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CCM 6052 Tacks Pants

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Height - 6'1"

Weight - 200 lbs

Pant size - Large

Level of play: Rec Hockey Div. "B-D" and Pick UP (2-3 times a week)

Location: Canada (Sask.)

Fit (& Mobility) - I struggled ... and I mean STRUGGLED trying to find a pair of pants that fit me correctly last year. I tried on every size and literally every pant offered today, and a selection from the past couple years too. The LHS were probably sick of me trying on the world. Yes Im a tall dude, but not your typical fat arse beer league playing guy. I am somewhat lanky but in great shape IMO. Waist size I should be in a medium, but the length just isn't there. Large's feel a bit big in the waist, but almost have the length I need. The added 1" zipper adjustment was awesome and the length of these pants are great when open. Out of the box, these were really stiff. I have been wearing these about a month now, and they seemed to have loosened up. I think I can almost zipper then back up now and length would still be ok. They fit nice and snug now, and the internal belt holds them where they are suppose to go. I would say these fit identical to the Reebok line of pants from last season (think 16/18/20k ish fit). Not tapered line the Vapor line, but closer to a classic fit like the Nexus line. Only reason these get a 8 is because they were really stiff out of the box and now they have loosened up, Im in-between a perfect fit for length w the 1" extension open or closed. 8/10

Protection - I tried on the top end Ultra Tacks and felt they offered too much protection. They felt really heavy and bulky for me. The 6052's were a good blend of protections, mobility and weight savings. I took 3 shots right off the front of the leg's, in 3 different shifts and felt nothing. These were shots from the point too and could have caused some damage, so happy to report all is well. I just really wish the tailbone area had a much harder piece as the one in there is sorta flexible. No issues falling on it but it has been an issue w other pants in the past. 9/10

Weight - I am not sure how these compare looking at actual numbers, to other OEM pants, but they feel decent to me. They did feel a bit heavier than my SMU Bauer Havoc's from last season, but they also offer more protection. Still lighter than the Ultra Tacks line. 9/10

Durability - A month into wearing these they still look brand new to me. No stitching coming loose, nothing tearing and the embroidered logo on the from of the leg is still in tact. I feel that a long term review on this part would better suit this review, so my score is somewhat skewed IMO. So far so god tho. 10/10

Conclusion - I owned an old pair of CCM's before these and they lasted a very long time (sorry can't remember what model they were). The local WHL team wears CCM pants and I figured I would give em a shot. For me the most important thing was the fit, length and tail bone protection. For $139 these pants are a great deal IMO. They offer everything I needed and more. For you taller guys who need the length, the added 1" zipper adjustment is perfect and these do the job. 36/40

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