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  1. hopefully this is OK to post here: FT2's from the CCM IG account
  2. Thx! I had a GC and ended up w the Super Tacks. So far I love them, think I finally found a replacement for my old AX1's!
  3. Height - 6'1" Weight - 200 lbs Elbow Pad Size tested - Large (these were purchased w my own cash, were not provided by CCM or MSH) Level of play: Rec Hockey Div. "B" and Pick UP (2-3 times a week) Location: Canada (Sask.) Fit & Mobility -I have been wearing a set of Warrior AX1 elbows since their debut. They are a fantastic elbow pad, but are on their last legs w multiple repairs to them. I have also tried to replace them soooo many times! Ive tried the Easton Pro 10, RBZ 150, RBZ, QLT's, CCM Ultra Tacks & even a few pairs of some Pro Stock RBK and Jofa's. The fit has always brought me back to the AX1's..... until now. CCM got it right w these. The Ultra tacks elbow donut thingy was a bit deeper and pinched my elbow weird. It's tough to explain. They've shallowed the donut in this version and it doesn't bother me at all. Th length of these are just a few mm shorter than the AX1's but provide adequate protection in my opinion. This is a 2 piece elbow pad and I can still full extend my arm w them on. The straps are the perfect length, and the middle strap provides awesome comfort. For size reference, I wore a Medium in the AX1's, Medium in the Pro Stock RBK and Jofa's, but Large in everything else retail I mentioned above. These are also a Large and fit perfectly. I honestly have nothing to complain about in this dept. 10/10 Protection - As I eluded to above, these are a perfect length (for me). I wear a size 14" 6052V2 gloves and they just touch the bottom of the elbow pads. I don't like my elbows to go inside the glove a whole bunch, I find it super uncomfortable and theres a huge lack of mobility. The forearm slash guard is hard and they even have some D30 foam tossed in there too. I wish the D30 foam part wasn't exposed as much though, as it seems like the "netting" its in will eventually tear and rip. Time will tell. So far protection has been adequate, so no complaints here. 9/10 Weight - Coming from my old AX1's, these are very light. I should actually weigh them, but I can tell from jus holding and wearing them, they are lighter. The moisture wicking materials will also help them not retain water and will be lighter during game play as well. I probably skate 1mph faster as a result too ;). These are a more bulky pad vs the FT1, so I don't expect them to be feather weight, I wanted protection to the max. 10/10 Durability -I haven't spent enough time to comment on the durability just yet, but the only thing I can see wearing out is the netting around the D30 foam on the forearm slash guard. Stitching seems to be quality, forearm step is nylon not elastic & the bicep guard was lengthened vs the Ultra Tacks, giving you more options for fit. Ill come back and score these after some more use. Conclusion - As I mentioned above, I have been trying to replace my current set of pads for years. Im happy I found these and CCM got so many things right w them. Small thing is the colours used, Im ready for a new colour scheme away from the white/blk/yellow, but thats a small preference that doesn't really matter, as you don't see them under your jersey anyways. These are getting close to a perfect score from me, but Ill come back to update that after more use and can comment on the durability of them.
  4. Does anyone know if the length of the 7092 vs Super Tacks is the same or similar? I have a set of AX1's I just can't replace but they are on their death bed. I found the elbow donut in the Ultra tacks to be very uncomfortable, it like pinched my elbow weird. I see the new line they've shallowed that a bit. Anyone experience this in the ultra vs the super?
  5. T90 was an unreal and still is an unreal stick if you can find them. The BPM graphics are terrible, however the new EK line looks pretty bad ass.
  6. I also did a long term review on the XCF. I loved this stick when new, it was actually one of my favourite sticks I've ever used. But it wasn't super durable.
  7. When I tried these on I immediately noticed a few of the same issues you are experiencing. The internal belt is not very comfortable once you tighten it up. The floating spine protector velcro kept coming apart when I slid them on and off. We all know how well velcro holds up after multiple usages. The "six pack" protector doesn't sit high enough, unless you run the belt through it, but then its in a weird position. IMO these are a major down grade from the previous version of the ST pants, which I also wore. Always love your very thorough reviews my man, with accompanying hi res pics, well done!
  8. Been a while since I updated, so figured I'd toss this in: After having it w some pretty good use since Feb, she finally broke. Im a bit surprised, but I shouldn't be I guess. From a durability stand point, the high end sticks are made for performance and that doesn't usually mean long term. SO while my trusty Sherwood T90's tend to last much longer, you aren't really comparing the same sticks. I should also add that it broke before it got weak. The Sherwood's blade will definitely get weak before it actually breaks. The XC9 was as good as it was on day one. Once they come out w a new model, I'd have no problem picking up another one on clearance. They seem to be sleepers here, only one store carries them and they don't have a ton of stock. CCM & Bauer have the market locked up, hands down. Special thank you to JR and the TRUE Team for allowing me to review this stick!
  9. This is what I did I also came from a higher end Bauer, which were killing my big and pinky toes. The toe box just isn't wide enough and it actually caused 2 small bone spurs on my left foot. As a result, now my shoes or anything else I wear don't fit properly. The Jetspeeds from last year have that little bit of extra room in the toe box that I needed. Same size as my Vapors too, 8.5D. I have a few skates on the Jetspeeds and so far I really like them
  10. Old Jetspeed and FT1 I was an 8.5 in both
  11. I came from Vapors and Supremes to the Jetspeeds I have pain in the similar location as you. Ill bake them and punch them, as previously mentioned as well, and Im sure they will be fine. I really like them so far !
  12. I was wondering this as well now that the FT1 has been released, has anyone had a chance to compare them? W the one piece style boot in both the Jetspeed and Tacks skates, does one need to punch them out? Ive seen pics floating around that indicate punching out isn't recommended ..... some clarification would be awesome Im still on the hunt for some new wheels, my S190's didnt pan out :(
  13. not sure if you picked up a set, but as previously mentioned the kevlar on the 400's is way to rigid and never really breaks in but the palm on the 500's wear out very fast IMO I love CCM gloves and if you like the fit of the 6052's, they came out w a version 2 of them that also has a kevlar over lay they got it right on these tho, its much softer, but still maintains the durability you need in the palms with the new Tacks line set to be released soon, you could find a deal on the V2 6052's I bet
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