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Found 117 results

  1. Hey Guys, I recently got back into hockey after about 15 years off the ice. I'm 5'10, 200lbs, have flat feet and wide feet. I wear a size 10 D in Nike sneakers, my feet measures approx. 27 CM Length and 10.5 CM Width (Widest point). Arch? (where your front tendon meets the skate tongue) here's the tricky part. I recently had my Graf Ultra 705s (Size 9 wide) shipped from the States, there are no hockey stores around to try skates. I used to play in these back in Varsity and had no problems. But this time, I had intense lace burn after my second skate and had to get off the ice after 1 hour. My question is, and after doing some through research. 1. Buy Bauer Nexus 1N 8.5 D or EE. 2. Very open to hearing some thoughts about the CCM Super / Ultra Tacks, I'm just concerned about the volume of the boot. I didn't pass the pencil test for my Graf Ultra 705s, but by a small amount. Does anyone have any experience with CCM Super / Ultra tacks line? Would I get lace burn in those because of my instep? Will a 8.5 EE be sufficient for my 10.5 CM wide feet and flat feet? Thank you for reading, appreciate any insight.
  2. So I was talking to the manager at my LHS about ordering in some team stock sticks for myself and he had these Ribcore Pro PMT brought in. I’m a little weary of these being actual team stock sticks as he said and not just a mid range retail stick as it has a retail stamp on it and not a code. Anyone out there that can confirm that this is now what CCM is doing with their team stock sticks ?
  3. Cosmic

