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Hollow: 90/75

I’ve been skating since I was about 4 or 5 and I started playing hockey when I was 7. I began to play competitively at 12 and did a lot of traveling for AAA. I recently got double hip surgery and was finally cleared to skate again last Friday. Before surgery I wasn’t a very powerful skater in my strides or pushes but I was fast when I had the opportunity to gain speed. My quick starts were, well, not quick at all and I lacked agility.





After skating on the dual radius profile I felt that mobility was decent, I was able to access all of my edges very well but some movements were difficult to perform with the new profile. I would rate mobility for me on this profile as a 3/5. Stability was the worst for me when performing edge control drills and direction changes the blade did not grip the ice the way I needed it to in order to support my movements. A lot of times I felt like the blade was going to give out half way through a turn or drill. I would rate stability for me on this profile as a 2/5. On the other hand, speed was exceptionally faster than before I had a profile. I was able to move quickly on the ice without exhausting too much energy in the process of skating. I would rate speed for me on this profile as a 4/5. Lastly acceleration was improved from before I started skating on the dual radius profile. I was able to push off with more power so I gained more speed in less strides. In fact on this profile I found myself hearing my edges dig into the ice with each stride and or push. I have never been powerful enough to hear my stride until now. I would rate for me this profile as a 5/5. If this profile was better in the mobility and stability categories I would love to skate on this profile.

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