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Shoulder pad help

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#1 bradd94

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Posted 01 August 2013 - 04:04 PM

So I've been trying about 100 pairs of shoulder pads and am wondering what is wrong with me. The shoulder caps on every model I try is way too big for my body, yet the chest protector feels fine. I'm 5'8 165 and am going with Medium, but the caps still look like a football player. I've played hockey for several years now and have always used the U+12 and they still somehow fit me.


The only success I've had with are the CCM U+12 which seem like a Small fit thoroughout. I'm going to keep these for awhile but have two questions.



1. Should I probably be a Senior small then? Everyone at my age has slightly bulky shoulder caps but not like this. I've seen pro players go with extremely small pads and compared to their body the shoulder caps are not that big. It is effecting my play and embarassing.


2. I'm going to wash my CCM U+12 frequently + use the Rocket Dryer + air out + use a deodorizer (spray on, not smell like Febreze). How often can I wash without ruining the pads, by just washing in my bath tub? If they get paid, can I steam clean them? What about taking the caps off when they are dead and gone, and sewing them onto another shoulder pad?

Sorry for the pain, but thanks guys. This has been bugging me for weeks.


#2 Cosmic

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 02:15 AM

1. I do not know. I just say try everything on, see how it fits, and what you like (if you have an LHS near you). Otherwise, call the stores, and ask if there is someone at these call centers where they receive the calls for orders, who is your dimensions, and what size pad works for them in the pad you want. That is how I got myself sized from a location far, far away from the nearest LHS that stocks my size.


2. I know they are a bit pricier, but if you go with the CCM Crazy Lights, then you need not worry about all the drying off procedures that you discuss. Just take a towel, wipe the sweat off, and the CCM CL's are like 90% dry, instantly. And I sweat like a monster. I know the pads "look like football pads," but who cares? They are light, and I personally do not even notice if they are there when I am playing. And if people are bothered because I "look like a football player," then why would I care? Let them get all hot and bothered lol- I just want to be comfortable, protected, and know my gear is gonna last a long while. But I know, I always see this complaint about people being self conscious that they "look like football players." Jeff Beukeboom looked like a football player with his gargantuan pads, but it did not bother me when NYR was hoisting the cup in 1994. I guess this is just my "personal preference" (or personal pet peeve lol)

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#3 Krev

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 10:52 AM

I still wear my Douglas hockey pads from time to time. If I know we are playing a chippy team I'll bring them with me. Football made hockey pads. The best.

Sounds to me like it's all in your head. I'm 5' 8", 175lbs and I wear senior mediums. Easton ST16's, Warrior Franchise, CCM U+ Pro's, no problems. Sure they might look slightly bulky, save the ccms, but who cares. I'll take the extra padding over not having it. Shoulder and collarbone injuries will do that to yah.