    CCM Tacks 7092

    Recent Stick History: STX Surgeon RX2.1, Warrior QR Pro, Easton Mako shaft with Warrior blades 6'2, 215 lbs Position/ style- Winger/ JVR- I like to stand in front of the goalie, create a problem for the opposing D men, and try to deflect shots and knock home rebounds. I can fire some wristers too, when opportunity presents. Definitely not a dangler, not a great skater, but I am strong enough and have an athletic background. Sometimes I put my whole body into my shots, which slows my release. Other times, I like to shoot without any load, which makes for a weaker shot but a quicker/ more masked release. CCM Tacks 7092 P30 75 Flex Grip After having been through about 10 blade patterns (Easton Igninla retail, P88 Kane, P28 Yakupov, P92 Backstrom, PM9 Stamkos, Base BC71 Malkin Pro, Sheiffele pro stock shaved down at the toe), in the last couple of years, I saw the IceWarehouse CCM P30 blade video. I had to question if I was dreaming, as I often thought that a P88/P28 hybrid would be perfect for me (which it turns out to be). I had heard great things about the Tacks sticks- specifically the Ultra tacks, and then saw that the 2.0 line was going back to some Ultra Tacks features (like the soft handle), so I gave the stick a try. Blade/Feel: Incredible. I have never enjoyed a stick with terrific puck feel (I heard that certain sticks had good feel, just never tried them), as I have never splurged on a top-of-the-line stick (either go one down from top, or 2 piece). This blade is crisp. I do not like a dampened feel, and I have never felt pingy. This blade is also very stiff, which I like, as I am 6'2, 215 lbs and work out alot. So, when I feel that I have flexed the blade, and then the puck does funny things, I am not happy. This blade is always reliable. When a pass hits the blade, it makes a "crack" sound as when a wooden bat hits a baseball, and the feedback in the hands is perfect as well. I know the puck has arrived, but there is no vibration, and it just gives a nice feel into my hands. I think that the blade is last year's top of the line Super Tacks or Ultra Tacks blade. I would love to try the 2.0 blade, as I can only imagine it must be better (or perhaps not, and I am just speculating), 10/10 Shaft: I had not used a mid kick, so this was a bit of an adjustment at first. (Now, I struggle with using my QRL pro stock low kick.) The mid kick, coupled with the soft handle and stiff hosel, does not seem to make me lose any speed of release on wrist shots. Everything is much more accurate though, since I feel I can control the blade a little better, when the stick is flexing in my hands, instead of way down at the blade. This is more a Cosmic/ relationship with low kick and mid kick issue, than a Cosmic relationship with this 7092 Tacks stick in particular. As I never used a mid kick before, I did not really know what to expect. Everything seems good now that I have adjusted. Just a note, that I added an internmediate STX Surgeon RX2 end plug, to give me a more natural finger wrap on my top hand. When I have an STX Surgeon RX2 or this extension as the end plug, then I pretty much catch every routine pass. With a traditional T shaft geometry in my top hand, catching easy passes can quickly become a trainwreck. 9/10 Flex: When this stick was fresh out of the box, the flex seemed perfect. However, once I "broke the stick in," (fired a ton of shots, and compromised the integrity of the fibers- standard for any stick that I get my hands on), and have since used it in a couple of competitive games, it is now too whippy. My fault. I heard that it was a stiff stick, so I went admittedly low on flex. I should go either 85 or 95, and will likely buy both in the near future, and figure out which one suits me best. No rating really necessary- the stick flexes where it is supposed to flex, it rips shots, and it does what it is supposed to to. For casual outings, I think the 75 ought to continue to work for me. For more intense games, I think I need 85/95 flex. Weight: I think the weight is around 450-460, pretty ok'ish for this price point. Very well balanced, so it is hard to tell the difference between this and my pro stock QRL, if I have my eyes closed. 9.25/10 Shooting: It is hard to separate the P30 blade pattern from anything having to do with shooting. In order to do so, I would need a bunch of sticks with the P30, so I can rate the different sticks. I think that Tthe blade pattern (P30) makes my shots spot on. I literally scored about 15-20 goals in pickup a couple of nights ago (it was 2 hours, and we had 2 subs, and for whatever reason, the other team's speed, that had subs, was mirroring our team speed). So, just having time to get to where I wanted to shoot, pick a spot, and then get the puck past goalies from spots in close enough (15-25 feet) that they had no chance to react, says something for the accuracy features, as well as the power and quick release that this stick offers. A couple of nights later, in a competitive game, I do not even think I got any shots on net, because I was leaning on the stick so hard (to prevent stick lifts) that I was noodling it and could not control passes or get my shots off. This was when I realized that I need a higher flex. Again, not the fault of the stick, just my own failure to know ahead of time, how this stick would react to the full force of my weight on it. 9.5/10 Durability: After 1 skate, I noticed some little dents in my first stick's blade. I contacted CCM Warranty, they sent me a 2nd stick, and said "keep the first stick." (Thank you again, CCM) No dents in either stick since then, and both are going strong. 9.25/10 Verdict: This is a great all around stick. I have really no feedback for how to improve. My main intention of writing this review, is to provide CCM people reading this form, feedback on how the P30 is working with this stick. Love the blade pattern, the stiffness of the blade itself, and the soft upper handle and mid kick, and how everything ties together. All of these are new features for me, and they seem to be working harmoniously. The only issue that I am having is dialing in my flex, but anyone who knows me (Farmer's walks with 100 pound dumbells in each hand, leg press with 7-45 pound plates on each side, lat pulldowns with the entire rack, pushups with a Swiss ball under my hands, and another under my feet, etc.), and sees the 75 flex always responds the same way, "Are you serious? You need 90-100 flexx!" What I have learned, is that in low intensity games (where I am shooting with lazy mechanics, and not leaning hard on my stick), this flex is indeed pretty much perfect. However, in higher intensity games, this stick is noodling under the force on my leaning into it on stickhandling and shooting. Regardless, this stick is pretty much perfect, with the slight modification that I make, to accommodate my my lack of hands: the Surgeon RX2 end plug). Most guys like the T shaft geometry though, so this is more of an issue of mine, than an issue with the stick.
  4. I really need to check Twitter more often. Pretty excited for this one. Also, here's a cool preview video CCM's Stick Category Manager did with Ice Warehouse if you haven't seen it:
  5. Hello Everyone, Had some bad luck with skates. Purchased Jetspeed skates 12/26/16 and top eyelet is pulling out. Warranty will replace them but they no longer have them in stock in my size. (7.5) They offered to replace with Super Tacks. Tried some on at LHS and 7.5 felt super small and tight but the 8 had heel slippage. The 8, I could just barely feather the toe on the right foot. (Bigger Foot than the left) After baking and break in I can just barely feel the toe on the right skate with standing in my current Jetspeeds. Any Suggestions on sizing? How much room with be added with the baking and break in period? In a bind here and not sure what to do. Background info 5'8, 225 lbs. Play 4 times a week and played over 25 years.
  6. nutters

