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  1. As I continue to play and improve I am starting to evaluate my gear more critically. I’m working on my sticks now. Last season I used a True TC4 curve and for the most part it was ok. It did most things ok for me except sauce. Whenever I’m trying to sauce the puck would flutter and frequently would bounce, rendering my passes useless. So I recently spent some time with an Easton E36 curve and I didn’t like it. I couldn’t do anything well except puck handle. I sure couldn’t lift the puck without thinking about it. So last couple of weeks I have been trying a CCM P19 curve and it does everything real well for me. It sauces great, I can backhand well, and it shoots great for me. Of course I now know P19’s don’t exist any more. So, what curve for me? Somebody recommended a Warrior Pacioretty curve. Not a super common curve but if I can find one... does anybody else have a curve recommendation? A P30 looks kind of close to what I’m after (P19). Can anyone confirm? thanks for any help!
  2. 2nhockey

    Supreme Skates

    I didn’t know the liner was repairable.
  3. 2nhockey

    Supreme Skates

    Hey, fellas - Last summer I replaced my CCM 46K’s with some Bauer Supreme S180’s. I’m really happy with the 180’s in terms of comfort. My one gripe with them is the liners on both sides of both skates on the top 2 eyelets has worn away to nothing. I haven’t even had them for a year. I play beer league once a week and I play drop-in once or twice a week. I wear my shins over my tongues. Is this rapid wear to be expected? Second question... I think I should replace the skates. Except for the liner wear I am pretty happy with the skates though I wish there was a little more impact protection. What would I be giving up by going with the S170’s? Thanks!
  4. There is an ECHL team here and they do get 2-3 thousand people per game. But they aren’t doing well. Had an affiliation with Phoenix, lost that, then were affiliated with Minnesota and lost that. Last season they played unaffiliated and had to go to the city to get money to stay in operation and then later sold to an outside investment group. So even getting a few thousand people thru the doors and selling a few jerseys isn’t enough. At least not in this market.
  5. 2nhockey

    Widest Skates

    2 skates ago he was in an old CCM and he loved it. Wish I could find a bigger version of those. That would've been a size 5.5. Now he's in 8EE Supremes, and they are too short and too narrow so I am placing an order for size 9EE Vapors now. Yeah, the Vaugh cowling is a look only a mother could love, but price and sizing options are sending me to Bauer, and if Vapors are wider... guess I'm ordering Vapors.
  6. 2nhockey

    Widest Skates

    Why no interest in CCM's? Just satisfied with Bauer, or...?
  7. 2nhockey

    Widest Skates

    Strange, but thanks for the help! No LHS - we have to mail order. Actually kind of leaning to CCM Tacks right now, even with the cowling. Is that a pretty wide skate? Never thought of that on the tabs, but... he needs a longer skate, too so it is just time for new skates.
  8. 2nhockey

    Widest Skates

    Thank you. Son has super extra wide feet. Currently in Bauer Supreme 170 EE's but he says he wants just a bit wider. Maybe we'll try some True if I can find them.
  9. 2nhockey

    Widest Skates

    In current production (and preferably cowlingless), and not having to go custom, what are the widest 2-3 goalie skates? Thanks!
  10. 2nhockey

    Levels of Girls Hockey

    Thanks! She really enjoyed the level of skill and her favorite part of the weekend was every one of the girls in the locker room was excited to be there. The subject of billeting has come up before but after her weekend there her desire to billet has skyrocketed. If we pursue the billeting route I'll need to figure out how/where to find a team for her to tryout for. Any pointers?
  11. My daughter has been skating for our local association. She has a little talent and a lot of drive and is hoping to play hockey beyond high school (academically she's ranked #1 in her class so there's a realistic possibility). A weekend or 2 ago there was a tournament team headed to a Tier 1 AAA tournament 3 states over and for various reasons my daughter was asked to play. So we went, she played, and we both had our eyes opened to how fast and physical girls hockey can be. She held her own and is now hooked on that level of play. Note there is no tier 1 hockey in our state. And the only tier 2 team held tryouts the week after she broke her ankle in track practice. She still tried out but obviously her skating wasn't great so she didn't make the team. I would guess the local association/state league play is tier 3. In order for her to advance beyond high school hockey is she going to have to find a tier 1 team to play for? How does one find tier 1 hockey teams? Are there other levels she should consider? Or is her local team good enough to advance her to D-1/3 college?
  12. 2nhockey

