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Bauer Nexus 1N (2017) 67 Flex

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Recent Stick History: Bauer MX3, Bauer NXG, Bauer 1N, Sherwood EK15

Stick Info: P88, 67 flex
Height: Uncut
Weight: 400g (apprx)
Grip: Yes
Length: 57"
Usage: 4 months




The blade feels great with the Power Sense 2 technology core and TeXtreme construction. The puck feel is great, a lot better than the previous Bauer 1N which I was not highly fond of. There has been a bit of wear on the toe, moreso than the Supreme sticks. I tape my entire blade so I imagine those that do not completely tape their blade will have an even better feel of the puck.


The 67 flex on this is a lot whipper than the same flex on the Bauer NXG and MX3 sticks. Using both sticks in the same game the difference was fairly significant. When battling with other players in the corners the 1N would bend a lot more. I never noticed this with the Supreme sticks.

Stickhandling/receiving passes:

I found the positive attributes of the blade also lead to a good, crisp ping when receiving passes. Likewise when stickhandling it lives up to the marketing "power sense" name in that you always have a feel for where the puck is on your blade. 


In my opinion this is the best part of this stick. If your primary shot of choice is a snap shot you will find an increase in shot performance versus the Supreme and Vapor lines. 

I found the 1N to be a lot better for quick releases of the current Bauer line. I consider my shot to be weak so I was suprirsed when I found the velocity of my snap shot felt slightly harder with the 1N. I verified this with a radar gun setup in my basement versus the NXG and MX3. It definitely lives up to the "easy load" and "sweet spot" marketing terms.

In terms of wrist shots I found it harder to load versus the stiffer Supreme sticks. As such velocity is slightly lower and accuracy is worse. I'm not into taking large slapshots but on a few practice rounds the the Supreme felt much better but this could be due to the low flex.


No issues here, Bauer has done a stand out job.


The stick is holding up well. There is slight wear on the toe. I'm not one to break sticks on a regular basis but i've seen teammates break the 1X (AeroSense) at the blade fairly often. 


The price is up there as a current model. It is a beautiful stick, albiet a little flashy with the chrome Nexus logo.




On an overall basis this is a great stick for puck handling and passing. For snap shots it's impressive. I think it translates well into a game environment. I must note I wasn't a fan of the previous 1N but a trial led me to purchase it. This is a stick I will buy more of when the summer sales come. I also plan on trying out the senior version.

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