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-Hollow: 7/8”

-About Me:  I’ve played hockey for 20 years and coached for 10 years.  I used to consider myself a powerful skater, but recently started to work on my smoothness due to getting older/weaker/tired .  With that, I feel like I can offer some good points to consider depending on what type of skater you are.  If you are a powerful, choppy, hardworking player, then you’ll most like profiles that cater and supports those characteristics.  If you are a smooth, tension free, and efficient skater, then I would think you would prefer a certain set of profiles.  Picture yourself in a game chasing down a puck.  Do you grit your teeth and bear down, tighten up, get set, and PUSH off as hard as possible?  Or do you stay loose, stay relaxed, and use the whole blade to get going?  Do you push in linear 45-degree strides, or do you land on a edge and let the skate collapse out?  I wouldn’t advocate either being a power skater or efficient skater.  But I think your style is really going to dictate your preference.  Mobility, Stability, Speed, and Acceleration are going to be perceived differently IMO depending on your style.  My ratings will be based on my personal preferences and effort to be smoother.  I’ll note in my reviews how I think the profiles would feel to different types of skaters.

-Mobility: 2

-Stability: 5

-Speed: 5

-Acceleration: 3

-Review:  This one has to be a power skaters dream.  I felt like the rink was not big enough!  Crossovers felt great; glide was awesome.  I can see this as being great for a forward flying in off the rush.  In a crossover or straight-line situation, there was really no downsides.  Inside the defensive zone, I didn’t notice to much of an issue unless I gave to much of a gap.  So great for offense coming in with speed and ok for playing d inside your zone.  Thing with this profile is that I felt like as long as you could dictate the play with speed, you were going to have a good time.  However, if you didn’t have momentum, it was really hard to manipulate the heel of the blade.  Coming off a board battle, you couldn’t accelerate without setting up for it almost.  It was also hard to defend the rush.  I felt like I couldn’t control my gap and the line I did take was a commitment.  Even if you don’t cross your feet going backwards, you were still easy to beat.  I was either to fast or to slow.  The transition from inside edge to inside edge just felt slow.  I could see why certain forwards and better defensemen would love this profile.

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