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    Ice- Easton Mako M8
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    CCM Tacks 7092/ STX Surgeon RX2.1
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    CCM Resistance w/ CCM Resistance 300 White cage
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    CCM Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM RBZ 130LE
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    STX Surgeon 500
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    Reebok 20K Pro
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  1. Does anyone know where to find this? Looks pretty perfect.
  2. This is great news. I am just getting back into playing after a 2 year layoff due to CoronaPacolpyse, and love the idea of having something available when my Makos are done.
  3. I loved the CCM P30, but since it is not super aggressive in any way and just subtle in all categories, I guess it was not a big seller and has since been discontinued. I took a look at the P90TM in store today. It looks decent'ish, may be worth a try, but does not seem to be it. Just looking at blade pattern charts, the Sherwood PP14 looks perfect, but has that been discontinued? I cannot find it on any sites. I am not opposed to going the ProStockHockey route if anyone has a link to a stick that is a P30 clone. I am RH, 95 flex.
  4. I caught an edge and landed hard on my left glute and yes, I felt it. Had a deep bruise there for awhile. Considered switching to the Bauer Supreme girdle as it seems to have a lot more padding there but just figured I can live with it when I land hard on the glute next time. I do like your idea of supplementing some padding in there though.
  5. I have never tried on Ribcor but I was considering them as a next skate, so I am familiar with the confusion. It is my understanding that although they are low volume, they are the most accommodating/ pliable to baking. So, it is a bit confusing, take it for what it's worth.
  6. Reebok 20K Pro was actually a retail shin. I got a pair in 2014 or 2015, I believe and am still using them. I love them, except I wish they just had a bit more cushion in the knee. Aside from that they are total tanks and remarkably light considering how much Franken protection they provide otherwise (aside from the lack of knee cushion). I have taken so many pucks in the ankle area where these shine, and no other pads cover. Also, the long outer guard that wraps around the calf has seen a lot of hard shots. Somehow, despite it being real think with minimal cushion, it has always done me right.
  7. I used a BASE blade and it was pure quality. I ordered extra stiff thinking that since I am a big tough guy and have snapped and deteriorated some blades that X-Stiff would be my match. I was so wrong, and not the big tough guy I thought I was apparently. The guy who took my order advised that Extra Stiff is insane stiffness and advised against it, but I am stubborn and did not take his advice. Should have gone with the standard stiff- but anyway score 2 for BASE for the experience. The rep was correct, and the blade that was delivered was spot on for what I ordered. I did not love the curve as I thought I would, but again that's on me not BASE. If they made the P30 curve then I'd buy my next stick from them.
  8. When one realizes you cannot blame your gear on your mistakes anymore, then buying new gear stops becoming fun. Seriously though, for me it was just about comfort. I do not like being distracted by gear that fits me funny when playing ice hockey (or riding motorcycles). It just requires perfect focus to succeed in ice hockey, I find, and stuff that fits or feels funny just drags focus away.
  9. Does anyone know which RH pros are using P90TM? I may try to find a pro stock. I was hoping to grab the P90TM when it comes to retail, but the lack of maximum height bothers me. I like a short, tall blade so I can make contact once in awhile with pucks bouncing around in front of the net on rebounds. The extra weight does not bother me, and I figure it is more than made up for if I can find a blade short in length. I was using the P30 and loved it, but I my sticks are all bashed up pretty good (mostly from defensemen aggressively lifting and chopping down on my stick when I am standing in front of the net) and I need a new one.
  10. Wow. I have taken more shots than I can count on the front and sides of my Reebok 20K Pros (which are actually retail) and no issue. Only complaint is the knee protection is a bit sparse padding wise. But shin/calf protection has done me well.
  11. Yea I was under the impression that this was coming to retail. Perhaps I was mistaken. I hope it is still coming.
  12. Does anyone know the scoop on this? I got tied up with some stuff and have been out of the game since I was all amped up and calling CCM on the daily back at this time. My stick is getting creaky and I need . new one, and want to try this curve if anyone knows an approximate release date. (Or should I just call CCM again?)
  13. Best advice I ever got was from the forum: Make sure that the inside of the cage is white. I ued a titanium cage, and when I tracked pucks coming to me, I was looking through blocks of wire and felt like I was looking out of a prison. With a white cage interior, when I look down to track pucks, then white washes out with the color of the ice, so all I see is puck (and ice), which is obviously what one would think one would want to see. My white steel cage is heavier than the titanium, but it's fine- I will take extra weight any day and the ease of puck tracking. The cage I have also has flattened steel wire in the areas that you look through, so again, just makes it wash out that much better when looking at other players and not noticing steel bars between me and them,
  14. Got an email from CCM that theP30 is being discontinued. They did not say when the last batch would be put on sticks. I am cool with this; I think the P90TM will be better anyway.
  15. The blade height of the Warrior at the hell looks tallest. Is this the case? Which one is that? The P28 pro stock?
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