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    CCM Jetspeed FT490
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    Triggers and JetSpeeds
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    CCM HG12's, Warriors w/ HG12 cuffs
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    CCM Tacks 910, V08
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM U+ CL, Ultra Tacks
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    Super Tacks, UltraSonic, 19k Pro
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    CCM 19K Pro, Jofa 5090
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    Easton Pro Backpack

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  1. Sounds like possibly a fit issue or just not the right line for you... CCM did alter their sizing by about a half size sometime in the past 5 years (there's a thread in here somewhere discussing it) so if the 88k's are the same size as the old Tacks there's the possibility they're really not the same size and actually a half size bigger. You've also gone from a Tacks boot that is known for stiffness, to a Ribcor which has the selling point of a more flexible boot ("flex frame" or whatever they call it, plus it also has a lot thicker more moldable foam around the ankle). Like stick9 said, maybe the sharpening needs work? Also make sure they're the same profile as the old Tacks, those variables could play a part in the skates feeling better for you.
  2. 30 grams = one fine cup of coffee if you're grinding the right beans
  3. You'd just have to make sure you sewed in a fashion that maintains some elasticity (I'm no seamstress but I remember way back in 6th grade Home Ec class they taught us how to do this, unfortunately I don't remember the trick lol). I have a few pairs that are long and I just fold the top down before attaching my garter belt, it never bothered me much but if I wanted to I would prob just do maybe 4 spots to keep it folded over (just enough to keep it down), otherwise I'd bring them to a dry cleaner and ask them to cut and add a new finished edge.
  4. I thought Ribcor at first but then the way the blue went I thought maybe Tacks, I have no idea lol As for the stick, he went to a FlyLite last year and had that between the legs goal and never went back. It's funny b/c the move was nice but he def misfired on the shot, I guess it doesn't matter because it was the confidence boost he needed lol I remember him pointing but can't find that clip, here's the goal:
  5. and still the same beat to crap gloves lol, he's taking a page from Jagr's book when he had that pair he'd change the colors on when he'd be traded that were practically falling apart.
  6. McDavid with a Jetspeed 5 Pro and, more interestingly, a Super Tacks girdle??? Also, Panarin in a Bauer bucket instead of the usual 710, just looks odd in that helmet. His skates look different too but might just be some new blue graphics, can't tell if they're his usual Jetspeeds or Tacks. Video here: https://twitter.com/NYRangers/status/1572983092951846915/video/1
  7. There's always someone who will try to take advantage like that (and ruin it for the rest of us lol). There should be some fine print for their guarantee, something along the lines of only being able to take advantage a limited number of times or something.
  8. The only issue with this CCM 90 Day thing I remember hearing about was a user on here (or S2k?) that may have bought like 4 or 5 different pairs of skates and it sounded like the retail store started giving him a hard time trying to return after a while. I mean I can see it from both perspectives, he was using CCM's 90 day window to make sure he got the best fitting skate he could, but the retail store had to deal with the hassle of returning the skates to CCM and getting credited however that all works in the background (honestly it could have just been a manager being lazy and trying to avoid some extra work lol). From what I remember they did end up taking them back after CCM was contacted, I believe this was all in a thread about 100k skates but I could be wrong.
  9. I was curious so just checked a few sites, seems as if the AS-V Pro skates you get to choose your steel. Basic Step Steel is the standard included steel (so no additional charge) but you can upgrade to V-Steel for $30 or Blacksteel for $60, both of which are considerably discounted compared to their retail prices which is nice to see. So my thinking is CCM should honor the guarantee if you opted to upgrade the steel since it was technically a package deal not a separate purchase, it's not like you got an extra set of steel for the heck of it.
  10. He also had "AS-V" skates which looked suspiciously like his trusty Jetspeeds with new graphics
  11. I think it's a stability thing? Thinking with a longer blade there's more front/back stability? Years ago (15+?) I went down a holder size with a new pair of skates and was worried I would lose stability but don't think I had any issues. I'm in 7.5 CCM's and up until last month I was on 263's (Ribcor 78k and Jetspeed FT490's), then I got a pro stock pair of FT4 Pro's and they had upsized to a 271 which took a little adjusting to. I had my steel profiled the same as I had with the 263's but after a couple of skates I had the front and back blended (shaped?) a little more because I felt the extra length and didn't like it (usually when I was tired and didn't lift my legs enough lol), these were brand new Step V Steel blades so they're pretty chunky to begin with. After that they feel great and I don't notice much of a difference from my older ones.
  12. What size skates do you have? Wondering that is why your tongues seem longer since I know their small/medium/large has a range of sizes they say will fit for each. I have a 7.5 and am in the medium range and they're the same as stock, I kind of wish they were a touch taller to be honest. The look was definitely different but once I laced them up and tucked the tongue under my shins I didn't notice them at all.
  13. They are a few mm's thicker, nothing massive but definitely different than the original tongues I had in my FT4 Pro's (which were the standard ones). I bought them to reduce volume slightly and I guess they did the trick, the skates felt more snug all around which was a plus for me... I did notice the laces are slightly shorter now so it did add a little volume or size across the laces if that means anything. As far as the tongue, it's comfortable but needs a little breaking in, the extra D3O on the upper half felt like it could shape/contour a bit more with use but all in all I'm happy with mine after one use.
  14. The big + for me with the CCM XS holder is the locking mechanism is repairable without needing to rewove the holder from the skate, where as the Bauer one needs to be removed which is extra time and money. When my trigger failed on my LS Edge (when I didn't even use it regularly) I had to drop my skate off and wait a few days to get it back, also they claimed they needed to replace the holder because they didn't have/couldn't get the parts to fix the trigger, so this cost me even more (good chance if I lived in an area with more and better shops this wouldn't be an issue but I'm limited).
  15. I second the XS, I love them compared to the LS Edge ones I had previously which fell apart once (trigger spring mechanism just fell apart inside one time and came loose another). But if you're keeping the same skates an older Lightspeed would be a smart move like Buzz said above.
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