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Eagle Talon 100 Pro Pants

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I've worn these pants for six months now. i came out of Tackla Air 9000z pants. I'm 6'00, 227lbs. These are a size 52. I bought them when I was 240lbs. I will be moving into a size 50 in the next couple of months.

The protection on these pants is unreal. I feel like a Ninja Turtle in them. I have had more blocked shots, hooks, player collisions, and boards to these pants and all i do is bounce off of them. The hooks I hear, not feel as they the touch pads. I find them to be everything I want in a pant. Having had Vapor APX pants (very light), Tackla Air 9000z pants (heavy), I consider these medium in weight. Which is unbelievable, considering the amount of padding and shell caps in them. The design of the caps are more carbon fiber, and less plastic. New NHL rules drove this change in product, and you can instantly feel the difference when you pick a pair of these up. The pants have high kidney and hip protection. A little weird at first was the tailbone protection. It's goes fully down and towards your crotch. Almost felt like someone had a small hand near my rear. After a few uses, its no longer an issue. Certainly does the protection. These pants also have a high lower back pad. It almost meets the bottom of your shoulder pads when standing up straight and shoulders back (Perfect posture). Should be called a middle to lower back pad. Again, awkward at first use, no longer an issue after playing a few games.

I play twice a week in beer leagues. I have yet to have any pad fail, or any rips in the denier or mesh. All cushioning that touches body is as it was when first bought. No pilling of the material, or staining from sweat or use.

The pants have zippered gussets, and my favorite; no lace, one pull padded belt adjuster. Another nice feature is the center belly pad that is centered. The Tackla's were sewn on one side in stead of centered and always went off center on me during play.

In conclusion, I love these pants. They are exactly what I need and allow me to avoid injury all day long while playing and being comfortable.

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