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Quad 1 - tcraig

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Profile 3: Quad 1

Steel: Step Blacksteel - 280 

Hollow: 3/4" ROH 


About Me: I started playing back when I was about 5 years old, and played competitively up until college (high school, Junior C and B). Took around a 10 year break, and got back into playing about 2 years ago. Currently play in the A/B league my rink offers, and am usually on the ice 2-3 times a week. 

Review: Whoooah baby. Coming from the Zuperior M, I was curious to see how much of a difference the various profiles would actually make in my skating. For example, in that profile I noticed a bit more speed and stability over the standard 10' I'm used to, but nothing crazy that merited maintaining it. This Quad 1, on the other hand, is a HUGE difference for me. Agility? Check. Stability? Check. Speed? As much as you're getting out of me. Acceleration? You bet. I noticed basically all of the benefits to stability and top end speed that I got from the Zuperior M, but without the mobility penalty. In fact, I feel better mobility with this profile than I did on the 10', and I even feel more mobile than I did back on a standard 9' radius. It's honestly insane to me how much of a difference I feel between the standard single radius profiles I was using and this. 

Overall, I think that I have slightly less top-end speed than I did with the Zuperior M, but still more than I had on 10'. Stability seems essentially the same, if there is a difference it's imperceptible to me. Acceleration and mobility is where the Quad 1 shines for me - while I may have a slight reduction in top end raw speed, I get up to that speed so much faster than before it doesn't matter.  I feel like the quick acceleration here is a massive benefit, allowing me to close in on a defender and then turn it up another notch and quickly get by, which isn't something I've really been great at in the past. The closest thing I've felt to this acceleration-wise is when I was skating in Makos on a 9' radius, with that aggressive Mako forward pitch. The downside back then was stability, especially on transitions from forward to backward skating (I would feel too pitched over my toes on the transition). The Quad 1 basically feels like that did in terms of forward skating, putting me a bit over my toes in a position lending itself to quick acceleration, but when I transition to going backwards it feels more stable than the standard 10' neutral pitch steel I've been on lately. It's pretty incredible, and I would highly recommend people try a quad in their steel size range. I haven't felt this good on my skates since...ever.  

Acceleration: 4

Mobility: 4 

Stability: 3.5

Speed: 3.9? It's so close to the Zuperior M, but I get up to speed so much quicker it's basically a wash. 


Other profiles reviewed: 
10' (standard LS4 profile)

Zuperior M

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