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9'/10' - cjpritch

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Steel - Step Black 306
Hollow - 1/2"
Profile - 9'/10'
About Me - Started playing hockey in 4th grade. and played through high school took a break playing for about 2 years during college and then started to play pick up. Now playing beer league hockey. usually on the ice about 3 times a week. I would consider myself a strong skater but with lots of room for improvement.  
Review - For set 1 I went with JR’s recommendation of 9/10. I’ve skated on this set 6 times just so I could get a good feel for what has changed from the control set. During the first skate I noticed I felt a little less stable coming from a 11’ radius this got better as I got use to skating on it but still never felt as stable as on my control set. I did see the biggest improvement in my turns and cross overs and I could feel how I was able to get in and out of the turns tighter and faster as a result of the 9' radius on the front. I also fell like I had better acceleration but to me the speed felt about the same as the control set. Based on this, here are my ratings:
Acceleration: 3
Mobility: 3.5
Stability: 2.5
Speed: 2.5
Profile Tested Before This: 11’
Next Profile: Quad 1

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