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Quad 0 - gevorkya

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Profile 3

Steel - StepSteel Black 272

Hollow - 1/2"

About Me - I started skating when I was about 18.  Skating turned into pick up hockey then on to beer league and has been that for over 20 years.  Started out on cheap skates, no profiling, just was glad they were mine and not rentals.  Went thru 2-3 upgrades still without knowing what profiling even meant.  Skating was improving, as one would hope.  Finally got a set of higher end skates that felt most comfortable so far, still with out of box steel and normal sharpening.  Shortly after happen to stumble into a skate shop that had a pro who kinda explained profiling and possibly gave me his sales pitch.  Decided to go ahead and give profiling a shot, he took down my height, weight, etc. and profiled my couple of month old skates.  The difference was super noticeable, I felt completely different on the ice and couldn't believe the difference or how and why it took for me so long to figure out profiling existed and what it could do for one.  About a year after that I came across t-blades, the reviews and opinions seemed positive, so I had the same pro switch me over to t-blades, which apparently had a very similar profile already on them out of the box with the option of the blade I was picking out.  Well all that was another phase of my skating life and learning about skates/steel.  December of 2014 I went back to normal holders/steel when I got new skates yet again.  Had the same guy profile them, still not knowing exactly what kind of profile he was 'putting' on them.  I also started coaching and started to focus and learn extra about all facets of hockey including skate sharpening and what profiling exactly is.  About a year ago I bought my current pair of skates and this time asked what profile is being put on it, which, from what I was told is single 9' radius and what is now my control set.  An engineer in me usually analyses everything that I do, so it's same with skating, I always try to understand how exactly the steel makes contact with the ice, how the depth of the edge cuts into the ice and all the other aspects that contribute to someone staying upright or actually being on the ice.  Although I can't consistently put all of it together and be perfect, I consider myself a pretty good skater that can tell the difference between having an edge or not and beyond.  When I found out about all the different profiles and started researching what they are all about, I reached out ProSharp and was referred to JR, which thankfully brings me here to this project.  Can not wait to try out all the different profiles!

Review - This is my second profile done by JR - going from Single 9' radius to Zuperior S to now Quad 0.  Where do I start?  At first it felt super weird, felt like I was about to fall, yet in reality completely stable...yes my mind was playing tricks on me or this might be normal, seeing some of the other reviews online.  Took it for a spin a few times, each time realizing that I've gained in every one of the 4 categories.  More on each one below, but acceleration was definitely an improvement, speed didn't seem like it changed from the triple, but I was more mobile while being stable...yes, see why I say weird.  I think the name says it all, all 4 categories are represented and they seemed pretty consistent.  This might be the one, unless other quads give me something I can benefit from even more.

Acceleration - 4 - increased from 3/3.5 on the triple, seemed that when I made contact to take a stride, there was a lot more grip when I pushed off

Mobility - 3 - increased a little bit from triple, crossovers seemed to be quicker as I felt more safer doing them

Stability - 4 - transitions felt flawless and safe

Speed - 3 - stayed the same as triple, which was also the same going from my single profile...may be I'm just slow 😞

Next profile will be Quad 1

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