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Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro glove

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Bauer Vapor APX2 Pro gloves

Size 13"

Time used: 4 months


Fit 9/10


Vapor series gloves feature a "tapered" fit, which means they are form fitting through the fingers and the backhand while the short cuff flares open to offer excellent mobility. However, they aren't as tight fitting as some other manufacturer's tapered gloves. These particular gloves feature an overlayed Clarino palm which makes them fit a bit tighter since the thicker material has less give than the thin AX Suede Quattro one. (This seems to be a running change for the European market since all the APX2 Pro gloves I've seen lately have had this more traditional pro preferred palm)

Protection 10/10


Protection wise the gloves have the traditional pro spec dual density foams with plastic inserts all over the fingers, backhand and cuff roll. The cuff and side hand pads feature single density foam and plastic inserts. They have a 3 piece free flex thumb which prevents overextension as well. The backhand liner has a Poron XRD insert in it, providing excellent protection and comfort.

Weight 8/10


Because of the solid (and pretty traditional) protective materials, they aren't the lightest top end glove on the market. They're light enough for me not to notice the weight when playing though.

Durability 10/10


Very minimal wear for me over the 4 months I've had them. No rips or tears or scuffs on them, stitching has held and the palms are still in very good condition. (I use Tacki-Mac grips which minimizes the palm wear)



The gloves were a bit stiff new and it took a while to break them in, but after that they have been very comfortable. The only thing I miss are mesh gussets, my hands sweat a lot and the gloves tend to get a bit hot. The gloves have the 37.5 liner which helps them dry pretty fast.

Conclusion 9/10


Overall, I like the gloves a lot. They look and feel great and are just solid overall.





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