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    Bauer Vapor XXX
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    TPS Custom XN10's
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    Easton Customs
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    Bauer 5000
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    Prism Dri-Light
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    CCM Powerline
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    Custom Bag

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    Westminster MD
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    I like to play hockey and lift big weights
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  1. Up unti freshman year of high school, all of my friends and I were Sherwood 5030 users. Unil one of us got a Easton Ultra Lite and Grip Lite. My friend let me use the GL and I was hooked ever since.
  2. Huh. Both product pics show the shot blocker attached. I'll have to shoot an email.
  3. So I am looking at the Hurricane pro stocks HG97 on PSH. So the only diffrence between the HG97 and HG97PP model is the backhand pad and overall beefer padding in general? Both of the models are listed on the site.
  4. If you can find yourself a good PT, most of those issues can be greatly managed and improved. I've been going through treatment for FAI and I'm pretty informed on the subject. If you want some resources, send me a PM. I'd be happy to help.
  5. Well, not to sound like a dick or anything, but if you can't find those Tackla's maybe trying to drop some pounds will help? You would skate better, be able to fit in your brand new pants, and still be able to play hockey. Win-win-win.
  6. Are the X60's an actual pro glove or just retail? Those are sick
  7. From what I have herd they are taking out Akimbo from the game, so no more dual 1887 models.
  8. Just give it some time, they will eventually get all the glitches out.
  9. I think the ACR has overtaken my love for the M4. The M16 is a close second for me
  10. I played until 5am and I'm paying for it today :P awesome game
  11. Props to the old school Hartford setup on those Eagles, they look sick.
  12. Wow, all of these great looking Eagle gloves makes me want to do a custom pair. Maybe around Christmas time.
  13. Today when I was doing this one kids skates and he was checking out our sticks and just flexing the shit out of them. I should have told him to stop but I was just waiting fo hear a crack from one of the sticks. If that would have happened I would have asked the kid how his new stick was treating him... B)
  14. Nice Prism pants, I have had mine for about 2 1/2 years and I love them. I have the Dry-Light model and they do stay nice and dry during play.
  15. Because your feet are so small I would go with the 8ft
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