    Hip protection issues

    I used to be a lot bigger, but over the years lost a bunch of weight. Last year I needed new pants just because of sizing, and went with Tacks 4052 pants as they seemed quite protective for mid-level pants. Unfortunately after an accidental slew foot in January where I landed on my boney right hip. It seems that and bump or fall re-aggravates the discomfort. I've tried adding padding and a new padded jock, but the issue always comes back. At this point are more protective pants my only solution or any other suggestions? (I know not fall, but it''s rare that I do though sometimes two guys collide into you and...). ANY advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. 14" Loops, liners intact Palms in great condition $80 shipped US, negotiate to Canada
  8. Hey guys, I'm new on this forum, but I'm sure you can help me. I wish to buy a pair of CCM Ribcor 48Ks, but I don't know how they fit compared to the previous Reebok K lines. A 9.5D skate has always worked perfectly for me, and I've had Bauer, Reebok, and Mission skates, but I'm a bit weary of the CCMs, since the information you find online is conflicting. Some of them say they fit 1.5 sizes down to your regular size (so I would stick with a 9.5D), some say 2 sizes down, so your advice would be much appreciated ! Thank you !
  9. I've had my Jetspeeds for a little over to months now and they've been great except for one potential issue, every time I put on my left skate and stand up I hear a click or a pop. I'll then take it off and put it back on with no noise. Could this just be a loose blade, or the insole adjusting in place? No cracks and defects are visible, so maybe it's nothing at all?
  10. Anybody currently using the latest model Jetspeed and can give me an idea of the sizing? I'm a 10D in Bauer Vapor and I found a good deal on a pair of CCM Jetspeeds which are a 9.5D. I'm curious what other peoples experience with these are. I was hoping to get to the LHS to size them out before buying but I may not be able to.
  11. Hey everyone, I've done a good deal of research on some new skates but I'd love some personal opinions. I'm feeling pretty brand loyal to CCM right now. Coming from some CCM u+ crazylights, and I did like them. Unfortunately the holder on one skate just exploded when hit by a shot. The steel is really low on both skates as is, and all in all it just feels like it's time for new skates rather than paying the cost to fix these up. As it stands, I'm loving the idea of newer Tacks skates. I prefer a stiff boot and that's pretty much exactly why I'm interested in the Tacks. I'm turned off of the Tacks skates because of the prices. I could drop $900 or $700 or whatever on supertacks or ultratacks, but I don't realllllly want to. I can get the CCM Tacks (I guess that would be last years?) for around $370 shipped which feels like a decent option. The Ribcor 48k is reasonably priced and might work for me. I used some RBKs for roller hockey waaaay back in the day. They had the lace lock and pump and I honestly was a fan of both (though IIRC the boot was a bit painful, but I'm not gonna compare roller to ice). I haven't considered the Jetspeed much but I'm assuming it would be similar to my crazylights, which I liked, to a certain extent. For what it's worth I'm a size 7 skate, 8.5 US mens shoe. My feet have a pretty serious arch to them, and are not exactly wide. Pro stock and ebay have been...lacking. As has clearance. Either a super common or super uncommon size, I guess I know i have other skate options than CCM but I'm going to drive myself crazy considering them all. Greatly appreciate any input. I need to get back on the ice asap!
  12. Jamarquan

    CCM P45 - Alternatives?

