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Warrior QR Edge stick

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Background: I play all positions depending on what's needed (F and D), but I'd certainly say my game is about speed, and shooting pucks from the tops of the circles and in.  Almost exclusively snapshots and wrist shots, but there are some half clappers stuck in there from one timers.  I'm about 5'8" and 165lbs.  My sticks have consistently been cut to between my lips while standing in socks.  

Previous sticks: (recent)

  • Warrior QRL (Really Like)
  • Warrior Alpha QX
  • Warrior HD1
  • True A6.0 SBP 
  • CCM Super Tacks (Did not like)
  • Easton CX (Did not like)
  • Easton V9E (Really Liked)
  • Easton V9

Stick Specs:

  • 75 Flex
  • Grip
  • P28

Preface: For a lot of this review I'll be directly comparing the QRE(dge) to the QRL and the QX as they're the sticks I've been using most recently, and there's a  commonality and continuity between the lines and manufacturer.  I've consistently been playing with some form of Warrior Covert family stick for the last few years, dating back to the DT1 and even trying a Widow for a very short time.  Disclaimer: I did receive this stick after winning a code from MSH on an IG contest to be part of the VIP program.   So thank you to MSH and Warrior for the chance to try this stick out.  

Blade(Crisp/Lively): This is what I love about Warrior Covert style sticks and has kept me in the brand consistently.  To me, the blades feel crisp and lively.  Switching between the QRL and the QRE it feels as if the QRE is slightly dampened comparatively to the QRL, but it still sits in the livelier end of the spectrum.  To me, the QX felt/feels the most dampened in the brand.  For a bit more reference,  I really enjoyed the blade feel of the Easton V9E and the old Bauer X:60s when they were the top of the line with the aerofoam blades but without the sense layer that they added on the APX.  I enjoy this style of blade for stick handling, puck reception, and passing/shooting.  Crisp is the word I use the most when describing these style of blades.  In terms of durability I've never had any issue with any of my warrior sticks through history.  I'm also not doing a lot of stick work or digging hard into corders.

Stickhandling/Receiving Passes: Again, the word I use the describe the Covert style blades is crisp.  Specifically, with the QRE, I didn't feel like there was a huge learning curve coming from the QRL, even though I did feel it was a bit more dampened.  This is where I'm sure some folks loving the blade on something like a Bauer Supreme will probably be discouraged from trying a QRE.  The blade is lively, but I'm very used to it.  In terms of stickhandling it feels like there's a direct line from my hands down to the blade.  I'm guessing it's a combination of the True1 construction, Carbon fiber/molding processes and efficiencies, and the blade materials.  In terms of receiving passes the blade has a bit of jump, but most folks will be able to adjust.  It's not a blade that you can have someone rocket a puck to you and have it stick to your blade without having a bit of cradle to it.  If you know what kind of blade feel you like then I'd certainly say this is a livelier one, and it comes through in the stick handling and puck receiving.  From my experience, I wouldn't think that there would be any surprises coming in to the QRE if you have experience in a livelier, crisp blade.  

Shaft/Flex(Easy Loading): The shaft has rounded corners with straight sidewalls and is consistent from what I felt in the QRL.  I could see someone feeling like it's a "boxier" feel, especially compared to the QX that has a "dog bone" shaped shaft.  To me, it feels very comfortable in my hands and has some slight tactile/raised grip on the upper portion of the shaft.  Moving lower down the shaft is where the standout feature is.  The Edge taper is aesthetically different from any other taper on the market today.  To me, it reminds me a bit of the Easton elliptical tapers of old.  It has a bit of a diamond shape where it's a thin taper, but the sides (east to west) are wider.  From my understanding this adds to the stability and power of the taper, but still allows you to quickly load and release with ease for a quick and accurate shot.  I have always been in a 75 flex stick, and to me the QRE feels a bit whippier than the QRL does.  I noticed it when really leaning in to a snapshot where it felt like there was a bit more loading happening before the release of the puck.  I wouldn't say it's a bad thing, it's just a bit different and took me some getting used to.  I'm not going to go out and say it's "the best of both worlds" but it's pretty good, and it's definitely as advertised.  There feels like a perceived whip to the stick, possibly through the easier loading, and the stability really does help keep the blade closed more during the stick deformation when loading.  

