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  1. Game 3 was pretty good. Tampa Bay looked much better than in Game 1 and 2. Game 2 was so sad, one of the worst come-back from behind games ever... didn't even score a goal during the come back.
  2. For those not from Toronto, what would these reasons be?
  3. I'll go to one of the major online hockey equipment retailers, Hockey Monkey or Pure Hockey, and then search for sticks on clearance. I'll buy what is there in my preferred lie in a right-hand stick. Curve pattern, kick-point and flex are a "beggars can't be choosers" selection. But, for the most part, I can play with whatever curve, flex or kick-point as long as the lie is right.
  4. There's four major brand skates, Bauer, CCM, Graf, and TRUE Sports. Not sure if there's room (customer demand) for another brand to squeeze in.
  5. OK. Well, it was just an idea. Having worn Bauer 6 D, and then trying a 6 E was not good. Although it felt okay when I tightened down the laces, it was actually a bit loose at the top of the boot and ankle area.
  6. Have you thought of trying Jetspeed in E width? 5'6" 183 lbs., offensive d-man. I have Fred Flintstone feet with medium arches.
  7. In this video, blue 19 (which I guess is you) is hanging out way too far ahead of the play. From 0:03 to 0:21, you are doing circles all around the neutral zone. You are making it hard for your team mates to head man it to you because you are too far away. From a puck carrier's perspective in their own zone, they have to pass it up through a lot of traffic and that gives the opposing team's defensemen a lot of time to read a pass going to you because of the distance. You are forcing your defenseman (or center) to bank it up the sides of the boards hard or make a very hard pass up the middle which can turn into an icing if you miss the pass. The three zone passes you see in the NHL are pretty rare. Most wingers will hang out in their zone when breaking out. Depending on skill level of the puck carrier, they might pass it up to you when you are hanging out between the center line and your blue line. But if that doesn't materialize, don't keep on going farther up. Skate back down into your zone and make yourself open for a pass. At 0:49, not sure why white 00 didn't get a penalty call. You had not made contact with the puck and were hit from behind.
  8. I didn't think the Avalanche would sweep their series. It's looking like Tampa has the momentum.
  9. Rebadged bauer stick with similar kick point probably. But, they have it with a PM9 blade if there's anyone into a 3/8" curve.
  10. Yeah, those curves aren't for the retail stick crowd.
  11. Warrior W71 If you go to www.prostockhockey.com and click on 'player sticks' and on the right, under "RETAIL CURVE COMPARISON", select P77W71. Also, if you select "No Retail Comparison", you will see some sticks that have a very deep curve.
  12. The Edmonton v. Colorado match up is interesting. Both teams seem to have the puzzle pieces together for a Stanley Cup team... maybe. The Tampa Bay v. NY Rangers series makes me sick. I just don't like the Rangers. Anyway, I was watching some of game 1 at the gym. Tampa Bay was looking sad after it was 2 - 4. Nothing was clicking together offensively.
  13. Never heard of them. I bought stuff from Great Skate back in the 80s and 90s. In the late 90s, I bought stuff from a mail-order catalog from London Source For Sports in London, ON.
  14. Coffey curve. 0.75" curve. PP77
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