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Dave P

9/50/10.5 Triple

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Hi there,

Skates Bauer 1X Vapors, 280mm LS4 steel  I'm 6ft at about 180lbs, skating for a very long time.

This profile came after a Quad 0 on Tydan steel and was followed by a 9.5/10.5 dual applied by Tydan

on their Black DLC coated steel. 

First thing.....I REALLY did not like this profile, it wasn't for me. I managed to force myself to get about 5 hours of mixed ice time

with it and was really glad to see my next profile arrive.

Acceleration 3         Felt slightly slower/harder to get my feet moving quickly than the Quad 0

Maneuverability 3   Turning was ok but quick transitions were "off" not so much that I could'nt

                                do them but not comfortable or easy.

Stability 1 maybe 2   Ok, for me this his where I hated this profile. Skates always felt directionally  unstable

                                 felt like both feet were not always trying to go the same direction. Quick left right transitions, like when you

                                  want to fake a defender just sucked, felt like you could just turn or rotate the blade on the ice with nothing

                                  happening almost like no edge when skating on the middle of the blade.

Speed 3    ...........     slightly slower than the Quad 0 on the stop watch but I suspect some of it may have been

                                the lack of confidence in the feel of the profile. I was not wearing full gear and I didn't want to

                                 crash without it.

Summary........ I hated these!  I believe it was the center "flat" that made them feel weird for me I say this because

                        I just started skating with the 9.5/10.5 Tydan's with no flat and they feel MUCH better. Seems like the

                        basic profiles are so close that it's gotta be the flat that that was screwing me up. I could be wrong

                        but won't be trying anymore profiles with "flats" or glide sections.

                        As always comments or questions are welcome.


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