Shooting(Easy Loading, Quick Release;Bread and Butter): Another reason why I've stayed in Covert sticks for so long are the shooting characteristics of the stick.  To me, this stick matches my game.  It amplifies what I already do since it's suited to me.  I'm never going to be a big shooter, really leaning in to my shots.  I'm a smaller player that uses speed and a quick(ish, heh) release to beat goaltenders.  The QR Edge still lives and breathes by it's shooting characteristics.  Now, with the Edge taper, expect a stick that loads easily, and releases quickly while keeping the strength and accuracy.  Pucks feel clean, crisp, and lively coming off the blade.  On a good shot, you'll feel all the technologies working in unison.  I'm not going to say this stick is going to make you shoot like Laine, but, if it matches your game it will help amplify, or reinforce your abilities. 

Weight/Balance(Light): I remember listening to the Warrior Hockey podcast where they talked about sticks having a threshold in terms of their weight and how light they are.  it got me thinking a bit about balance, distribution, and what feels comfortable.  The QR Edge feels light, but more importantly it feels good in my hands.  I'll be honest that I've never been a blade heavy fan.  To me, that always made it feel "clunky" and added to the "dampened" feel of blades.  I suppose what I'm saying is that at a certain point, all high end sticks will be around the same weight.  At that point, it comes down to the balance of the stick and what you prefer.  Me; I prefer a lighter feeling blade, so I'd rather have the weight closer to the top of the stick.  For some people, they might not like that.  In my opinion the QR Edge feels light, and balanced towards the top.  Someone else could pick the stick up and say they feel the balance is neutral, or it's more towards the taper.  This is one of those categories where you 100% should feel the stick and judge for yourself.  

Durability(10): I've been using this stick, exclusively, for about 3 months.  Every few sessions I'll mix my QRLs back in just to compare.  I have never had issues with Warrior sticks and their durability and this is no exception.  The blade has held up, and so has the taper.  I'm not heavy on my sticks at all so if they did start to break down I'd be quite disappointed.  There's some cosmetic chips here and there, but it's not like the graphics, or grip coating, are falling or flaking off.  If there was ever an aspect that I might be hard on my sticks it's blocking/deflecting shots.  In that regard I'm very happy with the internals of the blade.  Like the QRL, the blade has kept it's stiffness, it's shape, and it's pop.  I see zero signs that it's going to start to get soft on me  (knock on wood).  

Intangibles: I hated the graphics at first, but when I actually got the stick in front of me I thought the colors were fantastic.  It's clearly got a lineage and a history.  To me, you can see the orange and blue and know it's a Warrior.  You know it's a Covert.  It reminds me of old Dolomite sticks.  The asymmetrical graphics are certainly interesting.  I don't know why but I prefer having the larger Warrior logo up by my hands and the Covert logo at the bottom.  I'm a righty so I get the Warrior Logo at the bottom and the Covert up by my hands.  Really though, should I care?

Conclusion(10): Warrior hockey has won me over the last few years with their Covert line.  If you've made it through this review I'm sure you're seeing that I'm quite fond of these sticks, so please, take my review with a grain of salt and search for things that I've said that can be a bit more concrete.  I think this stick has a livelier feeling blade.  This stick loads very easily, but also has a lot of stability through it's taper.  It's a quick release style stick.  It's light, and regardless of your preference for weight distribution, has a nice balance to it.  If these things speak to you then I'd recommend trying a friend's QRE out, or go to a store and pick one up and see how it feels in your hands.  If you like it after that, and you think this stick suits your game, then I'd have a hard time telling you not to invest in one as it will respond positively.  Conversely, if you've made it through the review, and you feel that there are characteristics of this stick that do not suit your game you might be shoving a square peg in a round hole.  Like any other stick, if you're fighting it and wanting it to be something it's not, you'll surely be disappointed.  

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