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  1. Gov. Tom Wolf extended our state's "Stay-At-Home" order till April 30, 2020. I'm not surprised that we'd be away from the rinks for a bit just crazy to think how long this could last. As long as I can stay healthy, it will be really hard for me to complain. Edit: Actually is for 33 PA counties but it looks like he may just have the order for the whole state (makes more sense to me).
  2. I've learned so much about the technical aspects of hockey business from the website. Always appreciate all that this forum offers.
  3. Good question. Well, I go with two sticks: the original Easton Synergy OPS and the NikeBauer ONE95. Both those sticks just struck a cord with me. Definitely have more modern pieces of equipment that aren't sticks but we could be here all day haha.
  4. Yep yep, here on the other side of the state, we've been going through closures since last week. I live in one of the 4 counties surrounding Philadelphia where most of Pennsylvania's cases have resided. Was just talking to one of my fellow officials and we also think it will be more than 2 weeks that rinks will be closed. Just stay safe people. Weird working from home and there are no sports to look forward to but rather be safe.
  5. I think 2 weeks will be the minimum. I can see some rinks (and other establishments) going past that threshold. Once again, if everyone would just put a pause (as much as possible) on their normal lives for 2 weeks, I think it would be much easier to weed out the those who should get tested/those who are test positive. We all know that won't happen though so I don't expect to touch the ice/sport court any time soon.
  6. The rinks that I play out of are all closed for the next 1-2 weeks. It will be the longest I haven't touched the ice in a minute ha. But if this will be my biggest problem, then I can live with it. I just hope people take the necessary precautions so that the people able to fight this virus can do their jobs.
  7. Really? I'd be all over that. I've been using the Marsblades for inline for over a year now and I like them but I've always been concerned about longevity. Hope these come into production one day.
  8. Appreciate the feedback. As a fellow official myself, I've been eyeing up VH/Trues for about 2-3 years now. Another officiating buddy of mine also complained about the durability of the True skates (his pair is the 1st Gen). I've been pushing off the purchase because I don't want "eat" $1K in vain. The incentives are there though (e.g. custom fit, tax write-off). Interested to hear from other officials and their respective experiences.
  9. Just saw the skates on Instagram. Not my favorite Bauer design.
  10. Off the top of the dome: 1. Easton Mako 2. Bauer Vapor 1X 3. Nike Bauer One70 4. CCM Super Tacks 852
  11. A). The closet rink(s) I play at are both 18 miles (25-30 mins) away. There is a rink in town but I do pick up there when ice is laid down AND I'm actually able to make the ice time. B). N/A
  12. I think there is a time and place for everything. I'm an unapologetic sneaker head so I appreciate footwear that covers the color spectrum. When it comes to skates though, less is more in my opinion. I understand that companies will use anything as a marketing tool but I personally would keep things simple. Two of my more recent skates (Easton Mako and Bauer Vapor 1X) are probably two of most favorite in regards to performance but way too loud of colorways for my liking haha. I liked the looks of the Easton Mako II and Bauer Vapor 1X LE much more.
  13. Sucks man but I just see this as others have mentioned: you're long overdue for a break. As someone who plays, officiates and coaches ice hockey, I've learned to not over extend myself. With officiating, I usually don't work hockey during the off-season. For playing, I'll skip games/pickup sessions if I'm not up to it. Even though you're a goalie, if you can't stand being with your team, then miss a game. Unless you're getting paid to play the game, you're not obligated to be there night in and night out. I've been fortunate that I haven't gotten to the point of calling it quits on hockey. And no should unless they are moving onto something better.
  14. I see. Thanks for the insight.
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