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  1. Trying to find a hockey passer that I could bring down to my local roller hockey rink to practice one timer and stuff. Some of the higher end ones I see online like Exterme Passer Pro and Give n Go have metal spikes/teeth at the bottom that are supposed to dig into the ice to keep it stationary. So I'm not sure if these would work on roller hockey tiles or if they might damage the tiles? Obviously roller hockey tiles are less slippery than ice so i'm not sure how much mounting I would need, but I seem to recall buying one of the cheaper passes a few years ago and it kinda would move all over the place, it was just a metal frame with some weight to it and a bunjee cord. Anyone have any experience or recommendations?
  2. I love this helmet but it's done and needs to be replaced, unfortunately. Wasn't able to find one anywhere online being so old, so looks like i'll need to find something else. Any suggestions for anything that might be similar? I almost exclusively play roller hockey, non contact. So protection is not a priority. Something comfortable and breathable at a good price point would be ideal, like the Inhaler was. Think I originally got it for $90 without a cage. Thanks
  3. Hey anyone know what twig Nylanders been using for a minute now?
  4. By new logo, you mean just one instance of a weird looking one on some obscure goalie pad prototype? Unless I am missing something I don't see CCM or anyone else saying they are changing the logo to that. But +1 for bringing back the 3-block logo. At least they make apparel with that logo.
  5. So, has anyone skated in the R1's? I play competitive roller and am around the game a good bit, I don't really see much, if any, players wearing Marsblade. Most of the high end roller guys opt for flagship Misison or Bauer skates like FZ-0/2XR Pros. I always though of Marsblade as something geared for ice hockey players in the offseason or for training off ice. But it seems like they are now selling them as a game changing, high end roller skate. Haven't seen that bear out much at all yet.
  6. Not trying to derail OPs thread and I have nothing to contribute about the skate but I always wondered why someone would go for Alkali/Tour flagship skate instead of Bauer/Mission if they were looking for the best performance? Is there any comparison? Most guys I see on Alkali and Tour pro teams are skating in Missions and Bauers.
  7. I should've clarified, my skating is beyond that level of wiping out and not being in control on my edges, so those aren't concerns. My only concern is taking a shot or deflected puck up high. Appreciate the suggestions so far.
  8. Sorry for the convoluted title. I'm a roller hockey guy and have been playing some ice lately and have not been wearing shoulder pads. It's very low-level, no contact and guys aren't ripping big shots. But I still don't wanna risk it and take a heavy ice hockey puck off the collarbone etc. Do you think a Padded Shirt would suffice, does anyone else wear this instead of shoulders? If not, are there any really light/low profile options with shoulder pads that won't have me feeling like a linebacker? Looking for any suggestions, thanks.
  9. Link(s)? And isn't the Bauer flagship skate always more expensive than the new Mission flagship skate? The 2x Pro is listed at $1,199 .00 on Bauer's website. I can't see a Mission skate surpassing that.
  10. GearGeek Hockey saying this is the (unreleased) Vapor Hyperlite. Anyone got more info on this stick? Supposedly the unreleased Vapor Hyperlite. Can't find much info
  11. I hate the graphics on the FZ Line. I regret not picking up a pair of NLS1s now, looks like they're all but gone now except in extreme sizes. Does anyone know when the new Mission line will be released?
  12. Interesting. also, i noticed that it looks like STX did not pay league fees for sticks or gloves to the NHL this season.
  13. Hey guys and girls. Is this an FT4 AM34 is sporting? Got a really weird JetSpeed graphic I don’t recognize on it.
  14. According to this post X = models have waist zippers to add +1 P = P models use PE inserts
  15. as a roller hockey guy who loved Mission, it sucks. The Mission brand has been steadily fading year after year. It's hard to find any good Mission apparel and obviously any equipment that isn't skates.
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