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  1. Been out of the loop for a while, saw this thread and have a few comments. I have tried the quads ( Thanks JR ) and initially asked about how the different radii were "blended". Never got much of an answer so being a part time machinist I mounted a Quad 1 up in the mill and swept it. On my blades you could pick up the transitions to the different radii but the change was so subtle I can't believe even the best skater's would be able to feel it. I'm talking numbers is the .002 to .004 inch range spread over about .500 to .700 length of blade. My GUESS is the new profile is continuously varying with the subtle transitions gone. I'd bet in blind taste tests about 3 out of a hundred skaters could tell it apart. I've been wrong before!!! Dave
  2. Haven't checked this site in a while... Had a heart attack in 2013, killed about 10-15 percent of heart muscle. Over a total of 6 caths I now have 7 stents, last ones placed in 2015. Still skate and play and also started running....I suck at running but have now done six full marathons a bunch of halfs and one 50K ultra. Take care of yourself Dave
  3. I'd never heard of Blade Tech before.....just got a random e-mail about them. At first look seems like some of the same ideas as Marsblade, anybody have thoughts about this? Are we headed for the era of spring loaded blades? Dave
  4. In my shop ( not a skate shop ) I'd bandsaw the holders close to the boots and then use a stationary belt sander being careful not to get things too hot. With care you can be very accurate with stock removal. This would also be pretty quick. Granted the process is pretty foreign to a skate shop. In the whole scheme of things the repair might not be worth doing....send em back to who ever bonded them on in the first place. Dave
  5. Kinda late to this thread. First off, the older I get the more selective I get about gear ( for anything ). I'd figure out some way, even if it involved a whole day off, to travel to a well stocked store, hopefully at a time when they weren't real busy and try on every thing 1st. Granted sometimes you have to play in it a bit to decide it sucks, but usually within 30 seconds of trying it on you'll have a clue. Better yet if the sale's person knows gear....a crap shoot for sure, but you can hope! I'll spend the extra money for comfort or protection, in the whole scheme of things a few hundred bucks one way or the other ain't gonna matter. Dave
  6. Well, when it comes to tools, some people are lucky to feed themselves with a fork. But it does look pretty straight forward.
  7. How many cutting surfaces are in it? Thinking along the lines of a broach? I could see it working pretty well if the user had a clue. Dave
  8. ProSharp shows the .5 for 246mm up to 280mm blades
  9. Trying to understand this a bit better.... Take a Zuperior M ( for example ) in section/zone 1 is the radius 6ft through that whole section or is it a variable radius starting at 6ft opening up to 13ft in section one leading into section 2 at 13ft opening to 20ft leading into 3rd section. Trying to understand how the different radius blend together. When Pro Sharp machines the template are they moving the virtual center-point of the radius or cutting a variable radius to blend the different arcs together? Trying to visualize the geometry of this. Thanks Dave
  10. Bauer X1 Vapors 280mm Tydan DLC steel in LS edge holders This profile came applied from Tydan and it's pretty close to what I've skated on forever. It felt good as soon as I got on the ice, very comfortable no issues. I'd call it a 3 across the board except for maneuverability I'd give it a 4. The Quad 0 and the Quad 1 I'm trying now were easier to get up on my toes with, maybe a little more agile, slightly better/easier acceleration. But this profile would turn tighter when cutting real hard. Likely not much use in game situations but with the combination of the slightly taller steel and edge holders you can really get leaned over with out loosing an edge. Dave
  11. So does Marsblade help these guy's out, or is it " thanks for your purchase, sorry you hated it" ? Seems like a pretty high failure rate, people that buy new tech usually really want it to work and don't admit to a bad choice easily. Dave
  12. Thread drift..... How many layers of shirts is Putin wearing, kinda looks like 4? Does he get cold easily.... Dave
  13. So how long does it take to pull the holder replace the offending screw and reinstall the holder? Dave
  14. Can these be purchased in the states for LS edge holders? Thanks Dave
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