    A post about sticks? Back to normal. I recently picked up a CCM RBZ 260, which I like, but the curve I purchased it in, the Tavares P45, is now only available on the Super Tacks and RBZ 290 (in senior, all according to CCM). What is a similar, more available alternative? I find the curve works really well for slapshots and snapshots (I'm normally awful at them), and wrist shots are good as well. EDIT: I'm not buying a new stick now, but this is in the future when I outgrow or break the RBZ.
  13. SkateWorksPNW

    CCM JetSpeed Skates 8D - Like new!

    Like new. Used a couple times. Come with box. selling because they are too large and I had to buy smaller skates. Video below shows the skate condition to be like new. CCM recently changed to a more anatomical and ergonomic fitment in their skates. These fit similar to a Bauer Supreme or Vapor. Very low volume boot that is formfitting. Asking $400 OBO. Shipping from Seattle, WA. Willing to also consider trades for store credit or hockey sticks. Video showing the skates and their condition The CCM JetSpeed Ice Hockey Skates are the top of the line model in the exciting and innovative JetSpeed Line. It showcases CCM's brand-new RocketFrame™ quarter package that wraps and contours around the foot like no CCM skate before, delivering mind-blowing agility and power through each stride (see the drastic JetSpeed vs. RBZ boot shape comparison in the image gallery.) These JetSpeed skates also come with the option to choose a High, Medium or Low Custom Support Insole that will provide personalized support for optimal fit, performance, and comfort. Heritage: New Level of Play: Elite Fit Guidelines: Medium Volume / slightly shallow heel pocket - slightly narrow forefoot - standard instep Sizing Guidelines: CCM skates generally fit 2 sizes down from your regular shoe size FEATURES Weight: 770 Grams Weight of the skate measured in Grams (Sr 8.0D, Jr 4.0D, Yth 12.0D). Heat Moldable: Yes Improves break-in time. Holder: SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder Type of skate blade holder. Runner: SpeedBlade Hyper-Glyde Type of skate blade. Tongue Material: JetProtect Tongue - Multi Layered Type of material and design of the tongue. Boot Construction: Contoured Rocketframe™ Composite Type of material the product is primarily made of. Liner: SuperDry & Durazone Abrasion Protection Type of inner liner material. Outsole Construction: Ultralight Carbon Type of material the outsole is made of. Footbed: CCM Custom Support Type/Brand of footbed in each boot. Warranty: 90 Days Period of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION In the air, the Lockheed Blackbird holds the record for being the fastest jet at 2,193 mph. On the ground, the jet-powered Thrust Car holds the land speed record at 763 mph. On the ice, the all-new CCM Jetspeed Ice Skates are designed to bring you the fastest and best fitting skates in the game. Like the record holders above, CCM engineered the Jetspeeds ergonomically, literally building them around the players foot to maximize speed. With ergonomic curves in key areas of the skate, like the high-ankle, heel, and forefoot, the new boot design is contoured to eliminate wasted space, improve heel lock, and maximize energy transfer with each stride. The lightweight composite midsole increases blade to boot support, while the ultralight carbon force with a full exhaust outsole provides perfect balance of stiffness in the power channel for superior transfer of energy to the blade. Rounding out the construction of the Jetspeeds are the Speedblade 4.0 holders and the SpeedBlade Hyper-Glide runners. The holders are designed to increase your attack angle, providing greater strides and sharper cornering while the runners work in unison to provide superior speed and glide to enhance performance. When it comes to protection the Jetspeeds are no stranger, and when it comes to comfort CCM provided you with the utmost, all around. Additionally, the Jetspeeds join forces of both comfort and protection in the places you need it most. The newest feature, the JetProtect Tongue, is designed with multi layer construction for enhanced lace bite protection while ensuring maximum comfort. On the inside, a dual zone soft touch liner is enhanced with SuperDry and Durazone abrasion patches providing you with the luxury of a dry, protected, and fully supporting skate. On top of that, or inside rather, the liner is equipped with a Multi Density memory foam and symmetrical foam comfort pad that both conform to your ankle bone allowing for protection, comfort, and most of all a personalized fit. Adding to personalization and most of all, comfort, the Jetspeeds sport another new feature, the Heat Moldable Speedcore 2 Plus which optimizes a contour shape with heat moldable technology that allows customized support specifically for your unique foot shape. Lastly, the footbeds of the Jetspeeds are CCM Custom Support Footbeds, meaning you can mold this to your exact specifications so you are comfortable game in and game out. CCM has proven once again that they’re not out of the skate game, but rather very much alive in the world of speed, comfort, and providing you the equipment you need to break records on the ice.
  14. Brand new, never used CCM QuickLite QLT Hockey Shin Guards Senior 15" - $95.00
  15. It's been a longgggg time since I've posted on here, but hopefully someone can help me out! So I have a pair of CCM U+ Pro Reloaded skates, but both the boot and steel are one their last leg. I live in a city, but we only have 1 hockey shop, and I'm not thrilled with the knowledge there. I work for an ECHL team, and our equipment manager was telling me he isn't sure what's the closest to the CCM U+ Pro skates so I thought this would be the best place to ask! I'm not fully loyal to CCM, and I will try any skate that has a similar fit to the U+ Pro Reloaded. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  16. 215BroadStBullies610

