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Found 12 results

  1. So, I recently purchased a CCM RBZ Revolution, and through two practices now, I have absolutely loved the stick. I've seen many people saying the same thing, but the quality of the stick is not what I am most interested in, but instead the durability. I have seen several users complain of poor durability, in the comments of online stores. But then again I've seen just as many praise its durability. So I would just like to hear a bit more about the durability of the stick, while there are still some available on clearance.
  2. 215BroadStBullies610

    New CCM RBZ Speedburner RH Stick - Bergeron (P46)

    Brand new stick. 95 Flex but has been cut a couple of inches. $140.00 shipped (via PayPal only) to CONUS. Anywere outside of that parameter, feel free to reach out for additional cost(s). OBO for all. Message me at will. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/VVAjJ7OOiATtHQtD4TIWGCdShIcxyrUWGz31dzmAVkYXCwcAaemBKnoL7teQL-T3ClwqWd3pFzFxUid2gpdcSk_OHOBmEmFrh5kRgetk7GN07HdA7u6MBock8lhNgMwwEcB1w-6sIY1RpnMO7IeZPtmzZNcyElQdvcIoonLEqXDMzaHQcDFeWvFrOqvqs3P3vagMD4VEOz3zqRuTgJjeYxy_870PcAa5JH412Vn7FZ62CJTeCjce6xb4Uz-AMI1y50RhEzqnVarTKl0GOBjeIvPVTYS6dWUo_BRWL_Hql58z6MfI3YCadu2-byfBhq9AVV5qBdTb0xEpddPYYCsFh3HNGXqKRf4eHnmQX9_YuFIBSV0xtdS7VVb3aQIt-0duPvGvV-j2EAHYZOyNyNn3Jt7bkuRQyU6ZkUZCzHq8zcuiqd1TNqfhtWa0o4TuFuCeMUG-fwQWt9EdCDhDjeV8OYVlshrSofWQCK-cOktblgyHvSKK3M1TrpFRSQp_lEzQ8_sb181odsPQdKxP3DLaZFgaq54AS2ZMzz7IwXMGF38ZabUjbNAMFzfILRowaD0fTKmJP51knGrHub3jAdTwBTT7mkWsWBwqUiQLYvTGDlssoTriQn3Z=w434-h770-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/oedBvcDjB5-SrdOg5tb5WhlyXRRoiR4SuKJwqAu3EjNggqhAGpBQwvK2D7LkYJgH1rXMVU-aZbChh8gC_DyJYXz7QI3qV8FWrtu462kfEuZsG50ntnLt99bjonYSCGWWRxXzSAKwf6pxqrJdFKF9h8-X5fNn2XOKdLUZNHhn-rou-ZGdFIfXSKGWNH9H3xFdkzIO6FFcj9TtzU-0vu70EWNr6zfWkGFZxW-EoboHDDMfnuRq59lMKiv2hm4C-xCB1PJgc35l2MwZdXWryDnRiYevUuP0l3KjrNZ-BPIBcP3qUDYaudGZ2fKoM9psGHaI6VQ4l8Kf3C6GlLLUvgQQLKHEhNSDO2XDiGk1bMFy5UsAufFDOYjtUygUpnyEOdkO7jaQxIPapfHq9RL3aW23jz0fTwAzgpNMOb_tKSg0WflmPCpCnMZIrE-Q8FDi5kcGNSxU34oh49xQcHrB8sG5_95Bp5iBPIiMvvqOMwQqRiluZPkSvqtBWOejLm7sib4YZGnw57ZDLtAKOteyt_WRZFityK01rC_h3N2A9ihjLeaqmYGH_ClZ1yfnDXOF7SyoSbN0Fxx2HmQthBVisRm43WoJ6IPoGfe2FTmf9S9T1xuQOApY=w434-h770-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FbuCV1QaKgUzB4xkCTXaAAgRalBnK8TdrB1IijepSZdY6Pd4QHU0NcR6mdzVzlonPHfjfSkpWREC8OESpiLW1_3QZtdvmKYWtSyzq3KLs09kJJ17x5Q3p5gjA5UZ3-JcMngWBhbgdfz6llvz1hGlN9epwzPPRTniemKyvtgkrhvIqwbOj6ZudjVsAVMdbbzDtIoTlfF5tRWK-v8l9FdO31aclXlo6XzLyUn6JqtlV_Xd71Fib6UTzJPQ7dDTDtO2FnAnhbRW2ILygyf_cbDbjAftgL1VC7P2Ts3baoJPE8y1w3GH96YKDL8uul3Z5rLfsNXe8mDS9KF6MQCKE72xW2y-ftdFSNcY8-mLkeWHIc9OYQrtryhuU6YVAHvdua4-0PHO2w-zY6QoXqPRj6KEUYPwXTHMnAXE22BQpm5j84j-iXtOrMyIwdCKt4rINziiNvgdLm4e4oFo0osGXbcZM-NqE1UuOS2mYZ3H61m4vvBSqTCo4EkAdTqhBAu_dThf-ZJ7fPz7NIrTMDxUpm-p6b5xmJKqXJCJQbjb6qP-QG213aKS5g0LCF-krkJTW24j8qdBPYuxn4j8e4OKPungd3K6IBgtofxW51yb1gIvOg7L54Fn=w1369-h770-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Wc_-DTwe5vyFnD0nESQRac8JyINp_MeOWKw6lqmWdG1Lkc73y0rupEhjFyIP0rnfYKymIZvz5YQXeYWFO9YE2Ivesh86FAIxel0hdDtynD5zCDKutMVuZIWSlfQoTbbpyLnKthlIkfqVQ_RMAvQMtX0Mwu2yO2fFIn81gSGNDumX2H1C4g8lGuPC0gZx4Zy2ScmyVmY-k3f7MWQURi_Q2O3vhEg9JTjtnQgO-UHSuagt5gkl6OfAvPHrNo4tv-Sq_gNFU8InEkkWZWsoHcIehzX4V9-iRg0atk-c5ZOV09QGwvK_fTkNxDW_OEF22uc6lFoVYwnFLxcB7gKnMYlEea9yN77IZount1gl56P9HxLe_PWtvODsTdV296OLcwqN0ulodC4rJsL7CSOdt3_oIwoeZ2N7aKUSbBe8sniT7HNY1UO3bfolzIeOm3YD5Vqu6IT0phtD7UZCLXYLfGDRDX_KyXs-mVE8SIMnL2MFTZRzdb7yBj4G6YMv9Vsb75fNYzKrnaD-GCwF8BhhZCJyoZbmKeNouA0tWBTdXK-rG-POsbfMEOPRsO60qUM0R2qZ7XlZLyCs7PUzbuzDzNB604AvTi8o-0K2u39odbiBJzUAHssFsqUR=w1369-h770-no
  3. I've recently been using the nxg girdle combo which I liked but I really would like to go to traditional pants but it's been so long since I've used them because the nxg's have lasted long enough. I'd really like to find a pant that isn't very bulky and has (don't really know how to word it) a good mobility to protection ratio I guess. I've been looking at either the stealth cx, ccm rbz, ccm ultra tacks, reebok 20k or 18k. I'm really stuck and it's starting to get really frustrating... why oh why do I have to be so picky... Lol. Thank you!
  4. Nyanad

