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    Bauer Nexus 8000 size 6
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    Pro Stock Nexus 1000 82 Flex
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    Pro stock CCM HG97 14"
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    Bauer IMS 11.0
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    Pro Stock CCM 520
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    CCM RBZ 130
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    Easton Pro 10
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    Pacific Rink

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  1. Depending on how open of a cuff you like, the CCM FT1 gloves would fit this description.
  2. You try to see if you like the CCM FT series or try to find the RBZ lines as those have a lower profile cap from my experience. Another option similar to the Tour Code 1 option but with a littler better padding would be the Bauer Official Reffing Padded Shirts. These pads are pretty much like the roller pads but with a slightly thicker protection more suited for ice pucks and around the same price. I wear them for roller and like them a lot.
  3. I've used the E6000 glue on the S17 and other skates and it's awesome. No issues. It's a lot like ShoeGoo.... flexible glue and not rock hard like crazy glue. So far the E6000 has been the best glue since it can handle some flex. Tubing giving that a shot. I also used a clamp to help further attach the soft material to the carbon boot and have had good results
  4. When I used to live n AZ I tried the padded shirt and didn't like it that much. I tried using lacrosse shoulder pads since they have less padding and are much lighter and thus more breathable. You could try those and see if they work for you. The goalie padded shirts out currently seem to have more padding than the current roller padded shirts that might work out the Mission roller pads last year came with minimal shoulder caps. Honestly, I ended up in the CCM U+CL while out in AZ and they worked out the best.
  5. I know this will sound odd but I have the same problem in the same area and the skates that fit the best were the CCM 70K/80K. The 2015 Jetspeed also provide me enough depth thru the middle of the boot and is closer to the supreme fit, more depth, and a slightly more narrow heel. I've heard the FT380/390 and the new FT480 are the equivalent to the 2015 Jetspeed. Try the CCM 70K/80K in a D or the CCM FT380/390/480 in an EE and see how they fit. For reference, my Bauer scan gave the same recommendation and I fail the pencil test in supreme and barely fail in the Nexus line.
  6. Another suggestion is to try the new CCM FT1 gloves. They have a bit more open flare in the cuff (along with it being flexible) than the Quicklite and is closer to the cuffs on the APX2 but the overall fit is quite a bit more snug than the APX2 all the way thru to the backhand. I have the pro stock version of the FT1. These are my favorite pair of gloves along with the CCM HG97/98 series. Haven't had a chance to try on the new CCM Super Tacks AS1 gloves but those are supposed to be really snug which might be more in line with what you're wanting if you're looking at the MX3/1S line of gloves.
  7. I like the new CCM 310/710 helmets. Fits my round head well. The Re-Akt 75 helemt isn't bad either but it's pretty bulky with the padding. As far as cages, exactly what althoma1 said. I have both the fitlite and Re-Akt titanium cages and prefer the fitlite because it's longer and wider and fits my face better. The Re-Akt cage is lighter as well. One other thing with the Re-akt titanium cage, for me, was the sight lines. It didn't line well where the second for the top bar was more visible. I always liked the JOFA/CCM 480 cage style and vision and the fitlite is a much lighter version of it. If you can't find the Fitlite or want something cheaper, the CCM 680 or the Bauer Profile III are really good steel cages too.
  8. Would you guys say the FT1/FT2 fits close to/similar to the old Easton S17 skates? Those were my favorite skates and just haven't been able to find anything with a similar fit really. The 70K's are pretty close but was wanting something a little stiffer. My problem always has been depth thru the middle of the boot. I can't wear any Bauer skates except the Nexus line but the heels are too wide. Oddly, I tried on the FT390's in a 6.5 EE (didn't have the FT1's in my size) at Hockey Monkey and I was able to pass the pencil test (barely) and felt pretty good (I've heard the FT390 fit like the old Jetspeed 300 and are different from the FT1s). Trying to see if I should try to track down the FT1's as they seemed to have a narrower heel in an EE and see if there is enough depth or wait for the FT2's/FT490 or even the FT480s. Do you guys know if the depth is different in the FT2's to the FT1's or they stayed the same? Also, if there is a depth difference between the FT1's to the FT390's?
