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Zuperior S - stick9

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Steel: Tydan Edge 246mm

Hollow: 3/4 ROH

About me:  Skating in general has never really been an issue. There are some aspects of my skating that could use improvement, nothing that prevents me from getting where I need to go. I'm playing three nights a week, two pickup sessions and one C level men's league.

I've tinkered with different hollows and methods (FBV, Z-Channel & ROH) looking for an advantage, mostly improved glide. No profiling except the LS3 I had about 4 years ago. I’m currently rotating two sets of steel. The first set is stock Bauer LS4 profiled to a Quad 0 by Shayne from Pro Sharp, the second is stock STEP Edge. The Tydan listed was purchased for this program.

The stock STEP profile will be my control set.


First time out was an hour and a half of public skating. My first thought was they felt long…much longer than what I am used to. It took me a good 20-30 minutes to adjust to it. Straight line speed and glide was good. Stability seemed to be improved. However there was something odd with the toe. It’s as if the profile forced an exaggerated toe flick at the end of each stride. I could hear it but I couldn’t tell if the toe was sliding out or digging in. Going a bit deeper into my knee bend made the profile work a little better. I did need to work it a bit harder in and out of the corners.

My second time out on this profile was a session of pickup, another hour an a half of ice. Totally different impression of this profile in that setting. The profile didn’t seem as long as it did before and the exaggerated toe flick I experienced in the earlier session was either gone or no longer noticeable. I had to work a little harder getting in and out of turns.

Mobility: 2.5

Stability: 4

Speed: 3

Acceleration: 3

Other profiles on deck:

  • 9.5/10.5
  • 9.5/50mm/10.5
  • Quad 1

 I reserve the right to change/alter/modify my scores based on further testing

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