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    CCM Jetspeed FT490
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    Triggers and JetSpeeds
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    CCM HG12's, Warriors w/ HG12 cuffs
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    CCM Tacks 910, V08
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM U+ CL, Ultra Tacks
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    Super Tacks, UltraSonic, 19k Pro
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    CCM 19K Pro, Jofa 5090
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    Easton Pro Backpack

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  1. gloves? sticks? pants? If pants I'm pretty sure sizing is the same but can vary model to model (or even between levels in same model line at times).
  2. There's a handful on sidelineswap right now, you can prob still find pro stock versions if they're still making them for teams, same way V08's were "available" via pro stock even though they weren't sold retail for years (then somehow ended up at Dicks last year in a helmet/cage combo which I still can't figure out lol, must've been old dead stock since the cages were ones I don't think they've made in a long time). Just saying, if you really like that helmet you can find it with a little work.
  3. I always used to be a Bauer skate guy but switched to CCM a few years ago and they fit my foot much better. Sticks I flip flop between CCM and Warrior, if it was easier to find a P90TM in Warrior I'd prob use them more (I have one pro stock Jost Warrior with a P90TM and it's my favorite). Protective I've tried a lot of stuff but for whatever reason CCM seems to be what I go with... I love their HG12 gloves, shin pads I've always been a Jofa style guy since I was a kid so pro stock CCM works for me. I tried Vapor shoulders but they didn't sit right on me, currently using a modified Tacks with 20K caps (and had CL and RBZ before that). Elbows I go between Tacks and Supreme UltraSonics, I can't make up my mind. I wear a Super Tacks girdle and a 9K before that, I tried a couple Bauer ones but that wrap nonsense wasn't for me and they always felt underwhelming in the protection category. CCM helmets I prefer because their oval models fit well and I hate the way Bauer helmets look (the all important mirror test lol).
  4. I'd be curious to see. I know the ones I've bought back in 2016 are the same as the last one I got a year or so ago (after buying a profile III and hating it and going back and forth on a Titanium reakt which just doesn't look right to me lol). I've had it in white, grey, and oreo over the years, other than looking the best it fits my face the best... a large profile II is right between a medium and a large CCM cage which is just right.
  5. 2.5 sizes is pretty average for skate size down from sneaker size, I'm a 10 and wear 7.5 but could fit a 7 in some models. As for the brand loyalty... back in the day Bauer was always the standard cut and CCM's ran wider, so I was always a Bauer person, but I think once the Vapor came out they started having more cuts and then today each brand has all these different fit profiles so it's anyone's guess lol, I switched to CCM a few years back and found they work better for me, also I love their XS holder. Glad you found something you liked and worked best for you.
  6. The Profile II is still the same, they released a Profile III which has a different (more ugly) shape and slightly different shaped bars (shape wise it's closer to the Reakt Ti cage which sticks out farther uo top and has an odd angle at the bottom). The Profile II is still the best one out there imo, wish they released a titanium version of it.
  7. An pics of the name bar? My first guess was one is a Team stick one one a retail but if you're saying you got them both at retail that wouldn't make sense (the FT3 Team ones were only pro stock, not like the newer "team" models sold at retail, but then again the FT3 Team stocks all said Team on them as well). The rounded C shaft shape is an option for custom sticks as is the blade texture, which is why I was thinking one might not be a standard retail model.
  8. For that $150 price point I'd just get a pro stock stick from prostockhockey or one of the bigger sellers on SLS (Farrel, Reference, Valhalla, etc), I know it's not supporting a small company but you'll be getting a $300+ stick for a more reasonable price (and the performance is hard to go back from once you're hooked lol). Depending what model Trigger you had you can still probably find it, might be painted as something else but most of the generations are still being used in one form or another (still a few guys using the old old old Reckoner era model such as Crosby and Mackinon, Duchene used to until last year and Panarin until just this season).
  9. You'd have to go custom to get them like that from the factory, otherwise you can have them swapped. Some shops will fill the old holes before drilling new ones, it's not an uncommon thing, just make sure whoever is doing it knows what they're doing (I've seen threads where the holders aren't lined up properly, I'd be more concerned about that than a few extra holes).
  10. All depends on the gloves really. In the past I'd just get new gloves but now I'm hooked on a certain model that is pro stock only and is hard to find in certain colors/sizes/options. I used to be able to pick up a brand new pair of HG12's for around $100 or less but now they're closer to $200 and are harder to find how I like them (13" with flex thumbs), so if I can get them re-palmed for $100 it's well worth it for me since I'd be spending double that on a new pair if I could find them. If it's something common and easy to find then yea I agree that just replacing them would be the better option.
  11. you need to upload the photos on a hosting site and use the bbcode to share here. I have FT4 Pros and swapped the standard tongues for the XS ones without issue, the "posts" were tough to get through the holes (which is good since it keeps them in place better) but it didn't seem like anything else was out of whack. Maybe JBP is onto something with the wrong size tongue but even then I'd imagine the spacing would be standard regardless of sizes (I would imagine some guys who like flop might opt for the larger tongue?). For reference, I have a size 7.5 skate and got the medium XTRA tongue, I measured the posts and they're 1" apart center to center.
  12. I grew up waring girdles and when the wraparound fad came about I could never get into it, tried a few pairs but always ended up selling them and going back to traditional styled girdles. I'm now in a Super Tacks which is sort of like a hybrid, I wish it was more traditional with less straps but once I step in and adjust it's nice and comfy.
  13. I think there's another thread where ITR was discussed briefly but from what I can tell they do nice work. My friend had her gloves done and the workmanship was nice and she's super happy with them (also she said the cost wasn't too bad and turnaround wasn't bad, although she got priority service since she's a cop and plays for one of our local PD teams). I have a pair of HG12's I'm going to be contacting them about since a couple of my gussets are hanging on by a thread, just trying to narrow down what options I want to go with (thinking clarino palm with digital overlays and mesh gussets but with clarino on index/middle finger tips since that's where I've ripped through).
  14. I noticed that Fox had the flylite holders on tonight and looking at pics he had them the other night as well, the skates are also new for him as he was in an older Supreme earlier. Judging by the past 2 games I think the new wheels are working well.
  15. You literally posted a personal discount code in another thread which tells us you get a cut back/referral commission, so yea just because you're not on the payroll doesn't mean you don't work for them. This "review" reads like a script especially from a new member who has never shared opinions on any other items, just raises a lot of red flags. Personally, after seeing posts like this I'm way less likely to try this product, but that's just me.
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