  9. I have both the Easton Stealth S17 in 7R and the 68K/70K in 6.5 D. The S17 is definitely very narrow and wide even in the R (I'd say Nexus D wide). The S17 are also slightly deeper than the 68K/70K. I'd agree that the 68K/70K are wider in the fore foot than the previous generation Ribcors and definitely a much narrower heel. Also, I saw some S17's and S12's on Sideline Swap from the Perani's store in Canda with limited sizes. Might be work taking a look
  10. How badly did you fail the pencil test? I generally fail the pencil test on most skates in the couple eyelets right before and after the boot starts to curve up unbaked (even the Nexus line). With the stock insoles on the 68K I barely failed unbaked but after baking and breaking in, I gained some depth. I'd say about 2 - 4 mm of depth since my foot is sinking back into the heel and padding. In terms of gaining length, I'd say it is close to the S17 but I wouldn't say half a size. At least for my foot, 1/4 size for sure. I feel like I gained more depth than anything else. Are you asking how the 70k compares to the S17 in terms of skating feel and performance? If so, it's different. The 68/70k is a lower cut and less stiff boot up top which i prefer. I didn't tie the top eyelet on the S17. I still have my S17 and going back and forth, it feels like the S17 is stiffer all around and less forgiving. I'm more mobile in the 68/70k and feel like I have better control of my lateral movement. I'd rate it a 9/10 for for now but I'll see how the durability of the skates are. I've never been to fond of the cloth liner and prefer the clarino liner like in the S17. For reference, I skate 2-3 times a week.
  11. I have the 68K which isn't all that different from the 70K. I tried on the Tacks line as well and had the same experience as chippa13. The new Ribcor line gave me more volume thru the instep/arch area. I generally fit into a deep boot like the Nexus or Graf 709 but have a narrow heel (wide v-shaped forefoot but with thicker ankles and a lot of volume in the instep/arch area - the Old Easton S17 were the best fitting skates for me). I have to agree with everyone that, for me, it's been the best fitting skate in years. Despite what the websites say, I'd call the new Ribcor line a medium, mid to mid-low volume forefoot, mid to mid high instep volume, and mid ankle volume. It reminds me of the Easton S17 fit but lower cut or the older CCM Tacks fit from the 90's but wider in the forefoot and stiffer. As FlyingChicaga and Rockingsquat said, it gives great heel lock and is really comfortable once broken in but it does expand a lot when its baked and it does keep breaking in and give you more volume over time making it difficult to size the skate properly. I'm a 6.5 across the board for skate size (excluding some of the odd sized skates like the first gen Tacks and Jetspeed) and these 68K's have now broken to a point where I think I could have gone down to a 6 if I really wanted (Toe are just barely not touching the cap standing up now). Just a word of warning, I like my skates really short to where my toes are touching the cap so I just added some Powerfoot to keep that feeling. Overall, I really enjoy the cut of the boot, height, and the flexibility of the boot. Don't get me wrong, the boot is plenty stiff enough but it has just enough flex built in to where it doesn't feel like ski boots on your feet when tied to the top (For reference I weigh about 230 lbs.). Once I get more time in them, I'll write a full review but so far so good. Also, it looks like CCM might be using slightly thicker eyelets than their previous incarnations to prevent the eyelet issues it had before but this is just from looking at it with the naked eye.
  12. Personal experience but shot blockers will probably work the best at keeping your skates looking new. I've worn them for the past 3 years to protect my feet and other than the holders and toe area, the skate looks about as new as when I first started using them. As nutters stated though, eventually, you're going to get scratches and such since you're using them.
  13. Can you tell me the lie and Easton letter code for flex on the Hemsky if there is one?
  14. So I emailed Bill over at Avision and he stated the cage will be longer and contoured under the chin compared to the Elite. The weight will be about the same weight as the CMM 580 or BAUER Profile II cage so it's not exactly light nor heavy.
  15. Hey MrData, Can I buy the BC71 one at a time or do I need to order a couple? I happened to get my hands on one and love the curve. It's very much like the old Warrior Gionta. Also do all the blades come with that sand paper coating or can I order it without it? Thanks
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