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    Bauer Vapor XXX
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    TPS Custom XN10's
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    Easton Customs
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    Bauer 5000
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    Prism Dri-Light
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    CCM Powerline
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    Custom Bag

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    I like to play hockey and lift big weights
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  1. Up unti freshman year of high school, all of my friends and I were Sherwood 5030 users. Unil one of us got a Easton Ultra Lite and Grip Lite. My friend let me use the GL and I was hooked ever since.
  2. Huh. Both product pics show the shot blocker attached. I'll have to shoot an email.
  3. So I am looking at the Hurricane pro stocks HG97 on PSH. So the only diffrence between the HG97 and HG97PP model is the backhand pad and overall beefer padding in general? Both of the models are listed on the site.
  4. If you can find yourself a good PT, most of those issues can be greatly managed and improved. I've been going through treatment for FAI and I'm pretty informed on the subject. If you want some resources, send me a PM. I'd be happy to help.
  5. Well, not to sound like a dick or anything, but if you can't find those Tackla's maybe trying to drop some pounds will help? You would skate better, be able to fit in your brand new pants, and still be able to play hockey. Win-win-win.
  6. Ahhh yes, I meant the 3000's my bad on that. But the 3000's were one of the most aggressively pitched forward holders on the market. I used to skate on Grafs before I got my Vapor XXX's. I can't comment on the JetSpeeds however.
  7. Maybe he is in the process of changing holders?
  8. Are you skating on the Cobra 5000's on your Grafs?
  9. Yeah, Graf seemed to be fading out back when I was still playing in high school, so that doesn't surprise me. Never was a big Easton skate fan. The VH skates seem really intriguing to me.
  10. Thanks JR, its good to be getting back into it. Can Bret sharpen as well? I need to find a good person in my area for that. Skates are probably last on the list because they are most expensive, and my XXX's still have some life in them. Pants and gloves are top on my list because they are really beat up. Does the new stuff for the year still come out in the spring time? That's probably when I will make some purchases on closeout stuff.
  11. Hello Everyone, its been a long time since I've posted on MSH. I have decided that after a long time off, that its time to get back into hockey. I posted quite a bit back when I was in high school, early part of college. Then real life happened. Graduated college, moved to Maryland (originally from Michigan), grown up job, and grad school. Now that I am almost done with school, and the fact that I want to give my nephew a run for his money when he is older (he is 7 and has been on skates since he was 3) its time to get back into it. Back in high school, I was pretty involved in the industry. I worked at a hockey shop (Warwick Mask and Equipment) and knew every piece of equipment inside and out. I have also attended 5 Winterfest skates, as well as attending the 1st ever Winterferst Skate back in 08 (I think it was 08). Once hockey started to take a back seat, I fell out of the loop in terms of equipment. However, it seems like technology wise, the equipment has taken a huge step forward. Along with that huge step in technology, a huge step up in price as well. Now being a former gear whore, a part of me is all giddy because I do need some new stuff. (helmet, gloves, pants, skates are at the top of the list) However, I realize that I no longer need top of the line protective gear because I am not getting hit anymore. So the one piece of equipment I will spend some coin on are skates. I guess, along with this being my re-introduction to MSH, is what are some of the brands, models that you guys are using and recommend? there seem to be some new companies that are out there like TURE, VH, BASE etc and the old guys like Bauer, CCM, Easton, Warrior. Thanks everyone! I'm looking forward to being back on here and posting again!
  12. Are the X60's an actual pro glove or just retail? Those are sick
  13. From what I have herd they are taking out Akimbo from the game, so no more dual 1887 models.
  14. Just give it some time, they will eventually get all the glitches out.
  15. I think the ACR has overtaken my love for the M4. The M16 is a close second for me
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