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    CCM Ribcor 78K
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    CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D P28 75 flex
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    CCM HG12
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    CCM Vector 08
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM RBZ 130
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    RBK 8K Pro
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    Easton Pro Backpack

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  1. I'm not a fan of Elite either, I've been using Howies waxed the past while and have been happy. I tend to run laces as long as I can because I hate breaking in new laces... you know those first handful of times where the laces just don't have the right stretch or give to them? Or am I alone in this lace break in thing?
  2. I had Louisville's I believe back in HS, they were the same as the orange Easton Donzi's but different colors and branding (my friend had those)... they were absolute tanks! I didn't feel anything but also could hardly move.
  3. I'd go with the PP9K, it has the added kidney protection and also has velcro tabs if you were so inclined to attach it to the girdle so you couldn't easily remove it (not sure why this is a thing but some people like that).
  4. Awesome, thanks guys! I'll just keep my eyes open for all the details
  5. Nice! I just wasn't sure how it all went, I'd love to make the most of it and meet some people and have some fun, just gotta make sure I keep things in budget. Is there, or will there be a certain hotel everyone stays at or anything? I know there's a lot of sketchy areas in Newark so want to make sure I don't book the wrong place
  6. I've been interested in attending for a long time and this summer is looking like I'll finally get my wish. Can anyone describe the day's events? Is it worth getting a hotel room for the night before or of?
  7. Not entirely sure what, if any, differences there are between the two. I always assumed it was just a name change when RBK dropped out of the branding and it was then all CCM. I've owned both models and nothing jumped out at me as being different.
  8. The PP10 is a pant shell so that would prob be huge, I'd stick with a PP90 or PP9k, both basically the same thing. I find those two slightly roomier than the PPTK shell (the newer tacks shell) since the new one seems to be a little more streamlined. You can also use the Warrior ones, HockeyMonkey has a bunch of pro stock ones and they're slightly roomier than the CCM shells. I'd try a different model shell in the same size before going up a size since you might be swimming in a larger size (I wear medium Tacks and 9K girdles and mainly use medium shells, PP90, PP9K, and Warrior, but also have a PPTK in a small that fits with the length extended all the way but is slightly more slim than I prefer).
  9. I agree with the guy up above with the awesome username and how elbows are very tricky because there really isn't much of a sizing guideline. I wore smalls for years because they always fit around my arms the best, but they were always too short and sometimes the elbow cap wasn't a great fit. My issue is I have skinny arms, so what I've done recently is buy a medium (currently in Tacks since the jdp cap fits so well) but I modified the straps by folding them back on themselves and sewing them to shorten them up giving me a perfect fit.
  10. Iceworks in Syosset... one of 3 practice rinks the Islanders are paying for
  11. yes, there are a couple maybe a few tat still use that old school cap. Spittin Chiclets had Duncan Keith on a while back and he was talking about his skates and how anal he is with them, he still gets the old school cap on his.
  12. A couple from a game last week. I was lucky enough to have a teammate, who is getting pretty good at photography, handle my camera while I was playing (and since she is recovering from foot surgery she didn't have a choice ).
  13. I agree with the above... try a slightly shallower ROH first, 5/8" isn't that much of a change but it should feel a little different, give it a skate or two and see what you think. Then if you want to play with profiles I'd suggest reading up in the Prosharp Project area on this site, there's a TON of info in there to digest but it might give you a better understanding. I went to my local Pure Hockey since I have a couple of friends who work there, they have a Prosharp machine and offer profiling so I experimented a little. I felt a difference with the first profile they gave me but it didn't feel right so we tried another one, the second one was great and it allowed me to go even shallower with my ROH (3/4" now from 5/8") which also made a difference (something about more steel on the ice allowing more shallow profile for more glide). So maybe go talk to your local shop if they offer profiling and start playing around.
  14. For skates, go try on some CCM Ribcor's. If they fit your foot they might be just what you're looking for since they're more flexible than most of the modern skates. I had Supreme One75's and then Vapor X700's and loved how light they were compared to older boots but never adapted to the added stiffness (before those I was in Graf 705's from the late 90's). Last year I decided to give the Ribcor's a try and fell in love instantly with the 78K model, it had more of a feel and flex like the older style boots but was lightweight like the modern stuff, a win-win for me.
  15. There's one review that's not too positive, I could've sworn I've seen others but can't find them right now:
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