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    CCM Ribcor 78K
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    CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D P28 75 flex
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    CCM HG12
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    CCM Vector 08
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM RBZ 130
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    RBK 8K Pro
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  1. From what I can tell, V08's and 4500's seem to have the lowest profiles to them, prob has something to do with them having much less "tech" in them so less padding (that's my guess). I've worn V08's for years and 4500's back in the late 90's/early 00's and they just fit me right (V08's are narrow and oval compared to others I've tried so they fit my head best). I've tried (and own) an IMS 9.0 but I hardly ever wear it for 2 reasons... first, it's just not that comfortable during the course of a game, and second, it looks huge compared to what I'm used to (yes we're all vain like that).
  2. Some guys wearing baseball sliding shorts underneath their pants for added protection but I don't know of anyone adding more to the pants or girdle (I'm sure someone has). I remember back to the early 90's when I started playing, even the heaviest of heaviest pants (the old Tackla's that took 2 years to break in) had minimal padding on the actual glutes, just a large tailbone pad and some thin foam on the rest of the glutes.
  3. I've never attached a shell to a girdle with anything other than the belt, seems a bit counter intuitive for a girdle since one of the benefits of a girdle is being able to swap shells easily. I've been a girdle wearer since the 90's and never saw the velcro loops til maybe 5-6 years ago and just can't see any benefit to them, I sort of equate them to as important as velcro straps on shin guards... useless.
  4. I still think they're prob the coolest looking gloves of all time... I still see them when I think of Leetch, Zubov, and Kovalev, oh and Modano too (wasn't he the last guy to wear them he had them branded as Warriors in his later years).
  5. For me, back in the 90's I wanted a pair of Easton gloves soooo bad. A couple of friends had them, the 9500's, all leather with the super grippy palm and air inside that you had to force your hand to squeeze into. I loved the look and wanted them so bad until one friend let me use his one time, his were "broken in" since he had them for a while but were the stiffest most uncomfortable things I ever wore, I was so bummed because I wanted a pair for so long, I ended up getting a pair of all leather Sher-Woods instead, the ones with the vertical backrolls, and loved them.
  6. I had/have the XXXX wheeled bag (it was a gift from the Mrs. way back when).... it looks awesome but I quickly realized it was way too big and heavy (it's HUGE), it now holds both of my kids gear plus my skates/gloves/helmet for coaching.
  7. I don't know, maybe the guy just reallllllly loves laces made by that company and isn't just some paid spammer, I mean anything is possible right?
  8. The PP10 shell is a pant shell so that might be too big. Look for PP90 or PP9K (or PPTK), those are the CCM girdle shells, Bauer and Warrior also make similar versions but I'm pretty sure the CCM's are the only ones with the added kidney protection (a thin piece of plastic and thin padding on each side). I've only had a pro stock Super Tacks shell and it didn't offer any additional padding that I saw unless they mean the little soft padding around the belt. Warrior has some nice pro stocks shells that can be found on Hockey Monkey, or just browse classifieds/sidelineswap/ebay for various pro stock shells (warning, it can be addicting lol).
  9. With the Super Tacks the waist is just smaller than a usual medium but the issue I notice most with the sizing is they feel shorter (I have the leg pads adjusted down quite a ways) and also the thigh pads seem as if they're made for toothpick legs. I'm pretty skinny, no one has ever accused me of having big legs, quite the opposite actually, and the thigh straps are at their loosest for me to use them. My old 9K's had the straps all the way over and wouldn't even be close to stretching, but the Tacks straps barely reach and are tight at that point, it's the oddest thing. For the record, I am 5'9" and about 165-170 with about a 32" waist, medium works for me but if I had muscular legs it probably wouldn't work. OP: if you look on s2k there was someone selling a pair of 7092's in medium for really cheap, worth a look.
  10. From my limited experience, the most protective girdle I've had is the Super Tacks girdle. It has great tailbone and hip coverage as well as kidney and spine protection plus it's pretty light and mobile. Previously I've used the 9K girdle which I loved but the Tacks offers better protection, before that I had a Bauer One.8 which I couldn't stand... this one was more of a wrap than a girdle and it never felt like it was on right, also the protection in this model was lighter weight and limited esp in the tail area. Prior to that I had an old Easton Synergy one from the early 00's which wasn't bad but didn't have as much coverage as the Tacks, and before that I had an old Cooper one in the 90's which didn't do a whole lot lol. As for sizing, most girdles I'd say try a medium but if you're interested in the Tacks I would go for a large, they run VERY small for some odd reason. They also have a Tacks model one step down that offers very similar protection, I think there might be a LTR of that one in the reviews section, I remember reading about it when I was considering the Super Tacks.
  11. I'm not a fan of Elite either, I've been using Howies waxed the past while and have been happy. I tend to run laces as long as I can because I hate breaking in new laces... you know those first handful of times where the laces just don't have the right stretch or give to them? Or am I alone in this lace break in thing?
  12. I had Louisville's I believe back in HS, they were the same as the orange Easton Donzi's but different colors and branding (my friend had those)... they were absolute tanks! I didn't feel anything but also could hardly move.
  13. I'd go with the PP9K, it has the added kidney protection and also has velcro tabs if you were so inclined to attach it to the girdle so you couldn't easily remove it (not sure why this is a thing but some people like that).
  14. Awesome, thanks guys! I'll just keep my eyes open for all the details
  15. Nice! I just wasn't sure how it all went, I'd love to make the most of it and meet some people and have some fun, just gotta make sure I keep things in budget. Is there, or will there be a certain hotel everyone stays at or anything? I know there's a lot of sketchy areas in Newark so want to make sure I don't book the wrong place
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