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TRUE A6.0 SBP Pro Gloves

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Hey guys, figured I would put up a review of my new-ish gloves. Had them for ~3 months now at this point.


I did win them from the TRUE Free gear friday, so that was awesome!



Player Specs:

6'3" 195lbs RH

Glove specs: 

14" TRUE A6.0 SBP Pro gloves (4 roll style) 14"

Currently using the Z Pro palms

Previous gloves used: CCM 4R Pro 15"


Fit - Fit so far is good. I do wish that they were a smidge bigger. Coming from my old CCM 4 roll pro gloves in 15", I do feel like my finger tips are touching the end of the protective part of the glove. On ice though, I hardly even notice it, so it is not that big of a deal. I do like the design of the cuffs though, they definitely feel like I have a lot more free movement of my wrists, but I still have ample protection against slashes and such.

Protection - So far so good. Can't really give an honest opinion on this as I do not take many pucks off my glove nor get slashed at much. So far though, the gloves feel like the protection is on par with my old 4 rolls, and the cuff comes high up enough that it only leaves maybe a 1" gap between the cuff and the end of my elbow pad.

Weight - Weight definitely feels good! Weight is not something that I really look for in a glove though, so I don't really put much thought into it.

Durability - Seeing as I have only had these gloves for 3 months so far, I would say the durability is good. I do have some fraying stitches and such that I am not 100% sure how they will turn out. I know on my CCM's I don't have very many of those, so I will update if it takes a turn for the worse. Using the Z-pro palms though, I feel like they're more likely to wear out sooner than my old CCM's, but that is due to the palms being just a single layer of fabric, where my CCM's and the standard Z palms have a second protective fabric layer stitched into where the butt of your stick would normally go.

Intangibles - So, I know one thing that people have always asked is "do you feel the zippers" and the answer is yes and no. On my fingertips/hands, I do not feel the zipper at all, once I am on the ice, I would never be able to tell if there was any zippers or not there. However, sometimes the zipper portion comes out from under the cuff where I try to keep it and it feels cold on my hand, but other than that, there is no difference in the feeling. I was expecting to feel the zippers too, especially considering the gloves are a smidge small for me.


Also, the zipper system seems to be pretty fast. I wasn't able to zip them up as fast as I have seen them done in some videos on youtube, but it isn't too much of a hassle to change out the palms. The biggest struggle in it is the sections between the pointer and pinkey fingers in the bottom portion between the fingers. I found that if I pull the fingers apart to make that corner wider that the zipper will go around it much easier.

Conclusion - 

So, in conclusion, I feel that these are fantastic gloves! Equal in every way to my previous CCM 4 rolls, if not better due to the cuff design.

However,  I think that I probably would have been turned off in the store by there only being a 14" option considering I wear a 15" typically. It would probably be a good idea for TRUE to offer their gloves in a 15" size, or 16" by their standards. I personally could use a little extra room in the gloves as the tips of my fingers do touch the end of the fingers, so if I were to get swatted at, there wouldn't be much protection there. This is just my opinion though, because the 14" is supposed to fit like a 15", but i'm not 100% sure how true that statement is based on where my fingers touch in the glove.

Now that I do have these  gloves though, every time I wear out a set of palms, it will be super easy to go ahead and replace the palms whenever they wear out.

Thanks again TRUE for doing your free gear Friday and for picking me on my birthday!

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