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  1. Do one or the other. What's the point of adding a heel lift if you need to have your runners pitched, get what I am saying. Add the lift and have your steel put back to neutral and be done with it.
  2. Cant really say. I have never used an 88.
  3. In terms "hook" the P90 falls between the p28 and p92. Warriors W71 probably has the most "hook" of any pattern available at retail.
  4. It's not that they can't, it's that they won't. Least not for the masses.
  5. Yes, each boot has it's own unique make-up. Which will make the skate feel different on your foot, but both are built to fit the same foot shape or profile. Yes, the FT4 felt different than the 100k but they both fit my foot about the same. When I say fit, I mean length, width & depth. The point being, if you're in a tapered FT4 and switch to a Ribcor, your still in a tapered fit.
  6. You have to ignore everything they've told you in the past. CCM has changed the way they build the boot so a player can choose a skate based strictly on their game, not the shape of their foot. Speaking strictly the retail offerings from CCM. During my fitting I was able to try on all three CCM skates. The Jetspeeds and ribcors were part of the three fit system, the Tacks was not (that will happen on the Tacks skate). Anyway, a tapered Jetspeed fit fairly close to a tapered Ribcor. There were some minor fit differences between the two but not enough to where one fit and the other didn't. The Tacks felt completely different, which it should since it's not part of the fit system. You also have some levers to pull to adjust the fit without going custom. You can swap out the tongues and footbeds to increase/decrease volume. Pure does a decent job breaking it down. I found their comps to Bauer pretty spot on too.
  7. Selling my lightly used pair of 70k player skates size 6.5D. Skates come with Bauer 254mm Edge holders and LS3 steel. These skates didn't see much use and are in excellent condition inside and out. I'll throw in some CCM orthomove footbeds for MSH members, not pictured. $220 shipped within North America.
  8. You can always shim the rear tower. Or add a small shim under the heel of the footbed inside the skate.
  9. Compared to a Bauer, they're pretty much identical until you get to the toe. The 28 has that crazy rounded toe. The 90 does not. It's more like the 92 in that regard.
  10. I refer to it as a less aggressive 28 with a flatter rocker, or a more aggressive 92 with a bit more hook on the toe and a 5 lie. I switched from the 28 and never looked back. It helped solve some issues I had with the 28. Which I fully admit may have been I just don't have the hands to get the most out of the 28. Cant say how it compares to an 88.
  11. A wide will be wider everywhere, not just the toe box. The boot opens up a bit as it breaks in. As that happens your foot should sit a little deeper in the heel pocket. Both will help your issue. Keep in mind, you have CCM 90 day warranty. So you can skate in them long enough to know how they will really feel.
  12. The ankle padding in the 70k and 80k's are thicker and softer than what's you get in the 100k. On the flip side, the comfort edge on the 100k is way more robust. I LOVED the ankle padding in my 70ks. It's the only thing I don't like about the 100k pros. I considered going custom just to get that back. With the price hike of $400 it didn't seem worth it.
  13. They've made huge strides in hockey helmet teach. You should try one.
  14. @SolarWind right from the box of my 100k's.
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