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Asian Tomatoe

STX Surgeon Elbow Pads

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Finally had enough game time in these elbow pads to put up a good review.

Here are the Stx surgeon 500 elbow pads:





The build quality on these are very high. Very well built pads with solid construction.

These pads are a three piece elbow with an inner stretch sleeve. The top straps are barely long enough and I don't have beefy arms. The forearm straps are these stretchy almost like those wraps for when you sprain your ankle type material. Initially I like the straps but after playing and breaking them in, the one complaint I have is that they will slide since they wrap around twice and cause the pads to loosen... especially if you are fighting in the corner for a puck.

Also, if you wear a full length moisture wicking under garment, the pad doesn't hold as securely, even the ones with the grip material. The pads are so tight that it moves with the under garment and will move or if place no matter how tight you tighten it unless you're under garment is super close fitting and stretched out in the arms.

The depth of the elbow pads are also shallow. It doesn't have a deep elbow pocket and in combination with the strapping system, has troubles locking into my elbows and feeling secure.

Comfort 7/10

I wish that the top forearm protection (gray part) was segmented because it acts as a clamp with the tightening system.

The protection of the pads are solid...when they aren't moving. It's definitely enough for beer league play. Checking hockey, I'd probably want more protection. It's a very slim pad and profile and for how light it is, the protection really well done.

Protection 8/10

In terms of mobility, the pad is mobile but, for me, flex point in the elbow causes the sides to pinch me when I flex. it's almost like it's too stiff there and flexes in an odd way.

Mobility 7/10

Overall, I'm impressed with the build quality and material. The protection is solid but it must isn't comfortable at I'd like it. The pads seem like they were designed for slim people who aren't fat nor have beefy arms or big bones. It's the "skinny jean" version of elbow pads.

Build Quality 10/10

To sum it up, if you are slim profiled and don't have thick arns, they will work well for me.

Suggestions for improvement would be to make the elbow pocket deeper, the straps longer, segment the forearm protection with this strapping system and put a strap in the middle to keep the elbow locked in place.

Elbow pads are a size medium.
I'm 5'11" at 210 lbs. beer shape i. e. not built but not overly husky.

Previous elbow pads were the Jofa 9-something and currently in the Nike Bauer pro defender - been wearing these elbow pads for 5 to 7 years now.

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