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TRUE 6.0 ABP Shaft

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It's been about 6 years since the last shaft review, so I figured one was due.

Background: I have played hockey for nearly 30 years, topping out as an ACHA club player and now just in pickup/adult league. As someone who breaks blades but very rarely breaks a shaft using a two piece makes more sense to me. It is also much easier/cheaper to experiment with different curves.

I have not tried any Base shafts but starting from Easton aluminum's have used quite a few different shafts from a number of manufacturers. The performance and feel of a shaft is obviously strongly correlated with the blade being used. I've used a few, but settled on using a TRUE blade as well as that seemed to have the best overall feel and performance. Though in general I think my comments hold if using different blades.

Specs: TRUE 6.0 ABP Shaft - Flex 75

Usage: ~2 Seasons and still going strong (I have been told that differences with the latest version are minor to non-existent).

Weight: I've never been one to pay all to much attention (see usage of Easton aluminum shafts 20 years ago...) but it compares well to other higher end sticks. Total weight of course matters greatly which blade you put on.

Performance: I'm mostly of the opinion that once you get to around the mid-range of sticks there isn't much difference going higher in price, and things like flex, feel, weight, balance, etc. become more important. It is definitely the highest performing shaft I have used. Flex profile can be very specific to the individual, but the flex profile works very well for me. It is advertised as a variable kick point and works quite well across the board: passing, wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, one timer, etc. I broke a blade the other day and had to switch to my backup with a Bauer shaft. The difference in flex and feel were very noticeable, and much worse.

Durability: I've used the shaft for almost 2 seasons now, which I would estimate to be about 200 hours of ice time. It has some scuffs, scapes, and dings, but nothing that seems to be affecting things in any way.

With the exception of Base, it seems most equipment manufacturers have either stopped manufacturing shafts or at least stopped caring about putting out the best product possible. In my opinion, TRUE does still care and puts out a top-notch product. I know the market is quite small, but I'm very glad that they do. Before I found the TRUE shaft I had started trying some one pieces thinking I'd have to make the switch as they were much better than the shafts I was using, but the TRUE shaft changed that for me and I personally don't think I would gain much by using more expensive one pieces.


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