    Jetspeed 280 vs RBZ

    Hello! I am looking to upgrade from my current x70 vapors which i absolutely hate. I've tried on a pair of 280JS and they felt really good. But there's a huge discount on the RBZ's right now too, and they are almost the same in price. But i am worried they could be too stiff for me (5' 4'', 132 pounds, rather intermediate than advanced skater). Is there a big jump in stifness between those two? Which one should I get?
  5. tvaughan4

    RBZ Superfast puck feel

    Thinking of getting a Superfast and wondering how the puck feel is. I currently use a Nexus 8000, so any direct comparisons would be great. Also used the NXG. I definitely like the Nexus 8000 feel, but wouldn't be opposed to something a bit more pingy/lively, just trying not to get anything as pingy as the old Bauer X60 blade, that thing was too pingy for my taste. I know it's all subjective but wanted to get some feedback before spending the money. Thanks.
  6. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/175-2014-reebokccm-catalogue/ Skates - We won't be covering the Tacks skate line until the lockdown has been removed. In the catalogue, that has a hockey tape theme, the skate is "covered" by tape. I will reinsert those pages in March, but I imagine Reebok/CCM will provide new pages. RBZ skate line is unchanged. The Reebok line has been updated - with a black theme, to go with the RIbcor theme. The quarter package of the skate has been updated with ribs for additional flex; down spec'd versions of the quarter package extend down to the 26k. You're still getting the Pump, liner and felt tongue from the 20k, however, the SB 4.0 holder which debuted on the RBZ skate is on the Ribcor - but with a black version of the SB steel. The SB Black will also be on the 30k skate as well. Sticks - both lines unchanged. One thing to note is a new CCM pattern; Galchenyuk, which is a Reebok Phaneuf/Drury/Parise clone. Helmets - CCM finally gets a new helmet after many years, and it's pretty apparent as to why it took some time - they had been working with the University of Ottawa (same department who validated Blackstone's FBV) and others on this helmet. Addressing both linear and rotational impacts, the Resistance offers protection in two ways; their REMa System (don't mind the catalogue, REMa stands for Rotational Energy Management) are 4 bladders which are liquid (oil) filled. The premise behind it is that as it the head rotates with the helmet, the bladders helps to slow it down, reducing the impact. On the linear side of things, there are pods - a combination of EPP/U-Foam and plastic shock absorbers which compress/disperse at point of impact. It's tool-less, with the adjustment on the back of the helmet. The Resistance will MSRP at $229.99. The Resistance 300 have the REMa bladders, but no pods. $159.99 MSRP. The Resistance facemask is a 580-style mask that's stainless steel with flat wires - and the clips where the screws attach actually have foam around it, which absorb shock. It only comes in silver, however the 300 mask is regular steel and comes in all colors. Gloves - this time around, Reebok gets the update; starting with the 30k, which is their anatomical fit, and is what they are calling a two-piece glove; the hand goes into one segment of the glove and then the rest of the glove wraps around it. The backroll is a combination of EVA (U-foam) and standard HD foam - the EVA is vented for air flow. Also to note, the cuff is bindingless. CCM gloves are unchanged. Pants - Reebok is unchanged. New pants for CCM - named RBZ. It still has U-Foam in the thigh and hip, but also gains the +1 length adjustment that debuted on the Reebok pants. Protective - Reebok is unchanged. The RBZ name carries over to an updated CCM line - things of note are the shoulder pads, which no longer have the floating sternum pad like on the CL - it now is integrated into the rest of the chest. The elbow pads seem to come down longer than last year's CL, and are vented in the bicep and forearm areas.
  7. So for a while I was set on getting the CCM RBZ Stage 2 hockey stick, until I picked up the Reebok RibCor. Although these two sticks have only a weight difference of about .07 oz (according to HockeyMonkey), the RibCor felt better to me. I know there are different technologies in each, such as the custom kick point in the RBZ Stage 2, and quicker power transfer in the RibCor. What is your guys' personal opinions on these two sticks?
  8. MattKingDelToro

    CCM RBZ - Powered by TaylorMade

    Landeskog is using a very white stick. Name added to thread - http://www.modsquadh...post__p__914851
  9. 215BroadStBullies610


