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JR Boucicaut

Eagle Fusion

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Eagle Fusion Glove Review

Details of Reviewed Product

retail, portofino/carbon shell w/checkerboard weave, split fingers, micro-suede palm and gussets


The Fusion is roughly 13.5" to 14" in size. The cuff is fairly wide, roomy with good wrist mobility. The fit is slightly narrower than the X70 model from which the Fusion is based. The fingers are also slightly narrower than on some gloves, however they don't feel loose or restricting to my fairly skinny fingers. The lower backhand feels snug around the knuckles and liner. The liner doesn't contact my backhand from about half way up. The index and pinky fingers are somewhat short compared to more evenly spaced finger gloves. The shorter index finger length is good for dexterity, though the pinky is on the shorter side and could be lengthened by 2-4 mm to accomodate more people.


The Fusions feel broken in off the shelf. The medium thickness micro-suede palms and gussets feel soft and supple. The knuckles don't dig into the backhand when the grip is closed. They Fusions didn't feel like they were going to fall or slip off my hands either. Personally, I found the slightly snug fit very comfortable. The portofino shell is also fairly pliable with good flexibility. There were also no irritating seams inside the glove that I could feel.


Very light weight. The Glacier Cool liner wicks moisture well, yet the glove remains light. The liner doesn't stink (much) for me even after several hours of continued use. The split fingers and knuckle backroll make for excellent finger mobility and range. The hand opens and closes very easily, making for easy transitions for one to two hands on the stick. The shorter index finger also stays out of the way during one-to-two hand transitions, and it helps give a closer grip on the stick. Less excess space in the gloves with the soft micro-suede palms make for good feel of the stick. The micro-suede palms don't grip like leather or goatskin, but more like nash, which isn't grippy at all.


I fought off a few stick checks and light slashes without feeling anything. The Fusions haven't been hit by pucks so far. Decent overall protection if it isn't a high priority.


With about a month or more of irregular use 2-4 hours a time, no problems. I don't use any grip on my sticks/shafts currently. More to be determined later.


Eagle offers many options and variants on retail gloves, plus their split finger design is unlike anyone else's. While their split fingers are nice, it's not always easy to find, and you don't necessarily know which variants your store will stock at the retail level.


- snug fit around knuckles/lower hand yet has good wrist and finger mobility

- shorter index finger good for frequent one-two hand transitions and gripping the stick more naturally

- broken in feel off the shelf, very comfortable

- good for thinner hands or for those who like a slightly snug to tight fit (hand size depending)

- seems suited to finesse style players

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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