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  1. Heel curve is still around, but toe curve and mid toe curves are more popular. Check out Pro Stock Hockey. https://www.prostockhockey.com/player-sticks/?&search_query=player-sticks&filter=Curve_fq:"Heel"&rows=20&start=0 Regular sharpening of skates is still around and needed for re-profiling, changing ROH, balancing unequal blades and sharpening of new blades. SPARX is mainly meant as an easy and automated way to sharpen blades. It's also nice way to avoid a bozo noob from ruining your skates right before a game.
  2. That's right. But, I had a hunch that it was for something other than for playing. Why would someone care about width measurement when they are all about the same?
  3. He wanted to make hockey stick phone cases. Not play with them.
  4. For the most part, all senior sticks of all brands are the same (except for that 5-sided shaft). Are you making a hockey stick table or something?
  5. There was an inline skate shortage back in the summer of 2020. I wonder if that exacerbated the ice skates shortage.
  6. I just wear a short-sleeve t-shirt on top and thermal waffle, long underwear on bottom. They keep the legs warm to avoid muscle and ligament strains. Thermal underwear top is too hot unless I'm playing in a very cold rink or outdoors when it is 20 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-6 to -12 Celsius).
  7. Well, if his old skate size was the same as his shoe size, that would explain the bauer scan size.
  8. What is your street/dress shoe size?
  9. I played in a league where games were scheduled between 7 PM to 11 PM on weekdays and games could be as early as 10:30 AM or late as 10 PM on the weekends. Main thing I do is drink a lot of water during the day, and before the game, I would drink pedialyte. I read some NHL player did that. Ate a small meal at least 3 to 4 hours before a game.
  10. This is true. If you have Fred Flintstone feet like me, the width between the big toe and the pinky toe is wider than a regular width foot, and your whole foot will be proportionately wider and thicker. I have CCM Jetspeed in EE width and the left skate is perfect but the right foot took awhile to adjust, I think it is a bit wider. I first bought a D width and both feet felt like they were clamped, and that's without the laces tied. So yes, there will be extra space in the heels and over the top of the forefoot with EE width skates.
  11. A wider width/same skate size should provide more room for your pinky toe.
  12. When I add additional padding (usually some kind of closed cell foam), I would sew a fabric enclosure around the padding, and then sew the fabric to the equipment. This way, no glue or adhesive is involved.
  13. If you can go to a local hockey store to try on skates in person, that would probably be the best. Do your current skates fit? That would give an idea of where to start, size-wise.
  14. There's your root cause of the problem. When the refs start putting people into the penalty box, the tough guys start losing ice time, get ejected from a game, get suspended and/or banned from the league. You are always going to have rough play, and jerks on the ice. The list of suspended players gets pretty long when the refs are doing their job, but it should send a message as the cost to play a season isn't cheap and no refunds are given. The team captains should be going to the league director about things like sandbagging, bad refereeing, and players purposely injuring someone else. If they don't do that, the league director thinks everything is going fine. There were problems in our league, and team captains did complain. For uncalled penalties, the league would assign two refs to a game to mainly have a second set of eyes to catch penalties. For sand-bagging, the one thing the league did was a player could only score up to three goals in a game in the lowest league. So, if there was a Gretzky skating circles around everyone and sniping the goalies, he topped out after his third goal and would need to pass the puck so the team could score more, or he would play D, to stop offensive pressure. It was kind of effective as most ringers would be able to get their three goals within the first or second period.
  15. Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin continues to rewrite the NHL's record books. The 36-year-old left winger scored his 274th power-play goal against the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday, tying Hall of Famer Dave Andreychuk for the most all-time. https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/capitals-alex-ovechkin-scores-274th-power-play-goal-ties-dave-andreychuk-for-most-all-time/#:~:text=Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin,for the most all-time. He already tied and surpassed Brett Hull's record of 741 goals and is heading towards Jaromir Jagr's record of 766 goals. I'm guessing he'll surpass it this season, either regular or post season.
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