    New CCM RBZ Speedburner RH Stick - Bergeron (P46)

    Brand new stick. 95 Flex but has been cut a couple of inches. $140.00 shipped (via PayPal only) to CONUS. Anywere outside of that parameter, feel free to reach out for additional cost(s). OBO for all. Message me at will. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/VVAjJ7OOiATtHQtD4TIWGCdShIcxyrUWGz31dzmAVkYXCwcAaemBKnoL7teQL-T3ClwqWd3pFzFxUid2gpdcSk_OHOBmEmFrh5kRgetk7GN07HdA7u6MBock8lhNgMwwEcB1w-6sIY1RpnMO7IeZPtmzZNcyElQdvcIoonLEqXDMzaHQcDFeWvFrOqvqs3P3vagMD4VEOz3zqRuTgJjeYxy_870PcAa5JH412Vn7FZ62CJTeCjce6xb4Uz-AMI1y50RhEzqnVarTKl0GOBjeIvPVTYS6dWUo_BRWL_Hql58z6MfI3YCadu2-byfBhq9AVV5qBdTb0xEpddPYYCsFh3HNGXqKRf4eHnmQX9_YuFIBSV0xtdS7VVb3aQIt-0duPvGvV-j2EAHYZOyNyNn3Jt7bkuRQyU6ZkUZCzHq8zcuiqd1TNqfhtWa0o4TuFuCeMUG-fwQWt9EdCDhDjeV8OYVlshrSofWQCK-cOktblgyHvSKK3M1TrpFRSQp_lEzQ8_sb181odsPQdKxP3DLaZFgaq54AS2ZMzz7IwXMGF38ZabUjbNAMFzfILRowaD0fTKmJP51knGrHub3jAdTwBTT7mkWsWBwqUiQLYvTGDlssoTriQn3Z=w434-h770-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/oedBvcDjB5-SrdOg5tb5WhlyXRRoiR4SuKJwqAu3EjNggqhAGpBQwvK2D7LkYJgH1rXMVU-aZbChh8gC_DyJYXz7QI3qV8FWrtu462kfEuZsG50ntnLt99bjonYSCGWWRxXzSAKwf6pxqrJdFKF9h8-X5fNn2XOKdLUZNHhn-rou-ZGdFIfXSKGWNH9H3xFdkzIO6FFcj9TtzU-0vu70EWNr6zfWkGFZxW-EoboHDDMfnuRq59lMKiv2hm4C-xCB1PJgc35l2MwZdXWryDnRiYevUuP0l3KjrNZ-BPIBcP3qUDYaudGZ2fKoM9psGHaI6VQ4l8Kf3C6GlLLUvgQQLKHEhNSDO2XDiGk1bMFy5UsAufFDOYjtUygUpnyEOdkO7jaQxIPapfHq9RL3aW23jz0fTwAzgpNMOb_tKSg0WflmPCpCnMZIrE-Q8FDi5kcGNSxU34oh49xQcHrB8sG5_95Bp5iBPIiMvvqOMwQqRiluZPkSvqtBWOejLm7sib4YZGnw57ZDLtAKOteyt_WRZFityK01rC_h3N2A9ihjLeaqmYGH_ClZ1yfnDXOF7SyoSbN0Fxx2HmQthBVisRm43WoJ6IPoGfe2FTmf9S9T1xuQOApY=w434-h770-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FbuCV1QaKgUzB4xkCTXaAAgRalBnK8TdrB1IijepSZdY6Pd4QHU0NcR6mdzVzlonPHfjfSkpWREC8OESpiLW1_3QZtdvmKYWtSyzq3KLs09kJJ17x5Q3p5gjA5UZ3-JcMngWBhbgdfz6llvz1hGlN9epwzPPRTniemKyvtgkrhvIqwbOj6ZudjVsAVMdbbzDtIoTlfF5tRWK-v8l9FdO31aclXlo6XzLyUn6JqtlV_Xd71Fib6UTzJPQ7dDTDtO2FnAnhbRW2ILygyf_cbDbjAftgL1VC7P2Ts3baoJPE8y1w3GH96YKDL8uul3Z5rLfsNXe8mDS9KF6MQCKE72xW2y-ftdFSNcY8-mLkeWHIc9OYQrtryhuU6YVAHvdua4-