    Background: I will be giving this review from a referee's prospective. For my first 2 years of officiating, I used the same skates for adult league and refereeing (NikeBauer One70). At the beginning of the hockey season, I decided to finally buy 2 skates: one for playing (Easton Mako) and one for officiating (RBZ). I was hesitant at first but I figured since I plan on officiating for a while, I might as well make sure I have equipment dedicated to the specific craft. Before my RBZ purchase, the last pair CCMs I had were the 652 SuperTacks from my youth days. I knew I was in for something else. Officiating Specs: 5'11"...205lbs...work Youth (both travel and scholastic), JRs (all tier III), ACHA club hockey (DI - DIII) and Adult league...work all four officiating systems (usually as a linesman at the higher levels). Size: 9.5D Ice time: roughly on the ice 3-4 times/week Usage: About 7 months Fit: Ah. It took about 2 months for these skates to break in and be pain-free. The RBZs seem to take on the traditional the longer period wasn't totally surprising. During the break-in period I experienced lace bite, arch pain and tightness in the foot box area (not nearly as bad as I had with my previous pair of skates). Now that they are broken in, the RBZs are roomy and comfortable and I don't have any issues with them. The custom support insoles make significant difference in comfort and support also (I use the MED size). I do have to skip the top eyelet so that I can gain forward flex and lengthen my stride. CCM made a stiff boot and that is the only way I can truly use the RBZs to its fullest potential. 8/10 Blade/Holder: The blade/holder combo is the best I've experienced/seen on a pair of CCMs. With the Hyper-Glide runners, there isn't near as much bite as I have experienced with other skates. It took me a little bit to get use to but I've enjoyed the decreased resistance with every stride. 10/10 Weight/Protection: The RBZs are well constructed. Going the traditional theme, they aren't the lightest skates on the market. But given there depth and width, I feel they are on par with its competitors. I've been whacked with sticks and hit with pucks. The worse I had it was when a wrap-around hit the inside ankle of my right foot. Left a bruise and my ankle was somewhat swollen but I would expect the same result with any other boot. 10/10 Durability: The RBZs have held up well and given my previous experience with CCM, this comes at no surprise. I do have to point out that one of my top eyelets (that so happen to NOT use) is already coming apart. 9/10 Intangibles: I'm bullish on the looks of the RBZ. CCM modernized their look without looking gimmicky. As an official, I feel it's important for me to look professional no matter what level I am working. I've had both fellow officials and players comment on how much they like the look of the RBZs. CCM has made the necessary step(s) to having looks match performance. 10/10 Conclusion: I'm a fan again. It's as simple as that. I feel that the RBZs represent the growth in R&D by CCM and it shows in their skate. The worst part about this skate is the break-in period. It was the worst I experience in a while but well worth it in the end. I highly recommend RBZs for people looking for more volume/width. 47/50 = 9.4/10
  10. Now, another foreign skate for me... Allow me to preface - CCM skates and I have had a checkered past. I was never one of those prototypical CCM fit guys; I had tried to skate with 952s back in 1999, which did not go well, then I got a pair of Externo E:60s back in 2001, and that didn't go that well either.CCM sent me a pair of original U+ back in 2007, and that was a bit bearable, but still not right. I remember being shown the CCM CL under a table in the CCM booth in Vegas as it was still a secret back then, and thought that they were definitely on the right track, but alas, it didn't have enough volume. This boot, however, is VERY interesting. As previously mentioned - it was a complete new design from the ground up. I ended up in the same size that I was in previous CCM skates - 10.5 D. Like I said in a previous post, I know I'll always be on the short side of 296 as that number won't change. The boot continues with the black/red scheme as its predecessor, the CL, albeit with white RBZ branding on the top of the ankle. Very good weight - they are 25% lighter than CL. The lining is