    Stick and Flex

    My favorite stick is my True 5.2 in a 75 flex. My back up stick is an old Easton in 85 flex. My 75 flex True flexes too easily. I have a lot of trouble getting a good flex with my 85 flex Easton. So apparently I need something in between. What would you recommend?
  13. 2nhockey

    Why No Laces?

    We finally got ice back so I was able to play Monday night. I decided to try changing up my lacing a bit so I went down one eyelet and laced snug, not tight at all. Went thru warm ups and about half the game before I finally felt super fatigued in my ankles, shins, and calves. Went to the bench, laced up normally and tightly, jumped back on the ice and with my first stride, down I went! After a couple minutes I was skating ok, but wow! Now I understand the ski-boot stiffness references I hear on here. No doubt I was skating so much better before I re-laced but I have some muscle building work to do before I can do that all the time. I was surprised by the huge mobility and ability difference I had in the much looser skate. Bonus was the skates were more comfortable when laced loose, too. Looking forward to being able to play entire games laced looser. Glad I took the suggestion to go down an eyelet.
  14. 2nhockey

    Being a Hockey Parent

    I want to go back to the first post to address the notion of a multi-activity kid... I wholeheartedly agree with this. My daughter runs track (100m, 200m, and pole vault), plays soccer, hockey, clarinet, and violin, and occasionally hikes. In the offseason she is in the weight room. She is a multi-activity girl and all-around jock. Last year both her soccer and hockey coaches questioned her commitment to their teams because in soccer she wasn't playing club soccer, and for hockey because she wasn't working out with the team in the summer. Her soccer coach ultimately benched her. Her hockey coach was more understanding. Anyway, everybody always says to get off the ice, don't specialize. But, if you do take time off and don't specialize you'll be penalized. It puts everybody in a tough spot. Don't specialize = don't play. Do specialize = burnout... I have no solutions. I do mandate time away from whatever sport but as I'm doing that I know it is costing her opportunity to start or even play next season. Soccer tryouts are next week. She's a very durable center mid-fielder who doesn't tire on the field (thanks to her hockey conditioning and relentless weight room work). We already know she'll make the varsity team. I also know the coach is mad because she didn't play on his club team in the spring and early summer. I'm also sure that when he tells her she's lost her starting position that she'll not come back. Seems if you want to play, nevermind scholarships and all that, I mean just be allowed to play, the kids pretty much have to specialize.
  15. 2nhockey

    Why No Laces?

    After my first adult hockey league season was in the books I decided to take the off season and improve my play. I figured hockey would be so much more fun if I could skate. So I've been working on skating when I get a chance. No doubt I've gotten so much better but feel like there's a lot more I can do. So, at the end of this month I'm doing 2 days (7 hours) of on ice powerskating clinic that I'm sure will be embarrassing as everybody else there is 1- a kid, and 2- what I would consider a pretty decent skater. In the meantime while getting ready for the clinic I am still trying to improve my skating. I see in the thread by Amazinmets that he is skating lace free and says doing that improved his skating. Why? What benefit is there to skating lace free? I pulled my laces today at public skate and... holy buckets! That's hard! So I was able to motivate around the ice and started doing some really careful stops. I just about pulled off some crossovers but couldn't quite get there before I had to quit. My feet were hurting, and my ankles were done! So, will skating without laces help me improve? What should I be looking for or doing when I take the laces out? What is the improvement and how do I measure it?