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  1. hopefully this is OK to post here: FT2's from the CCM IG account
  2. Thx! I had a GC and ended up w the Super Tacks. So far I love them, think I finally found a replacement for my old AX1's!
  3. Height - 6'1" Weight - 200 lbs Elbow Pad Size tested - Large (these were purchased w my own cash, were not provided by CCM or MSH) Level of play: Rec Hockey Div. "B" and Pick UP (2-3 times a week) Location: Canada (Sask.) Fit & Mobility -I have been wearing a set of Warrior AX1 elbows since their debut. They are a fantastic elbow pad, but are on their last legs w multiple repairs to them. I have also tried to replace them soooo many times! Ive tried the Easton Pro 10, RBZ 150, RBZ, QLT's, CCM Ultra Tacks & even a few pairs of some Pro Stock RBK and Jofa's. The fit has always brought me back to the AX1's..... until now. CCM got it right w these. The Ultra tacks elbow donut thingy was a bit deeper and pinched my elbow weird. It's tough to explain. They've shallowed the donut in this version and it doesn't bother me at all. Th length of these are just a few mm shorter than the AX1's but provide adequate protection in my opinion. This is a 2 piece elbow pad and I can still full extend my arm w them on. The straps are the perfect length, and the middle strap provides awesome comfort. For size reference, I wore a Medium in the AX1's, Medium in the Pro Stock RBK and Jofa's, but Large in everything else retail I mentioned above. These are also a Large and fit perfectly. I honestly have nothing to complain about in this dept. 10/10 Protection - As I eluded to above, these are a perfect length (for me). I wear a size 14" 6052V2 gloves and they just touch the bottom of the elbow pads. I don't like my elbows to go inside the glove a whole bunch, I find it super uncomfortable and theres a huge lack of mobility. The forearm slash guard is hard and they even have some D30 foam tossed in there too. I wish the D30 foam part wasn't exposed as much though, as it seems like the "netting" its in will eventually tear and rip. Time will tell. So far protection has been adequate, so no complaints here. 9/10 Weight - Coming from my old AX1's, these are very light. I should actually weigh them, but I can tell from jus holding and wearing them, they are lighter. The moisture wicking materials will also help them not retain water and will be lighter during game play as well. I probably skate 1mph faster as a result too ;). These are a more bulky pad vs the FT1, so I don't expect them to be feather weight, I wanted protection to the max. 10/10 Durability -I haven't spent enough time to comment on the durability just yet, but the only thing I can see wearing out is the netting around the D30 foam on the forearm slash guard. Stitching seems to be quality, forearm step is nylon not elastic & the bicep guard was lengthened vs the Ultra Tacks, giving you more options for fit. Ill come back and score these after some more use. Conclusion - As I mentioned above, I have been trying to replace my current set of pads for years. Im happy I found these and CCM got so many things right w them. Small thing is the colours used, Im ready for a new colour scheme away from the white/blk/yellow, but thats a small preference that doesn't really matter, as you don't see them under your jersey anyways. These are getting close to a perfect score from me, but Ill come back to update that after more use and can comment on the durability of them.
  4. Does anyone know if the length of the 7092 vs Super Tacks is the same or similar? I have a set of AX1's I just can't replace but they are on their death bed. I found the elbow donut in the Ultra tacks to be very uncomfortable, it like pinched my elbow weird. I see the new line they've shallowed that a bit. Anyone experience this in the ultra vs the super?
