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  1. You ever try getting her a wedge or something to sleep slightly elevated? Know some people who that has worked for. Also know a few who used this and worked http://www.sleepright.com/product/nasal-breathe-aid-15-day-supply/
  2. Bauer HDO Pro Straight Visor Usage – About 1 year Beer League Ice - 2 nights week Previous Visor – Oakley Pro Straight Fit – 10/10 Installed on Bauer IMS 9.0 helmet with no issues. Was nice to have the slotted screw nuts unlike the Oakley’s round screw nuts from the previous visor (which made removal a little tougher) Visibility – 10/10 Coming from the Oakley that was my biggest concern. But I do not notice even notice the visor when wearing it. Performance - 9/10 Visor has not fogged up and I just use a microfiber towel to wipe it down (usually just once before the game). Durability –9/10 Visor is holding up well, has a small mark that I cannot remove from a puck it took, other than that no issues. Overall – 38/40 I have been using Oakley visors since I started wearing a visor back in 05 and was always told they were the best, but I got sick of replacing them because they were so sensitive. Was not sure I would be happy with the Bauer, but I saved a couple bucks, have not had the durability issues, and think the performance is the same.
  3. Red Wings Sale June 4 starting at 10am at Hockeytown Authentics in Troy
  4. CCM 4-Roll Pro III Have been using them for about 6 months. 1 or 2 ice games and 1 roller game per week. I had been wearing my second pair of Bauer 4 Roll gloves which were a couple years old and ready to go. I had been real happy with the Bauers, but read a lot of good things about the CCM 4-Roll Pro III so I thought I would give them a try. FIT – The 15” runs smaller than the same in the Bauer. They also fit a little smaller throughout the glove than the Bauer 4-Roll, which I tend to like better – 8/10 WEIGHT – These are the lightest gloves I have worn since my Eagle X-50’s. - 10/10 BREAK-IN – I HATE breaking in new equipment and I thought these would have little to no break in time. They did require a little bit of break in time (approx. 5 skates), but that could also be because I am way too picky! – 8/10 PROTECTION – Seems like plenty, have been fortunate enough not to have to test the protection out too much! – 9/10 DURABILITY – So far these gloves have held up great. No wear on the palms, all the stitching is holding up well, and the fabric looks brand new. – 10/10 INTANGIBLES – I have grown to like the gloves better than the Bauer 4 rolls I was using probably for fit and for durability (both pairs of Bauers seemed to have a layer of the fabric peel on the inside), and with the increase in price when they went to Nexus, there is a savings with these gloves too. OVERALL – This is a great pair of gloves and I am happy I switched to test them out. Would recommended them for anyone who like the classic fit. I would just make sure you are able to try them on to get into the accurate size. – 45/50
  5. The difference is primarily the wheels and frame.
  6. Rink Rat World Cup Durometer - 82A Setup - 80/76 Bauer Premier Skates Used on Sport Court/Ice Court about 1 or 2 times per week Previous Wheel - Rink Rat Identity Krysis Me- 6’0” 230 lbs Grip – I was happy to not notice a huge difference between the Identity Krysis and the World Cups. I pushed the limits on the Identity Krysis with my weight and was concerned I was going to notice a big difference in grip, but they grip perfect for me. 9/10 Speed – The speed on these is good, again pretty equivalent to the Krysis. 9/10 Durability – I went to these wheels because I knew I was burning through the other wheels a little fast, so far after about 40 skates on these, they are holding up great and showing little signs of wear. 10/10 Looks – Oange/Black, looks pretty good on the skates. 10/10 Value – A little less expensive than the top of the line wheels, but for a bigger guy they work just as well with better durability. 8/10 Overall – I purchased the Identity Krysis wheels after my Revisions wore out, and opted for what I thought would be a better performing wheel knowing I would sacrifice durability. I was happy with the Krysis, but I do not notice a large difference between the 2 for both the price and durability benefits for someone 220+. 46/50
  7. USA Hockey posted a reply to the study today http://www.usahockey.com/news_article/show/498353?referrer_id=1093254
  8. Wendell Middlebrooks (The Miller High Life Guy) dies at 36 http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2015/03/11/miller-high-life-actor-windell-middlebrooks-dies-at-36/
  9. Promoting that RPD Max stick is paying off already! Haha, congrats!
  10. Zetterberg wearing the all black Marsblade hat in his post game interview
  11. Is there a release date for the Prodigy Equipment?
  12. Nexus 1000 Elbow Pad Size Large My Height – 6’0” My Weight – 235lb Used these elbow pads for approx. 6 months. 2x Ice 1x Roller per week Previous elbow pads were Sherwood Vintage 5030 Fit – I am extremely picky on my elbow pads and found these elbow pads were the only ones that I felt fit snug enough and allowed for the mobility I was looking for. The 3 strap system allows me to get the pad comfortable without movement. The elbows also sit in the pad without pressure points which was one of the reasons I needed to switch from the Sherwoods. Only concern is the Medium was too small, but in the large I need to wrap the strap to the end of the velco, so if these stretch out, I may have to modify. 9/10 Protection – The pads offer excellent protection. I have taken some heavy collisions and did not feel any contact with the boards or the ice. Taken some whacks in front of the net and felt the elbow pads shielded the hits pretty well. 10/10 Weight – These were on par with the weight of the other pads, and with better comfort for me. 10/10 Durability – Elbow pads have held up great playing 2-3 times per week for about 6 months. No cuts or tears. Although I never stored them in my bag outside of to and from the rink, within a month the material started to turn yellowish. Seems to be the most noticeable on the pad where it would rub against the jersey in games. 9/10 Conclusion – After trying on elbow pads for 2 years, I decided on these pads because I really liked the fit and protection. After trying other new pairs in the past and always going back to my old Sherwoods, I was hesitant to get these. I am very happy that I decided to pick them up. After 6 months, I would make this purchase again every time. 9/10
  13. Is it going to be the same as in past models where shift and MAX + are almost the same boot, with savings coming in chassis and wheels?
  14. Amiroo39 - I just switched a month or so ago to the Nexus 1000 elbow and have been real happy with it. I was wearing some old classic Sherwood 9030 and could never find an elbow that either wasn't too bulky, or had enough mobility, but got knocked down on my elbow in a tournament and realized I needed to change when my elbow was a softball. The Nexus has worked out real well for me.
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