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  1. Per the chart 95/75 is 3/8-1/2ish. I'd suggest starting with a 3/8 Fire. Anything higher won't have the bite he's used to. The 1/2 Fire will feel a lot like a 3/4 ROH.
  2. Ive found the best solution is usually the easiest. What good is added protection if it's a PIA, uncomfortable or limits mobility. I think that's why I felt the shirt was so effective. It may not be as protective as the other options but it was so easy to use. I just subbed it out for my regular base layer. The hockey ones can be a little thin. There are some football specific ones that offer a bit more protection. I never found a long sleeve version so I went with the hockey version.
  3. I've had the same problem. I found the padded shirts to be a nice solution. There are tons of options out there. I have CCM version, it's a decent piece. If you want to get more robust you could try some Box Lacrosse pads. They're a little beefy/bulky though. Might be better for coverage when recovering as opposed to an every day solution.
  4. The scan isn't the be all end all. Think of it as a starting point. You may want to skate on them before profiling. The quad may be great for one skate, but not another. I'd give them a few sessions before profiling.
  5. There is a similar product making the rounds. VT tested I believe.
  6. You don't have enough volume to fill the boot properly. So yeah, tongues can twist and things rub. But the twisting isn't whats causing the blisters. If those were from your tongues, they only be on the outer side of the foot, not both. You'll never punch a boot smaller. If you try punching my guess is your problems will get worse, not better.
  7. I still remember when it was only 1 and called KC Sports.
  8. Boom, there it is. And who are we to say what's good or bad for passing. We're a bunch of hacks with day jobs.
  9. I had them baked at a local Pure Hockey, no details other than it was a Bauer oven, they came out one at a time and they were pretty hot when I put them on. Sorry.
  10. They still look really wide to me. But anyway... My 100ks have WAY better wrap than that and that's only a single bake without any plastic wrap or the likes therof. Temp and oven time should be part of the equation. I don't think boot height is your issue. You should be able to get ridiculous wrap regardless of height. Whether or not height or wrap is helpful is a separate discussion.
  11. My opinion... Judging by the first two pics. The CCM boot is way too deep/wide for you. You look lost in that boot. Which would also explain your other issues. Anyways, looks like you need a Reg fit.
  12. I've seen a few NOS pairs pop up on Sideline. Maybe you can snag a pair there. The newer-ish Tacks stuff should be based on those or whatever those came from.
  13. Have you considered, maybe the block was put there to further stiffen the holder or that maybe it's there as a fix for some underlying issue that crept up in development. Or maybe the center beam wasn't strong enough without the block. I can't wait to hear all the whining about how Bauer won't replace failed holders due to user mods. If you have a bunch of Edge steel, just have Edge holders installed. It really is that easy.
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