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CCM Jetspeed

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These are 2015 CCM Jetspeeds in size junior 5.5 EE (whose current equivalent are size senior 6.0 EE JetSpeed FT1). My previous skates were Bauer Supreme 6000 in 6.0 D that I bought back in 2010. Before that, I had Micron Mega 10/90 in 6.0 D that I bought back in 1992...  Ray Bourque was the face of Micron skates in ads back then. :883_wheelchair: 

Fit --- 10/10 ---

I baked these at home once and it took awhile for them to break in. I played in a league where we had one game a week so it took about three months before they felt good. The right foot felt fine but the left foot didn't feel good until three months later. I guess my left foot is a bit wider. Compared to the Bauer's, these felt great, especially when skating backwards; they didn't hurt my heel. They came with the CCM custom insoles which I put in. Now, I can wear these for a long time without any pain.

Blade/Holder --- 10/10 ---

The came with the polished SpeedBlades on 4.0 holders. I got the custom sharpened with 8' radius and 1/2" ROH at noicingsports. I came from using Step steel blades on my Bauer's. These had less steel at the toe and heel out of the box compared to the Bauer blades. I don't get any issues while skating in these. I used blue Loctite threadlocker on the nuts after I put the blades back on.

Weight/Protection --- 10/10 ---

These skates are the lightest I have ever skated in. Compared to the Bauer's, these are exponentially lighter. The old Bauer's had leather in the inside ankle area. These skates have all man-made materials, no real leather anywhere.


Durability --- 9.5/10 ---

I have only worn these through one whole (beer league) season as I have been sidelined with injuries. 


As short as I've skated in these skates, one of the skate laces have been wearing down but I don't see any sharp edges near the eyelet that it goes through on the left skate, but the right skate lace is not worn down at all. Maybe there's something I don't see.

The ankle padding is great and tongue padding is great. No pain with the laces tightened down.

I like the top edge padding on the boot. I don't have to wear long socks anymore. With the Bauer's that had a leather top edge, it would wear into my skin.

These are so light, I have no idea how the can make a more lighter skate boot unless they make the toe box out of carbon fiber.


49.5/50 Not sure if I'll ever switch back to Bauer skates.


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