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CCM RBZ 130 Shins, Elbows, Shoulders

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Male, 6'1", 210lbs, playing in B-D leagues.  I was looking to replace my old bulky protective gear (Koho shins, Jofa shoulders, and Mission elbows) after about a decade of use.  Went into my local Hockey Giant looking for something a little slimmer/lighter at the expense of protection since I'm only playing no-check men's league.

Abused the pads for a year, playing at three or more times as week.

Fit: I went with a Large shoulder pad, large elbows, and 15" shins.  At first the shoulders were riding up and hitting my neck, but I just needed to loosen the rib straps.  The lower profile shoulder pads are nice, as I can no longer see them in my peripheral or hit the caps with my cage.  The elbows lock in place and don't slide down like some of the others I've tried.  The shins are narrower than most, but I have no problem fitting my large calves in there.  The only complaint I do have, is the lack of wrap on the back of my legs that leaves some of the back exposed.  9/10

Protection:  I went in with the understanding that the RBZ line was going to sacrifice protection in the sake of lower weight.  However, I find that these have more than enough protection for beer league physicality.  The shoulders and elbows have kept me from injury after falling all over myself, and the shins deflect/absorb shots with ease.  I alluded to this earlier, but the only downside is the calf wrap would be a little lacking for anyone that's not super skinny.  For contact hockey, I imagine some bulkier pads would be necessary.  7/10

Weight: Maybe my favorite part about the pads, super low weight!  10/10

Durability: I have been using the pads for just over a year now, playing at least three times as week.  Elastic straps are still snug, velcro still grips well, and none of the hard plastic has cracked.  Internal padding is holding up well, and hasn't developed any funk.  Absolutely no complaints.  10/10

Intangibles:  The shin pads have removable liners, nice touch.  10/10

Conclusion:  If you're looking for a smaller profile, lighter, and mobile set of pads, take a strong look at the CCM RBZ line.  And don't look past the mid-tier offering from CCM.  For 50% of the price of top-of-the-line, I'd say they get you 90% of the performance.  46/50

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