  5. I was wondering this as well now that the FT1 has been released, has anyone had a chance to compare them? W the one piece style boot in both the Jetspeed and Tacks skates, does one need to punch them out? Ive seen pics floating around that indicate punching out isn't recommended ..... some clarification would be awesome Im still on the hunt for some new wheels, my S190's didnt pan out :(
  6. Height - 6'1" Weight - 210 lbs Pant size - Large Level of play: Rec Hockey Div. "B" and Pick UP (2-3 times a week) Location: Canada (Sask.) Fit (& Mobility) -I have previously reviewed the RBZ 130 and Tacks 6052 Pants, after searching and searching for a pant that fit me right. I think I found them this year. Although those pants were good (the 6052 better than RBZ) the fit of these is a lot better for my build. I'm a "fit" guy who lifts 4-5 days a week on top of my 2-3 skates per week. These claim to have a more tapered fit, but not tight at all. I'd say these fit just a tad more snug than a Nexus line pant and not near as fit as a Vapor Pant for sure (maybe in between the two). These required maybe only 2 skates to break in, but not overly stiff brand new. They hug my body perfectly and open up in the legs and allow some great overall mobility in them. At my height, I didn't even need to open up the 1" waist zipper to add the length, they fit perfectly as is. I am not sure if the fit is causing them to feel longer, or if they actually are longer than the RBZ or 6052, as needed to open both of those up the additional 1". 10/10 Protection - I tried on the top end Ultra Tacks last year and felt they offered too much protection. They felt really heavy and bulky for me. The top of the line QLT's didnt seem to be AS bulky at all and light. WOW. But I play beer league and didn't feel the need to spend the dough on top end pants. I usually lean towards one down from the top on most of my gear. The pro 4000 Nylon is super light and doesn't much water, keeping you feeling light the entire skate. These have molded PE in the kidney, tailbone and thigh guards and do the job they are supposed to. Ive fallen/been tripped and taken a few shots and they held up great. 10/10 Weight - First off, the Top End QLT's are RIDICULOUSLY light, I can't even believe it. That being said, these 290's feel very close. I love having pants that are light & don't retain water, but Im sure you all do! I skated at 9pm, came home, hung them up to dry and the next am they were bone dry. IMO these pants are the lightest on the market and there's no comparison. 10/10 Durability - Two months into wearing these they still look brand new to me. No stitching coming loose, nothing tearing and the embroidered logo on the front of the leg & waist band is still in tact. I feel that a long term review on this part would better suit this review, so my score is somewhat skewed IMO. So far so god tho. 10/10 Conclusion - I owned an old pair of CCM's before these and they lasted a very long time (sorry can't remember what model they were). I am seeing more and more CCM pants being used locally, and now I see why. I think these are a much better fit FOR ME, than the RBZ 130 or Tacks 6052. The most important thing was the fit, length and tail bone protection. For $149 these pants are a great deal IMO. They offer everything I needed and more. For you taller guys who need the length, the added 1" zipper adjustment is perfect and these do the job. I loved these pants so much, I bought two pairs. One navy for our League B team and a black set for our pick up games. Overall, these pants get a perfect score from me. 40/40
  7. Wasn't a fan of the speed plates at all wasn't a great fit for my arch's and I felt flat in them. They provide zero forward pitch like the SuperFeet yellow's do I actually skated on them for half a game, then went back to the locker room to change the SF back in
  8. it was just a stock boot, yes guess the ill fitting ski boot is my preference ;)
  9. Ive never had my feet go numb inside a skate before, other than when it's -25 and playing outside I would wholeheartedly agree that these skates feel incredible (in the store) and have a cool wrap on your foot but when skating on them, they didn't give me the feedback I was looking for Ive been through probably 4 pairs in the last 3 years, and these are in a league of their own for sure - just not for me tho good thing, is there are lots of other companies making skates and we have some choices I am still grateful for the thread and the info tho, otherwise I never wouldn't have thought to try them I have had many experiments fail w golf equipment that worked for other guys but not for me (I am a gear nerd/whore in that aspect too) lesson learned and it wasn't too expensive of one, which is even better!! LOL!
  10. the construction and boot feel seem to be similar I wasn't aware that our Source was a VH dealer and was also able to try a pair on - the Mako's and VH felt very very similar I was just referring to spending $1000 for skates and not liking them opposed to a few hundred dollars
  11. I bought the new ones - M8 I do prefer a super stiff boot, coming from a Vapor X Shift Pro (Source SMU brand) w some features from the X900 boot
  12. I just didn't like the way they (Mako's) felt on the ice at all felt like there was zero support in them, both my feet went numb (and they weren't tied too tight) and I couldn't find my edges at all I don't doubt these are incredible skates for the right person, and for sure the most comfy Ive ever tried - but they under performed for me only after 3 shifts Ill deal w the Vapors somehow and make them work - its the toe box area that bothers me, rest of the boot/skate is fine
  13. Well boys, I don't want to come in here and sh*t on these skates, as there are TONS of guys that love them I do not, so mine will be hitting eBay after 3 shifts ... yes all the chance I gave them Back to tearing my feet apart in my Vapors Glad I didn't order some VH skates, wow that would have been an expensive lesson!! LOL!
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