0PHO2w-zY6QoXqPRj6KEUYPwXTHMnAXE22BQpm5j84j-iXtOrMyIwdCKt4rINziiNvgdLm4e4oFo0osGXbcZM-NqE1UuOS2mYZ3H61m4vvBSqTCo4EkAdTqhBAu_dThf-ZJ7fPz7NIrTMDxUpm-p6b5xmJKqXJCJQbjb6qP-QG213aKS5g0LCF-krkJTW24j8qdBPYuxn4j8e4OKPungd3K6IBgtofxW51yb1gIvOg7L54Fn=w1369-h770-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Wc_-DTwe5vyFnD0nESQRac8JyINp_MeOWKw6lqmWdG1Lkc73y0rupEhjFyIP0rnfYKymIZvz5YQXeYWFO9YE2Ivesh86FAIxel0hdDtynD5zCDKutMVuZIWSlfQoTbbpyLnKthlIkfqVQ_RMAvQMtX0Mwu2yO2fFIn81gSGNDumX2H1C4g8lGuPC0gZx4Zy2ScmyVmY-k3f7MWQURi_Q2O3vhEg9JTjtnQgO-UHSuagt5gkl6OfAvPHrNo4tv-Sq_gNFU8InEkkWZWsoHcIehzX4V9-iRg0atk-c5ZOV09QGwvK_fTkNxDW_OEF22uc6lFoVYwnFLxcB7gKnMYlEea9yN77IZount1gl56P9HxLe_PWtvODsTdV296OLcwqN0ulodC4rJsL7CSOdt3_oIwoeZ2N7aKUSbBe8sniT7HNY1UO3bfolzIeOm3YD5Vqu6IT0phtD7UZCLXYLfGDRDX_KyXs-mVE8SIMnL2MFTZRzdb7yBj4G6YMv9Vsb75fNYzKrnaD-GCwF8BhhZCJyoZbmKeNouA0tWBTdXK-rG-POsbfMEOPRsO60qUM0R2qZ7XlZLyCs7PUzbuzDzNB604AvTi8o-0K2u39odbiBJzUAHssFsqUR=w1369-h770-no
  17. I recently bought some second-hand hockey pants and there is no way I could give them back, I also wouldn't want to buy some new ones either. I am trying to figure out how to keep the pants up higher so they don't get in the way. Although I still have not found out what to do yet, any comment, answer would be great. My helmet fits fine at the store, but when I go to practice, my temples start hurting a lot as if someone was squeezing my head super hard. The pain would start probably around 35-50 minutes in. I first had a CCM XT (forgot the size), and the pain would start earlier than the helmet I have now which is the Reebok XT medium. The Reebok one does not hurt as much, but probably will hurt the same when I use it during a game. Any comment would be great. I was thinking of cutting the EPP foam a little but read some articles saying that would void the certification. Recommendations for a wide head, probably a round head would also be great. (Best if the helmet recommendations are under $60) Also the helmets have cages. New edit: Is there any way I could alter ski pants suspenders to fit the hockey pants?
  18. Devils26

