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    CCM Ribcor 100k
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    CCM Ribcor Trigger 5, CCM Jetspeed FT3 - P90TM
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    CCM FT1 pro stock, Warrior Covert pro stock, Warrior MSH Covert
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    CCM Tacks 710 w/Bauer Re-Atk cage
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    Warrior QRE 10
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    Bauer Vapor 2X
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    Warrior Pro Player

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  1. It's actually closer to the P28. They're pretty spot on up until the start of the toe. That's a retail P90TM. Pro-stocks may differ.
  2. Psst... The op was asking about the CCM AS3 and AS3 Pro.
  3. Yep, 100%. Though I will add. When I use the term aggressive when describing the 90TM I am doing so in comparison to the 92, not the 28.
  4. I've used all three, 28, 92 & 90TM. The 90TM is really good blend of both those other curves without some of the drawbacks. The 90TM plays like a less aggressive 28 with a flatter rocker. After a few skates I put all my 28's up for sale and never looked back. BTW, CCM offers a P90 and P90T, neither of which are the same as the retail P90TM aka Benn Pro. Though the 90T is close. Something to keep in mind if you shop for pro stocks.
  5. Same here. I believe it's the only 8 sheet complex in NA. The bit about a retailer being right down the street was the kicker for me.
  6. I'd be shocked if they did either on their own. They sort of seem like a middle man to me. You know, take the orders then order from a manufacturer in china and ship to the customer when they arrive.
  7. If that's true then the rocker was definitely different or Easton's lie numbers didn't align Bauer's. I had issues with pucks sliding underneath the toe on P92's which is why I stopped using them. I never had that with Sakic's, Hall's or even Warrior Drapers.
  8. Meh, sort of. The P92 was always Bauer take on the Sakic, never a one for one clone. The original Sakic, and Hall for that matter, wasnt as open as the 92 and it was an standard 5 lie. The rocker may have been different as well.
  9. So I loved the lace locks when I had them back in the day. I tried them again not too long ago and found them extremely annoying and frustrating.
  10. The 90k is what I would consider the true evolution of the Ribcor line. The 100k pro is a different animal. It's more of a take on what a modern Ribcor would be like. Great skate, I absolutely love mine but they lack some of the things that drew me into 70k's. Enough where at one point I thought about getting custom 90k's.
  11. You might be better off buying cheap used Reeboks or CCM's and harvesting the lace locks. For example - https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/skates/4528799-reebok-8k-size-5-hockey-skates
  12. The fit system confusing?? LOL like it wasn't majorly confusing before. The goal of the Fit Systems was to allow players to wear whatever model skate they wanted. No more, you're a Supreme fit or you're a vapor fit. That was majorly annoying and flat out ridiculous. I will admit, there are some minor annoyances. First, not every skate uses the fit system. Second, a tapered Ribcor feels and fits slightly different than a tapered Jetspeed. Not enough where I couldn't wear one or the other but enough to where one felt better than the other.
  13. Unusable, please... For every complaint about breaking there are dozens of skates that are just fine. Oh and BTW. Every company in every market is looking to make products less costly to improve profits.
  14. Didn't he have two pairs of CCM's? Maybe he's returning the Jetspeeds???
  15. They aren't 1x stiff but they're stiffer then previous ribcors models. I don't find the 100k's to be "soft". When I hear someone say the boot is soft, I think it lacks lateral support. The 100k's defiantly aren't lacking there. I've been extremely happy with mine. My only complaint is they ditched the foam donuts in the ankles. That was one thing I loved about my 70k's. I thought about going custom but the price delta between my size 6 retail and a custom boot didn't seem worth it.
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