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True A4.5 SBP

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Hey Guys, Posting up my first review of my A4.5 SBP stick I got a couple months ago. 


Player Specs:

6'3" 195lbs RH

2 nights per week Beer league

Stick Specs:

95 flex +2" TRUE CF Extension TC4 curve RH

Blade - To start off, the blade is pretty awesome. Coming from my old CCM Tacks 6092 stick that I was using previously, it feels VERY lively/responsive. I can definitely feel the puck much better! 

Shaft/Flex standard concave walls, rounded edges, etc. Flex seems to be on point at 95 flex. With the 2" extension in, it feels a smidge stiffer than my 95 flex CCM (same height), but I am sure that as I use it more that it will become a little softer

Shooting - Shots come off nicely! I am using the TC4 curve, so I have to be careful with my shots otherwise they'll go way high. Shots come off nice and powerful, I can definitely feel the stick flex nicely when I let one go. The BRT blade definitely helps keep the blade stiff through a shot and lets it keep all the momentum

Weight and balance - Weight is fantastic for this stick! Coming from an EK60, V9E, ABHS and other lightweight sticks (400grams or so), this stick is a huge value in terms of price/weight goes. Not to mention the other stick features you get for the price point.

Balance feels great as well, not too blade heavy like I have felt with some other sticks in stores. It's just right in my opinion.

Durability - So far after using it for a couple months, it has held up very well! I typically play D, so I am the type to get my stick in a shooting lane, or block a shot with it, so after blocking quite a few shots with it, I am very pleasantly surprised that the stick has not broken yet, and still has great feel to it!

Intangibles - The stick feels great, being my first TRUE stick, I would say that the quality and features that you get for the price point make it well worth it. Comparing this stick to anything else in its category is going to leave the TRUE on top of them all, especially for the fact that you get a true one piece stick. Most $100-150 sticks are two piece fused construction.

Conclusion - If you are looking for a budget stick with high-end features, this is the way to go. My days of buying high end sticks are over unfortunately, but that doesn't mean that I have to get a stick that is older and may not have my preferred specs in stock, or settle for a stick that doesn't have great feel to it. This stick is definitely for people with high end tastes, but mid-range budget 

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Well, after ~2 months of use, the stick snapped in half. 12/7/16 through 2/2/17


I'm pretty rough on it with playing defense, so that was likely the culprit. Taking shots off of it, lifting guys sticks, etc


I'm probably going to try one of the Xcore sticks that are on sale and see how that works out. 


edit: as it turns out, I emailed TRUE and they said that they'd replace the stick! We'll see what happens once they get it!


Just looked at the calendar and figured that I've only used the stick ~9 times at most. I was out 12/20/16 through 1/18/17 with an elbow injury

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