    Affordable Sticks

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to buy a new stick that is affordable but also high quality. I have a few in mind, but I would take any suggestions. The ones I'm looking at now are: True A4.5 CCM ribcor 28k, 30k, or 46k Bauer nexus 4000 Warrior Covert DT4 Bauer supreme one.4 or 180 Thanks
  19. Hello everyone, I've encountered a problem. I've had CCM Tacks Vector Pro (The 5092 with a different liner, laces that break instantly, and the SpeedBlade Black steel) skates since around late August. I was in an 8.5 shoe (Asics, if that matters), and the skates are a 7.5. I got them baked the day of purchase, and have since had them rebaked about two weeks ago. However, even with 30 or so uses since buying, two bakings, and pulling the laces tight, they feel too wide, and generally don't feel right. What's the problem? Did I get the wrong fit? (Tacks / Supremes as opposed to Jetspeed / Vapor.) Too stiff? Too soft? My feet have since grown, and I know that a skate is supposed to be one and a half sizes down, as opposed to what it is now. I've got school tryouts this weekend, so there may not be time to get a new skate and adjust to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. About me: -5'4''. 120 lbs -10.5 shoe (Asics) Skate history: CCM Tacks Vector Pro (5092) 7.5D Bauer Supreme 160 LE 6.5EE Easton Stealth S15 5.5R Bauer Vapor X50 5.0D CCM U+01 (I don't know what size these were, I had them my first season of hockey and lost them within a month) Again, thanks.
  20. tburns517

    CCM 4052 Hockey Pant Fit

    I need some help and/or recommendations on which size of CCM 4052 Hockey Pants I should get for a person who is about 6'2, close to 200 lbs, and has a 38" waist . This is going to be a gift and he is unable to try on the pants, so he said he would exchange them if need be. I would like to avoid him having to do that as much as possible. I know this question is somewhat impossible to answer, but I would like to see if anyone has experience with these pants and the fit of them. Based on the size chart at Total Hockey, it looks like he could either be a Large or XL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. JoeyJ0506

