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  1. Have you tried a Bauer Vapor glove? I had Vapor X100 in the past. Pretty open cuff and quite flexible at the wrist and thumb.
  2. Bauer Supreme or Nexus model might fit better. Supreme and Nexus have more volume for feet with similar length and forefoot width. Or it could be just getting an insole for a higher arch might help with your current skates. This is also a different angle, but trying a CCM model with 7.0EE or 7.5.EE might fit better than Bauer 7.5D. Not guaranteeing it though.
  3. Figuring out goalie stick paddle length isn't quite an exact science. There are varying opinions on optimal paddle length. https://www.goalcrease.com/sticks Whatever works for you and your style.
  4. pouring boiling hot water into the glove (blocker or trapper) multiple times will get rid of the body odor-based funk. You could always remove the old palm manually with a thread cutting tool tailors/seamstresses use. But, unless you have an industrial sewing machine, it would be difficult to sew in a new palm. Regular sewing machines may have difficulty poking through both the replacement palm and existing glove material. You could try to cut out a Pad Skinz in the shape of the replacement palm and stick that on. Ghetto solution and I have no idea if that would work or not.
  5. Probably don't need a belly extension. You will have goalie pants and a goalie jock to protect your torso where the bottom ends
  6. What is your instep like? High arch, medium or low?
  7. you can mail your blades to a skate shop, like modsquadhockey.com pro shop, and they can alter the radius if you want to try it. The blade is put into a jig and then ground/sharpened just as if it were attached to a skate.
  8. You can try a Bauer PM9 blade. It's slightly-open, 5 lie blade, I don't like as much because since it's mid-heel curve, not mid-toe. I got it for a carbon fiber shaft. It was kind of hard to find. I bought it from an online hockey store in Latvia. It doesn't look like they have it in stock anymore. https://www.hokejam.com/
  9. I would recommend that you contact JR Boucicaut in the modsquadhockey.com Pro Shop to see if a multi-radius blade might be something you want to try. Also, you can request to get Flat Bottom V ROH for more glide and keep your current radius.
  10. Hmm, missed that. I did get a bunch of good slap shots at my last game, PP28 curve is just right for me... and I got lift/control/speed... so the puck landed right into the chest of the goalie. He didn't have to move at all.
  11. Well, you aren't going to ruin them. The foam will eventually conform to your foot in a custom manner if you don't bake them, much like what took weeks in the past for someone to break into leather ice skates. Baking them will accelerate getting the broken-in-feel.
  12. Sticks: I would suggest Sherwood PP28 or other Sherwood curve with 5.0 or 5.5. lie as I also like low lie. Skates: The best thing I would recommend is getting the correct fit - length, width, foot/boot shape. Coming from older skates, I like the heel lock in CCM JetSpeeds (your mileage may vary). I'm a bit worried the fabric inner material is going to wear away as compared to synthetic leather/leather but so far, so good.
  13. Not sure if you want to get podiatrist to remove the bunion. That seems like it would get to the root cause and you can get into any skates now and into the future..
  14. I have 13" Bauer Vapor X100. I'm short and have thick legs. I actually had to modify the strap to make it longer to go around my calf. The shell doesn't wrap around like the Super Tacks. I have no idea why the X60 were sticking out even more for you. At the risk of possible embarrassment, can you post pictures of your shins without shin guards on.
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