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    CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D P28 75 flex
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM RBZ 130
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  1. That's the one. The ear loops are much more comfortable than most masks and don't irritate the ears as much (I've worn mine for hours at a time on a few occasions), but as Dave mentioned, it's a thicker puffier mask so that would affect how it fits under a chin cup (I've seen others say it's like wearing a padded bra on their face ).
  2. Love the comparison Dave. Question... the CCM mask, wouldn't it be just as easy, and maybe a better fit to the face, to just wear a regular mask underneath the cage? I know they make some that breathe really well now while still passing the candle test (I have a couple of the UnderArmour ones that I've worn to photograph weddings that I find are amazing with how breathable they are and how they keep my face cooler than others I've tried, and this is wearing them for 6-8hrs with minimal mask breaks). Again, thanks for the comparison, really really hope to see you and the rest of the guys out on the ice in the near future (so I can get photos of us learning how to skate again ).
  3. I believe the Trigger 2 and older models had some blade durability issues where they had a tendency to split at the toe (I had a couple Trigger 2's and had one start to split from normal use but this was after a season or so). The Trigger 3D seems to have a much better blade (construction wise), I have a couple of those and haven't had any issues like I did with the older model after quite a while (knock on wood). I have no experience with the Jetspeed but it's on my list of sticks I'd like to try.
  4. And I thought it was just my OCD needing to check the tightness before each skate.
  5. My first thought was Innovative (or was it "Inno" at first?). I remember in the mid 90's that was so far ahead of anything else out there, the rounded shaft was so comfortable and it looked awesome (I remember a black shaft with blue/white graphics and a light sandpaper texture). They were def smaller than most companies and you hardly saw them anywhere.
  6. That whole Techniflex line was so far ahead of its time. The elbows and shoulder pads were awesome. I had a few 3pc elbowpads over the past 10 years (V08, RBZ, jetspeed) but none were as good as those techniflex ones. As for the helmet... I must have gotten my first one just after they changed to Bauer, I remember the guy at the store (Syosset Sports, the Islanders old supplier) explaining the difference between the 2 models he had and the one I went with (the 4500 I'm guessing) had thinner VN foam and a thin piece of a denser black foam closer to the shell. I remember him saying "the shells are the same and the overall thickness of padding is the same but this one the pros think looks smaller on their heads since there's not as much of the thick foam", I was sold and that may have been the first time I learned what the mirror test was
  7. I've never noticed any of the adjustment tabs/straps while wearing the girdle. As for sizing, it runs small in the waist and thigh wrap/width so you might want to size up if you're between sizes... I'm 5'9" 170lbs with a 32/33 waist and wear a medium in every other girdle with no issues, the Super Tacks girdle is the snuggest I've ever had and the velcro straps just make it around my thighs which are on the skinnier side (my 9K girdle straps are maxed out and are barely snug in comparison), length wise there are no issues as it has a ton of adjustability to shorten or lengthen.
  8. You're right Staal does still use it, I always thought his looked a little goofy but now seeing it on Grabner I think it's just the helmet that looks goofy because it looks a lot better on the V08.
  9. As someone above mentioned, try on the Ribcor line, the 80k or even the 78k, they're designed to give a little bit more flex than most of today's skates and also have some great padding inside that conforms to a wide variety of feet. Might as well at least try them out while you're at the shop.
  10. I've had retail 4R Pro's (not the "2") and they def ran smaller, my 14" was closer to a 13.5 (fit similar to a pro stock CL I had in 13" as far as height, CL had narrower tighter fingers though). I have a couple of pairs of HG12's and they fit as advertised, but with their floating cuff it feels different (better imo) than other gloves. HG97's tend to be true to size, I've had a pair of those, and as I said earlier the pro stock CL's (aka HG50, the HG41 is the same glove I believe but with different materials) ran maybe a touch larger than advertised as far as I could tell... I used a 13" pair for a season and they were always a touch too tight in the fingers/knuckles and a touch shorter than I preferred but the 14" (my normal glove size) felt way too large and loose around the top (I'm pretty sure it's a "tapered" fit which might be the reason for that). I would def read through the thread on sports2k, there's a lot of good info in there.
  11. found this gem while in a youtube rabbit hole yesterday... I knew the logistics of a team on the road and how much work the trainers and crew put in, but I'm amazed at how much more extreme it is in the bubble, literally shuffling them back/forth multiple times a day, pretty nuts. These guys behind the scenes deserve a ton of credit for making this happen.
  12. Flex frame allows more flex and is found in the Ribcor boots, it's aimed at (from what I understand) players that prefer the older style boots before they became so rigid by providing the benefits of the more modern lateral stiffness while also providing a bit more forward flex . Rocket frame is more ergonomic and stiffer all around, less foam I'm guessing to minimize any give/movement between the foot and the structure of the boot. This is my take on it from what I've read and seen... I looked into this stuff a bunch about a year ago before falling in love with the Ribcors... I wasn't a big fan of how stuff and tall feeling modern boots had become, I miss my old Graf 705 feel (didn't miss the weight of them though), I found the Ribcors to be the best of both worlds.
  13. Possibly why PSH got their hands on them in the first place I'm guessing. I too have, and love, a pair of 5090's but have been curious about these for a while and wanted to try something a little lighter (and I'm not going to lie, I'm the type that can never be fully happy with gear, I always want to try other stuff haha).
  14. They're brand new but pro stock so no manufacturer's warranty, also the place I got them (PSH) only had 2 in stock at the time and now none in stock (their shinguard inventory comes and goes quickly in small numbers). Of course I feel like I like these better than my others (8K pros and Jofa 5090's, basically both the same pad) because they're lighter and slightly less bulky. I sent PSH an email seeing what my options are, maybe they have another pair they didn't list on their site or maybe they'll be getting more in soon, wishful thinking lol.
  15. Just picked up a new pair of 19k's because I definitely didn't need them (since I have 2 other pairs of shinguard's and also prob won't hit the ice 'til at least next year the way this pandemic is going) but couldn't pass them up anyways I opened them up and found a small crack at the top of the shin portion right at the little hole... how big of a deal is this? My first thought was it's not a big deal right now but will eventually spread so it will be a big deal. I know they don't have any more in stock so my options are return them, use as-is, or reinforce somehow? Anyone have any insight? Anyways, here's the crack: Untitled by Jon Schusteritsch, on Flickr
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