunate enough not to have to test the protection out too much! – 9/10 DURABILITY – So far these gloves have held up great. No wear on the palms, all the stitching is holding up well, and the fabric looks brand new. – 10/10 INTANGIBLES – I have grown to like the gloves better than the Bauer 4 rolls I was using probably for fit and for durability (both pairs of Bauers seemed to have a layer of the fabric peel on the inside), and with the increase in price when they went to Nexus, there is a savings with these gloves too. OVERALL – This is a great pair of gloves and I am happy I switched to test them out. Would recommended them for anyone who like the classic fit. I would just make sure you are able to try them on to get into the accurate size. – 45/50
  11. I recently switched to a Bauer HDO from the Oakley Pro Straight (was worn and a little scratched). Went with Bauer because I read they were less sensitive and easier to maintain than the Oakley (and it saved me a couple $$). Played in a tournament with it this weekend, didn't really notice it and had zero fog issues.
  12. I had a hairline fracture in my ankle back in October and was in a boot for about 5 weeks. I have been out of the boot for about 3 weeks and finally got back on the rink last night. Even though I feel like my ankle is close to back to normal walking, had some real issues pushing off on it last night. I am assuming the ankle is still just a little weak from lack of use for the past 2 months, but anyone know a good way to strengthen for that off-ice? Thanks!
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