Clarino, however, nash on top of the tendon guard, which is something that has been on the Reebok skates. The tongue is a thin felt, however, with U-Foam on the facing as well as inside, and a lace-bite pad as well. Another new product is the SpeedBlade - once again, another new product. The holder is 4mm taller, and the balance of the holder was altered as well by shifting it back center. They didn't stop there, though. New steel - the HyperGlide is a highly-polished runner, which can only be used with this holder - so it is not compatible with E-Pro. No honing required on these - I radiused them to 11' and then sharpened and after my final pass, did not leave a burr. On initial fit, the skates felt a bit square - better than what the CL did, but still square nonetheless. That was one of the issues with the CL - you truly had to bake them to get them to fit well, and even made it a point to tell retailers that they can bake the skate multiple times, so to go ahead and bake it if someone were on the fence. These are better in that regard. The boots feel very soft out of the box, which I'll revisit in a bit. No hotspots or anything on initial laceup. I put them in the oven for 3.5 min, and then laced both of them up, and the skate instantly felt better. After the baking process, I removed them and then laced them up and kept them like that til the next day. Same as the CL did - they became considerably stiffer after the bake. One thing to note - I shredded the top eyelet during the baking process. It was weird - pulled it out and it looked like a corkscrew - didn't break, simply shredded. The final lacing pattern isn't very bad - it's a touch wide in the toe area for me. It's going to be a bit crazy for me, because I will be doing two simultaneous reviews - been so busy with the move that I haven't been on the ice in 2 months. I will be skating these next Friday however. Any questions, please post in this thread. Thanks goes out to Johanna Miller at Reebok|CCM for sending me these - much appreciated!
  11. I can do the pencil test without touch my foot or ankle, its the right size etc. can this effect my play? (CCM RBZ 60)
  12. JR Boucicaut

    2013 CCM Catalogue

    http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php?/files/file/162-2013-ccm-catalogue/ Skates - big story for CCM is the RBZ skate line. This is a brand new skate from the ground up - starting with the quarter package, which is composite, however, for baking purposes, it is at a lower melting point. The skate is made using a double-lasting process as well, and features contoured ankles. The liner is Clarino, and are using high-density Poron in the ankle pads. Compared to the CL, it is 25% stiffer. Tongue is an injected foam/felt combination with additional lace bite protection. The arch has also been changed for 2013, and has a new footbed concept, as well as a new measuring gauge. The Footdisc gauge will determine arch and sizing in seconds, as it will use the heat from your feet to imprint an image. There are 3 insoles; high, medium and low, and it will be easy to determine which one would work for you. Based on their findings, 60% of skaters have a medium arch. Also, brand new holder - the SpeedBlade 4.0 is 4mm taller in both towers, allowing for a greater attack angle for turning purposes. Also, the balance has been pushed back towards the middle. The ribs in the holder provide greater stiffness, and the HyperGlide runner is a newly-sourced runner with a polished finish for better edge retention, and harder than most competitors' steel. Also to note, the rivet pattern has been changed to match industry standard, and will be sold separately. E-Pro will still be in the lineup, however. The RBZ comes in at $749. The RBZ 100 is similar, but notable differences are in the midsole, (Surlyn instead of composite) outsole, insoles and the runner. That skate will be $549. Sticks - no changes, but there will be new CCM sticks later in 2013. Gloves - the CL 500 is the new glove, and it's completely redesigned. Still featuring a tapered fit, it has narrower fingers and a wider cuff. The 3-piece thumb is extremely mobile as well. Guts of the thumb is U-Foam, as well as U-Foam on the top of the cuff, however, the backhand is snug. And continuing with the Crazy Light story, the glove clocks in at 300g. Nash palm with stretch mesh gussets. 4R Pro glove stays in the lineup. Protective - unchanged