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  1. Updated price..need to move
  2. Anyone have experience with DX Shins? I currently use the Ultra Tacks and love them as far as protection, but I am looking to lighten up a bit. Was curious if these fit the bill based on experience. I do block a bunch of shots, so protection is important.
  3. Back after another full season in the FT1 skates. In a nutshell, these things have been warriors! Other than the cosmetic damage I reported previously, the skate integrity has been nothing short of stellar; believe it or not I am still on the original laces (which I also love by the way). I am extremely impressed with this skate and I don't regret transitioning from the Vapor series. If you are a Bauer Vapor player and are looking for a bit more of a heel lock and less volume in the toe, I highly suggest you trying out the FT1. The performance and durability have been exceptional and other than a few gripes about aesthetics, weight, and the lacking quick change holder, this skate has been a huge win! My overall score of an 8.5 still holds true! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the fit, performance, transition, etc. Hope this helps!
  4. Wanted to get the consensus here on the 2N Pro stick; does it play stiffer? In a Bauer, I am typically an 87 (85 is my ideal), but is a 77 the way to go with this stick?
  5. Has anyone tried to touch-up screened cuff logos? If so, how? I have some screened Warrior logos in white that have several nicks and scrapes and was looking to replenish the white...thoughts?
  6. I purchased the CCM JetSpeed FT1 shin pads to possibly replace my Ultra Tacks shins. The primary purpose was to lighten up my gear; I love my ultra tacks, but they are a tad on the heavy side. So here are my initial thoughts... Aesthetics: 8.5/10 These are very nice looking shins; the black and red go together very well. Unfortunately it doesn't really matter since they are under your socks, but a good looking shin nonetheless. Design: 5 The overall design of the shin was decent, but they definitely felt like cheap plastics to me. That may not be the case, but as soon as I felt them I noticed a HUGE difference in quality between these and my Ultra Tacks. As for the shape, they are a more narrow-fitting pad, almost built like a triangle (the top of the triangle being in front of your shin). Straps: 6 The bottom strap was well-designed with the ability to adjust the length of the strap via a dual-end Velcro system. This is definitely nice as people's calves come in all different sizes. Where the strapping falls apart, is the behind-the-knee strap. In order to show the JetSpeed logo, CCM opted to reduce the width of the Velcro strip that runs along the front side of the shin. This is problematic because, unlike the bottom strap, the top strap is not adjustable. Not only that, but it is extremely long. When I wrapped the strap behind my knee and around the front of the pad, I was already well-beyond the Velcro strip! I basically had to settle for a loose-fit - this was very poor. Weight: 9 The weight of the shins was exactly what I was looking for; they felt great wearing them and I definitely felt a weight difference between these and my Ultra Tacks. Mission accomplished right? Protection: 2 The shins felt OK during normal stick and board work, but the first shot of the game that I blocked definitely didn't feel the way I am used to. I am used to feeling a pressure that is distributed throughout my entire shin pad, but this was more of an acute pain. I would classify the shot as average, maybe 50mph. After the game I took of my shin pad and viola: Overall: 3 Unfortunately, shin pads HAVE to be protective against at least average shots, otherwise what's the point? The lightness of the pads was a plus, but obviously it came at the expense of protection.
  7. @Cosmic I haven't tried the 1S. I currently own and really like the 9K, but really liked the idea of the lighter "version" of the 9K, i.e. Super Tacks.
  8. I assumed the large would be long enough, I am more concerned with the medium not being long enough. I am usually a M in everything else, but the size chart has me puzzled.
  9. I am in size purgatory. At 6'0 with a 32" waist, I am in between sizes according to the specs: SR MD / 32" - 36" / 5'7" - 5'10" SR LG / 34" - 38" / 5'10" - 6'2" I have a 9K M, assuming a M Tacks would work? Just don't want it to be too short (even with the leg adjustment). Anyone?
