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  1. Now throw a bunch of 35 to 55 year olds in questionable shape into the mix. The mask we are wearing were never intended to be used during high intensity activities. At this point, I'd be more concerned with a cardiac event than I would be of covid.
  2. Meh, I think they were already there. LS4, STEP ST and Tydan all played and sharpened about the same. LS5 is a marked improvement over the others.
  3. Not wanting to up the ante? They are the only skate manufacturer putting R&D dollars into their runners. That's pretty ballsy, especially given the runner in their system is easily replaced. Other companies are banking on players either not knowing/caring what they skate on or are smart enough to know what to replace them with. Look at it this way. When you buy a higher end Bauer skate you are getting runners that are equal to if not better than the aftermarket guys. With CCM (prior to the acquisition of STEP) you were getting the absolute worst steel on the market. CCM didn't purchase STEP to simply offer a better product. They did it so STEP would no longer be available to Bauer or True, IE crushing the competition. FWIW, Easton and Mission, were already pretty well ruined when Bauer purchased them.
  4. I thought the two were fairly similar. Both are a nice upgrade from the x900. The Pro version felt a little bulkier and had more of an old school fit. The QR Edge version were lighter a bit more mobile and had tapered fit. I went with the QR Edges over the pro. I'm very happy with them.
  5. Yup, custom color is what makes it look different. Not loving the giant yellow bands on the UltraSonics.
  6. I'd try to find a used vapor ice skate and convert them to inlines. More bang for the buck and the boot is somewhat of a known thing to you, no adjusting or tweaking. I was glad I went that route but I already had a pair of skates I wasn't using. The MSH pro shop can do the conversion.
  7. Safe bet it's the same. I remember seeing Pastrnak with the new Vapors months before they were released.
  8. Everyone eventually gets to a point where they are set with what they have. So while they may be in a position to afford new gear, they aren't buying it cuz they are still happy with what they have. I couldn't agree more with the plateau in tech. IMO, I think modern era skates are as good as they are going to get. Same goes for sticks. Protective.....why bother. Really, the only area for new tech is helmets. But, stubborn ass hockey players want their Bauer 4500 and its crusty ass foam because it looks good. I'll leave some of the other stuff be.
  9. Conversion almost complete. *Edited for context* After trying to fit inlines by mail with no luck I decided convert some ice boots over. I spent hours searching for the parts, almost nothing available at the time. I reached out to JR for help. He didn't have a frame that would fit but he put me in contact with someone he thought might and sure enough they did. Classy move for sure. Thx man.
  10. We're talking about a community that took decades to accept half shields, refuses to wear any sort of shoulder protection, and swears by the gear they wore in junior or play in refs gear (yes I know a guy). These are the guys you'll be making masks for, haha, good luck getting them to wear them. 100% positive I won't be. I'd rather hang them up.
  11. When it comes to depth(volume), I'd put the Ribcor somewhere between the vapor and supreme.
  12. I doubt you'd see anything substantial just from time. It's not impossible. I wouldn't put new steel in holders that were trashed from years of playing. But if they're solid and the boots are still n good shape, why not. It's the least expensive option.
  13. I'll spare you the back story, next event. Something about that boot with a 254 edge holder w/LS5 just works for me. I stumbled across a second pair, same setup except a retail boot. They worked really well for me too. If I am honest, the overall fit of both pairs could be a little better. Makes wonder what custom 70k's would be like.
  14. To date....my pro-stock CCM 70k skates. Without question, the best thing I've ever done for my game.
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