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    Bauer Supreme TotalOne
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    Easton S17 Grip
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    CCM V10
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    Bauer 5500

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    Brisbane, Australia
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  1. Thanks guys, appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I will be visiting America from Australia in May and am looking to get some near gear. I will be spending the most time in Hollywood CA and wondering the best shop to visit? Thanks
  3. knp1288

    The Things Customers Do

    Which rink do you play at? In my league at A/R, there are 4 Asians on my team! And no racism at all :D
  4. knp1288

    Durability of Intermediate sticks...

    This. I'm 5'8 and 175lb and use a 75 flex int TotalOne cut down 2 inches..works a treat!
  5. knp1288

    Your current equipment

    As with BhamEagles, it's a mission to get good gear over in Australia as well. Helmet: Bauer 5100 Visor: Bauer ProWave Shoulders: Warrior Projekt Elbows: Warrior Projekt Shins: Warrior Projekt Pants: Easton S19 Skates: Bauer Totalone Gloves: Eagle X65i Sticks: Bauer TotalOne Int. 75 flex P14, Easton S17 100 flex Getzlaf, Warrior Dolomite DD 85 flex Draper
  6. knp1288

    Postgame Equipment Handling

    I usually air my skates, gloves, helmet and pants on my stick rack I made in the garage, and then the rest of my protective gear is aired inside the house. Girlfriend's stuff on the left hand side, mine and on the right. I've now added 2 hooks on the inside of the rack in front of the sticks to hang my pants from.
  7. knp1288

    Your current equipment

    Helmet: Bauer 5500 with RBE half shield Shoulder pads: Warrior Projekt Elbow pads: Warrior Projekt Gloves: Eagle x65i Pants: Easton S19 Shin pads: Warrior Projekt Skates: Bauer Supreme TotalOne Sticks: Easton S17 100flex Getzlaf, Warrior Dolomite DD 85flex Draper
  8. knp1288

    The Things Customers Do

    Is this Roger from Armoursmith?