  10. Update VI Just wrapped up the playoffs in our league and the skates went through a ton of in-game trauma. From shot blocks, slashes, and skate-on-skate board work, my FT1's took a thorough beating. So this will be an end of season review. Once the dust settled and I got home, I took a closer look at the skates to see how they looked as far as durability. As expected, the skates took their fair share of cosmetic damage. They also had some minor damage to the first layer of the boot including the quarter package, toe box, and holders. Once again, some of this can be expected, but there are other areas that I want to keep my eye on, specifically the damage to the exterior of the boot. The point where the toe box connects to the harder quarter package has lost some of the exterior; it's as if it has been sliced off with a blade. The question is, was this just a fluke? Did someone's skate blade perfectly happen to come up and lop off a piece of my skate? While this is certainly possible, I just want to make sure I'm cognizant of these susceptible areas as the next season starts. Since I have never had an issue like this in the past, it's just an area I want to keep an eye on moving forward. Other than the aforementioned damage, the rest of the skate seems structurally sound. I haven't had any issues with the integrity of the boots or holders. Actually, in contrast to my former Vapors, the SB HyperGlide have held up MUCH better than the Tuuk LS4. The steel has been very performant and continue to excel after all the shot blocks and board work. Literally the only issue I ran into was having to tighten my steel once prior to a game as it had come loose. I'm actually even on the original laces! I haven't covered the laces in previous posts since that's a fairly trivial component of the skates, but it's worth mentioning that I really like the factory laces; not sure what brand they are, but I definitely would like to get a couple more pair. They aren't as thick as traditional laces, but seem much stronger. End of season conclusion...loving these skates. The main factor for me is the heel-lock and overall fit; which is a critical aspect of skates.
  11. Update V Just wanted to pop in to give a quick update after another month in the FT1 skates. The skates continue to impress me, the heel-lock and fit is just exceptional. The issue I mentioned regarding the hot spot above my ankle on the outside of my leg is still there, but again, I am hoping that this is just due to the cold weather. I will have to play some games without the gel pad in place to see if there has been any improvement there. Another thing I thought of that I miss with the Vapors, is the new trigger holders; that was a great feature in case you broke steel during a game. Although I have had no issues to date with my steel in the FT1's, it was nice knowing that I could carry a spare set with me in case of breakage during a game. Also as I mentioned previously, I have an issue with the stitching in the lace bite pad, so I figured I would show it here so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about. Here it is (looking down while the skate is on): Please feel free to continue to DM me any questions you may have about the skates; I'd be happy to answer them for you!
  12. Update IV After several months in the FT1s, I am back to give an updated review and ratings after some heavy usage in the skates! For those of you that have been following along, I am still pleased with my decision to switch from my Vapor 1X to the FT1! Please note that all ratings are based on a 10 point scale; 10 being the best. Fit (8.5) The locked-in fit continues to be standout for me. The reduction of negative space combined with the snug heel-lock provide for an excellent feel out on the ice; you can feel the power in your strides. If I was to point out one negative it would be that I have noticed as the weather gets colder, my one boot tends to dig into the tendon above my ankle on the outside of my left leg. For the time being, I have a gel sleeve that I wear that mitigates the issue. I'm not sure if the extreme cold is stiffening that portion of the boot or what, but it was painful enough that I had to address it. I will see if this issue persists over time. Stock Sole (2) - CCM Custom Soles (9) The custom CCM soles are holding up great and are definitely the way to go! The stock soles are simply not comfortable and created foot cramps, which in turn, hampered my stride. I would highly recommend picking up a pair of CCM custom foot beds if you are getting the FT1 skates; provides much better comfort and feel on the ice. Performance (8) The FT1 skates continue to perform out on the ice. I can feel a good transfer of power in my strides and you get that explosiveness when stopping/starting, which is very important. Turns are very sharp and you can really trust the skates when you're out on the ice if you know what I mean. The one thing that I would note here is that the skates seem to feel heavier from when I first started wearing them. I mentioned the weight before, but they currently weigh 1lb 13.5oz each and it's very noticeable when just putting the skates in my bag. On the ice, I wouldn't say I feel weighed down per se, but I am sure that it may be taking a bit of speed out of my game. Durability (9) Overall the skates have been holding up very well. Other than some cosmetic blemishes, the skates still look great. More importantly, the boot has maintained its integrity throughout. The only complaint so far is that the stitching in the tongue holding the lace bite pad began to come apart along the bottom. I have been lazy and not taken it in to a shop to have it addressed, but keeping my eye on it for the time being. I didn't any blades, etc. clip my skates at any point as my laces have been fully intact, and the stitching is actually under the laces. I just think perhaps this was a one-off issue. Overall (8.5) The FT1 is an excellent pair of skates, from fit to performance. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with the FT1 especially if you are looking for a form-fitting skate with maximum performance. A few areas I would like to see addressed moving forward are overall skate weight, high-ankle padding, and lastly some original aesthetics. I will keep you posted with updates during the life of the skate.
