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  1. Just a warning for everyone, The Finn will be in again...
  2. They hinge a bit both ways. Whether the forearm part hinges down or not doesn’t really matter that much mobility wise though, your arm doesn’t bend that way unless it breaks.
  3. Quicklites are the lowest profile ones I’ve used. The cap especially is much smaller than CL/RBZ/FT1.
  4. From a Slovenian website I found through Google.
  5. Looks exactly the same...
  6. I don’t know about any hype, but it’s solid, high quality steel.
  7. Like icemonster said the VR24 bows out on the bottom. VR25 is straighter and close to Oakley VR903. Performance is the same, just a bit different shape.
  8. Fit is pretty much the same but Bauer shells run a size smaller. Had to wear a size L shell with a medium NXG girdle too.
  9. I’ve used a Dynasty girdle with NXG/MX3 shells and the attachment points line up perfectly.
  10. He meant the hole under the heel to access the runner bolt on the LS2 holders.
  11. Well my FT390s legs are noticeably wider and more loose fitting than my 1Xs but I guess I’m wrong
  12. Jetspeeds are tighter in the hips but open up in the legs, Vapors are slim all around
  13. I have never noticed any difference in shin guard ventilation, my gear is always soaked no matter how fancy the liners and ventilation holes are. The only difference I notice is how fast the equipment dries after the skate.
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