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CCM JetSpeed Shins

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I purchased the CCM JetSpeed FT1 shin pads to possibly replace my Ultra Tacks shins. The primary purpose was to lighten up my gear; I love my ultra tacks, but they are a tad on the heavy side. So here are my initial thoughts...

Aesthetics: 8.5/10

These are very nice looking shins; the black and red go together very well. Unfortunately it doesn't really matter since they are under your socks, but a good looking shin nonetheless.

Design: 5

The overall design of the shin was decent, but they definitely felt like cheap plastics to me. That may not be the case, but as soon as I felt them I noticed a HUGE difference in quality between these and my Ultra Tacks. As for the shape, they are a more narrow-fitting pad, almost built like a triangle (the top of the triangle being in front of your shin).

Straps: 6

The bottom strap was well-designed with the ability to adjust the length of the strap via a dual-end Velcro system. This is definitely nice as people's calves come in all different sizes. Where the strapping falls apart, is the behind-the-knee strap. In order to show the JetSpeed logo, CCM opted to reduce the width of the Velcro strip that runs along the front side of the shin. This is problematic because, unlike the bottom strap, the top strap is not adjustable. Not only that, but it is extremely long. When I wrapped the strap behind my knee and around the front of the pad, I was already well-beyond the Velcro strip! I basically had to settle for a loose-fit - this was very poor.

Weight: 9

The weight of the shins was exactly what I was looking for; they felt great wearing them and I definitely felt a weight difference between these and my Ultra Tacks. Mission accomplished right?

Protection: 2

The shins felt OK during normal stick and board work, but the first shot of the game that I blocked definitely didn't feel the way I am used to. I am used to feeling a pressure that is distributed throughout my entire shin pad, but this was more of an acute pain. I would classify the shot as average, maybe 50mph. After the game I took of my shin pad and viola:


Overall: 3

Unfortunately, shin pads HAVE to be protective against at least average shots, otherwise what's the point? The lightness of the pads was a plus, but obviously it came at the expense of protection.


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