  13. Really need the cash, trade would only be for something rare that you may have.
  14. Selling a brand new pair of Bauer Vapor 2X Pro 8D. The boot is not for me. Had the skates sent to me profiled to a 9’ radius and 1/2” hollow.$715 + ship
  15. Warrior VIP Program First and foremost I would like to thank everyone at Warrior Hockey, especially those involved with the program. I am truly grateful and honored to be part of such a highly-coveted team. Warrior has really broke the mold once again and developed a very special program. A program that illustrates how important it is to them to recognize the individuals who support them day in and day out, both on and off the ice. Membership selections are made without social popularity or skill-level bias; Warrior sincerely cares about all of their customers. In addition to creating an environment of open communication, shared experiences, and a generous reward system, Warrior continually illustrates transparency, respect for the feedback in which they receive, and engages with their VIPs on a personal-level. As if that wasn't enough, I have been lucky to make connections with many people who, without the avenues created by this program, I would never have met. So THANKS again to Warrior Hockey and my fellow VIPs; this is such a special group and something that I do not take for granted. I hope that I can continue my membership in this program, and do my part to return the favor, to a company that has delivered value to me and my teammates throughout the years. And with that, let's get to the actual review! The Warrior Alpha QX is a completely new stick lineup and thus has been engineered from the ground-up. There was much time spent on research and development of the QX and it revolves around five focal points of technology: Sabre Taper, True 1 Phantom Feel, Minimus Carbon, Ergo Shaft Shape, and Protex Performance Grip. I have been using the stick heavily for over a month now and want to provide my insight on the tech and my experiences with the Alpha QX. Sabre Taper The primary focus of Warrior's patented taper design is to maintain stability throughout the blade when releasing your shot. In my experience with many competitor sticks, when loading up to take a shot, the blade tends to open up a bit. Although this may not seem like that big of an issue, compromise at such critical point in your release, greatly hampers the speed and accuracy of your shot. You can tell that Warrior really researched and honed in on the shaft and hosel technology in the Alpha QX. The mid-low flex point of the stick definitely allows you to snap-off your release much quicker while maintaining your accuracy. In my opinion, the ability to release a quick and accurate shot is crucial, as many times it prevents the goaltender from being able to establish his position. I personally noticed a huge difference in both snapshots and slapshots. The "pop" was exceptional as the puck jumps off the blade and follows your line of sight. Warrior really hit the target with the Sabre Taper; it's not a gimmick, it's legit. True 1 Phantom Feel The Alpha QX is extremely light and well-balanced. There are some other sticks on the market that are also very light, but finding the right balance is an artform. The Alpha QX is approximately 410 grams (senior model), but when holding it in your hands, it actually feels a bit lighter. That perception is a product of Warrior's focus on the balance of the stick, specifically towards the hosel and blade. A well-balanced stick really enhances puck-feel and this is an area that is extremely important to my game. With the Alpha QX, whether I'm skating through the neutral zone, making hard pivots, or deking, I never feel the need to look down at the puck. The stick is also very receptive at receiving hard, crisp passes. I have experienced a wide variety of blades in my time, ranging from too soft, to too "pingy", but the Alpha QX has a very natural feel combined with exceptional blade durability. Minimus Carbon Strength and durability is something that Warrior has continued to work on over the years and they have really developed a strong carbon-weave technology that greatly improves the overall strength of the stick without compromising weight. As I mentioned above, I have been using this stick heavily for a while now and it has taken quite a beating, especially through the playoff rounds. In addition to the shaft, since I am a center, the blade has also been put through the ringer. I can honestly say that through all the slashes, hacks, etc. that the stick's integrity has not been compromised at all; it plays the same today as it did on day one and that speaks volumes. We all know that sticks today are very expensive and there's nothing more frustrating than having your stick break shortly after purchasing it. My Alpha QX may show cosmestic blemishes, but the structural integrity is solid and I feel confident that this stick will last a while. Ergo Shaft Shape The shaft of the Alpha QX mimics that of a dog bone with it's slightly-concave side walls. Personally I am not a fan of the traditional box shaft shapes, so this works really well for me. I find it very comfortable to hold and provides a natural feel. Shaft shape is another area that may seem insignificant, but for me, it's important for a stick to feel like an extension of my arms. The dog bone shaft was quite a nice treat for me! Protex Performance Grip Complimenting the ergo shaft shape, I really love the textured corners that the Protex Performance Grip provides. It's that tactile feel that gives you the comfort and secure grip needed to have confidence when stickhandling and preparing to release your shot. These finer details really go a long way in adding to the stick's overall performance on the ice. OVERALL I would highly recommend the Alpha QX stick, it's a stick that performs as advertised and holds up to the punishment of the game. There a models for each level of play, so be sure to check out the full stick lineup. Speed, accuracy, comfort, and stability - Warrior really provides the foundation needed to help your game!
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