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    CCM Ribcor Trigger 5, CCM Jetspeed FT3 - P90TM
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    CCM FT1 pro stock, Warrior Covert pro stock, Warrior MSH Covert
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    CCM Tacks 710 w/Bauer Re-Atk cage
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    Warrior QRE 10
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    Bauer Vapor 2X
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  1. I have a buddy who had the chance to meet David and get one of his sticks. Which he brought to pick up. The curve was nasty. The only way I can describe it would be a p28 on meth.
  2. ^ This! Great advice. I'm kinda in the same boat. I have minor knee pain from age and past injuries, total ACL tear and reconstruction and several MCL and LCL sprains. I wore a Donjoy hard brace for about a year after my ACL surgery. My surgeon was pretty adamant about me not wearing forever so I listened. Now some 15 years later I don't wear anything on that knee. I routinely stretch and work out to keep my mobility intact. Ill take an Advil or an Ibuprofen about an hour before I skate. If my knee is banged up a little, which happens, I have a compression sleeve I can wear for extra support. Since there is nothing structurally wrong with my knee. I try to limit the use of braces or sleeves. I have found a few sleeves that interest me but I don't want to become reliant on them. This is the one I am most interested in. https://www.bauerfeind.com/b2c/Products/Knee-Braces/GenuTrain®-Knee-Brace/p/YPBF_BAK_GENUTR
  3. Good question. I don't mean his pro-stock pattern. I guess, it would be the original retail offering. The one that also jived with Warriors Drury. So probably right around the time Innovative became Warrior, or there abouts.
  4. The Hall (E3) was much closer to the real Sakic, maybe even exact. Which most people believe is the P92 but it's not. The OG Sakic was a more a straight up mid curve with a slightly open face and a lie in the 5's. The rocker was flatter than the 92 as well. I assume this was simply an evolution or an effort to combine multiple similar patterns into one. The closest thing I found to a real Sakic was the P19 Nugent-Hopkins. Very similar just not as deep. Even that pattern changed at some point.
  5. Have you looked at the Warroad game day sock? I just got a pair and I really like them. Feels almost like a dress sock.
  6. If heated correctly you should never see any sort of blemish. My guess, the temp was too high. Not sure anyone here makes any sort of money from playing. It's a hobby for most of us. Skates get abused during play. After a few games you won't even notice those blemishes.
  7. You know that like a real thing now, right? It's not just some marketing BS.... No amount wear will get that boot to conform to your foot. https://composites.pfsfabrics.com/what-is-curv/
  8. Looking at the numbers, they're closer than you think. Comparing the weights listed at IW. The CCM ASV's come in at 670g vs the FT6's at 619g.
  9. As much as I like my FT4's, you really cant go wrong with higher end Tacks shins. Absolute tanks.
  10. I've heard about it from a few different sources though I dont have any details. I assume it's to compete with the Sparx. If so theyre a little late to the game. I'm skeptical.
  11. They pop up from time to time on sideline and eBay. I set up a daily alert when I was looking. I ended up with FT4 Pros on closeout and haven't looked back.
  12. In certain pockets of the US it is like the North East and upper Midwest. Other regions not so much. Canada is a different story. It's not so much supporting a pro team. That can happen anywhere. It's things like access to ice, youth, adult rec and school teams.
  13. You understand those kids driving those crazy designs are playing in the Show, right. Your point about not wanting bold colors is kind of funny because that's exactly what Graf was doing in their heyday. They used white leather when no one else would even dare, they had colored laces and a non tuuk holder. Sure they had the fit and performance back then but almost everyone I know who listed after Grafs (myself included) did so because they looked different.
  14. I don't think it's that. CCM has no problem using Ovie and he openly supports the current Russian regime. Back on point. Hockeystickman has Malkin pro patterns from time to time.
  15. I'm just gonna say it, why? Sticks are just tools. If they stopped making your favorite hammer would scour the globe spending thousands of dollars trying to find another or would find something that's close enough... It's 100% the latter. Especially when it's just a hobby. Even if you managed to find someone who can do all those things for you. There's no guarantee it will feel and play like the original. I cannot say it enough, find something close and go play.
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