    CCM Fitlite 3DS

    CCM Fitlite 3DS Helmet (Navy Blue, Size Large, Paired with an Oakley Visor) Background: I have worn the original Reebok 8K helmet and Bauer 4500 helmet, but for the past five years-ish I have worn, exclusively, the CCM v08. The v08 fits my head perfectly, and I had/have them in a myriad of different colors. However, the foams, in a few of them, have started to turn yellow and hard. My navy blue v08 was the first to get to the point of being unusable (I used it the most of the bunch) and I replaced it with the Fitlite 3DS. I play 3-4 games/pickups per week, and I have a small history of concussions and long history of migraine headaches. So, it was important, in replacing my beloved v08s, that I be completely comfortable and feel very-well protected. Fit: This was, perhaps, where I was most worried about going to a new helmet. Because of my past history of concussions and migraines, I am very picky about what is on my head. From past experience, something as minor as a baseball hat fitting slightly too tight will result in a crippling headache. That being said, I am very happy with how this helmet fits. Between the no-tool size adjustment and the Micro Dial III occipital lock I am really able to dial-in the fit of this helmet. I also have a good deal of hair, and as the game goes on, and the hair gets soaked down, I am able to easily adjust the fit to keep the helmet snug, but not uncomfortably tight. The gel pads on the interior of the helmet are very comfortable, and as of writing, my hair is not getting caught in any glue, etc. (Which was something I hated about the Reebok 8K). 10/10 Protection: I believe in the concept that a perfectly-fitting helmet is the most protective helmet. With how well this helmet fits, I feel well protected in it. Fortunately, I have not been put in a situation where the overall protectiveness of this helmet has been put to the test. Minor jostling for position and work along the boards has left me no worse for wear. 10/10 Weight: Again, back to the way the helmet fits… because it fits so well, the helmet’s weight is distributed really well over my head. I do not notice that the helmet is there, I am not fiddling with it during the game. It does not get in the way. So, I do not notice any weight. It feels lighter than my v08s did/do. This helmet also breathes really well, I do notice that the sweat does not drip off of me the way it does when wearing a v08. This is a pleasant change, as I do not find myself having to towel off my face/hair/visor anywhere near as much. 10/10 Durability: The no-tool adjustment is really nice, but there are some pretty ugly scuff marks on the shell of the helmet from sliding the two parts of the helmet in and out. It is something small that really does not affect anything, but for a $260 helmet that has not taken any real damage or abuse, I wish this was not an issue. 7/10 Intangibles: The helmet feels really well put together. Nothing seems like it is on the verge of breaking (My 8K’s occipital lock seemed like it was held together with bubble gum and butterfly wings.) The helmet also passes the “mirror test” in my opinion, it looks good. 10/10 Conclusion: I am thoroughly impressed with this helmet. I was upset when I found out that the v08s were being discontinued because of how great they fit, the great protection they offered, and the very reasonable price they could be had for. I was worried, especially after I tried on the Resistance line and a few other non-CCM helmets, that I was going to have a very hard time finding something to replace them when they needed it. I am happy to say that I found their replacement. I also will have another one on the way (black/black) to replace my black v08 that has had the foams go yellow/hard. The price is a little steep, but to me, it is a price well worth it for a helmet that fits so well, and (in theory) will protect my head/brain. I would definitely recommend this helmet to anyone that is in the market for a new lid, and happens to have the head-shape that this helmet works for. Final Score: 47 out of 50
  22. CCM HP35 New York Islanders Third XL $50 plus Shipping
  23. First post in a long time... researching what new skates I want to get due to this.... I Stepped on the ice for the first time in a couple years today and I was wearing my CCM vector U+ from about 2008ish. They were in a climate controlled storage locker while I was living/working in Kauai, HI. Just wanted to share photos of both toe caps breaking in the same exact spot after my 3rd shift this afternoon. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-jT4qwky-3peHhHMExCLTNmQU0/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-jT4qwky-3pMjFFd2NHeDY5Rm8/view?usp=sharing
  24. CCM PP90 Shells (9K) Pittsburgh Penguins Small - 3 Medium - 9 M+1 - 2 Large - 6 XL - 2 XXL - 1 Brand New in the Bag $40 + Shipping
  25. Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to actually playing hockey and buying equipment so bear with me. I went the cheap route and bought a size Medium CCM FitLite 40 helmet/cage combo a few months ago to play hockey with, I put off playing for a while (school/work) so I never really got a chance to wear it in a game situation. I just joined a league at a local sports arena and its a pain in the ass to have sweat all over my face and not be able to wipe it off without undoing everything (don't want to go cageless or shield less), so I was wondering if a half shield would fit on this particular helmet? It says in the specs for the helmet that it is compatible with most visors but whenever I look at a visor compatability chart (Oakley, Bauer, etc.), my helmet isn't listed, so I don't want to waste money buying online for something that isn't going to fit. Today I was at a proshop and they had a Tron visor but it was too big for the helmet, the guy had to bend it to try and fit it with the screws and it bowed a lot and left a ton of open room at the top, so that didnt work out. Sucks because it was the only visor they had in-stock and it was only $30. Hope I'm not out of luck on this cause I can't return the helmet. Any help or visor suggestions (if possible) would be greatfully appreciated!