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  1. FIVE BEST: Yotes, Caps, Blues, Wild & KingsFIVE WORST: Red Wings, Smashville, Stars, Tampa & TorontoFIVE HON. MENTION: Avs, NJ, Knights, Carolina, Buffalo & CBJ Best: I like these because I'm a sucker for throwback references haha. I think these sweaters do a great job of doing that via color and/or logo. Worst: I just think these are too plain. Doesn't seem like much was done to make them more unique from the standard jerseys. Honorables: These ones I really like and would've been my "Next Five Best" if there was such a category. The rest didn't move the needle for me in either direction.
  2. Yea, I liked the shaft and the feel of the puck when I used them. I'd be all for an updated 2-Piece setup for inline as a rarely take slap shots.
  3. Well, look at the bright side: you won't be able to miss them when worn on the ice haha. As an Easton Mako fanboy, looks are overrated haha
  4. Had the same issues when I tried out their combo. Wasn't overly impressed.
  5. Totally agree. The holidays and cold don't bode well for immune systems. Everyone stay safe.
  6. Got that Seattle Seahawks feel about it haha. It'll appeal to the younger folk haha.
  7. Doc retires: Not player related but the broadcasting landscape changes again. I'd rather listen to Canadian broadcasts but Doc was consistent in transmitting excitement (for better or worse haha).
  8. This is why I haven't been anywhere close to hockey since mid-March. I'm HOPING that everyone will be proactive in trying to stay healthy and be willing to open their mouth if they get sick. And yes, that's a lot to ask for of some people so I've stayed away. I'm happy for those of you who've been back at hockey with no issues. I hope that continues.
  9. I remember seeing something similar but USA Hockey has information based on a study(ies) that has been done in the past: https://www.usahockey.com/playersafety Report_Regarding_Immediate_Proximity_Associated_with_Body_Contact_in_Ice_Hockey.pdf
  10. Haha no doubt. I'm jaded as a Flyers fan seeing these type of retreaded players (regardless of talent) come in and seeing the hype around them for no justifiable reason. The difference here is that TOR actually has YOUNG star power. Veteran presence is at is best the younger players can take on the majority of the team's success.
  11. Toronto adds another "back 9" vet in Joe Thorton:
  12. I wonder if the delay is due to boarder restrictions or just not wanting Canadian teams being exposed to America?
  13. Brendan Gallagher re-ups in MTL:
  14. The VGK domino effect: Nate Schimdt traded to VAN -
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