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  1. There's been limited ice time and the men's league is about to start up this week. Figure skating classes are starting up next week. I'm not playing summer league for different reasons. Once summer league is over, they plan on having the regular fall-winter men's league season to start as usual. And, unless things change and they dial it back, there will be youth hockey in the fall. But the travel leagues that usually travel to neighboring states for games might change their schedule to just have intra-state games only.
  2. If you use 2-part epoxy, it will connect pretty good (as in the softer material will give away before the epoxy gives away) and the epoxy hardens to a solid state like plastic. Mix the two parts together (per the manufacturers directions), apply to the surfaces you want to glue. Clamp together with a c-clamp or other clamp. Let it dry (or cure if you want to use the technical term).
  3. Wow. I've never heard or seen of this before. I had to get a close-up.
  4. Yes, Tampa was closing off passing lanes at the red line, thus forcing the Flyers to dump the puck or lose the puck. And like your saying, Flyers's forwards should have come back down to reset their attack.
  5. Our league canceled the remainder of the 2019-20 winter season. People can apply a discount to upcoming seasons. We are starting summer season on July 13. Up to 8 players allowed in the locker room, I guess to allow at least the goalie to suit up, and everyone suits up in the lobby with the expectation you arrive most suited up. Only one allowed in the penalty box and a shoot out for penalties when there's one guy in the box already. They are expanding the benches so we aren't too close to each other. And anyone using the locker rooms have to be out 15 minutes after a game is done, no showers. I knew this one teammate from a previous team who unsuited faster than anyone else. He was out the door about the time I got the tape off my socks.
  6. For beer league games, we hardly have any spectators. I don't even think they put in a rule to limit spectators for that generally accepted fact.
  7. The rinks locally have opened up for stick-and-shoot. I haven't gone yet. Not so much related to COVID-19, but it's $20 for a 1-hour skate and no scrimmaging allowed.
  8. Something like that happened at University of Vermont, Div I men's hockey. They are one of the bigger programs in the East Coast. Goalie from Canada and other freshmen students got hazed by upper classmen on the team. They got their program suspended for a couple of years.
  9. I'm not a fan of the CCM Axis graphics. But Premier II and Eflex 4 graphics were getting old. Their chest protectors and pants weren't made/designed by LeFevere, so those pieces aren't affected by LeFevre going away. I had a Koho chestie years ago with JDP elbow caps. Not sure if they are better without them though.
  10. Just curious, regarding your hip replacement surgery, how long after the surgery were you able to skate again? Or how long did your doctor or physical therapist recommend before going back on the ice?
  11. Virginia. It gets hot in the spring, summer, and fall, so there's a lot of humidity in the rink.
  12. Wow, I wonder if they have tested that on ice. I have that mask. I use anti-fog spray. But it wears out by the second or third period. Sooner during the summer. Air flow from skating makes the condensation go away. If that's a solid blue plastic thingy, it's going to be fog-topia.
  13. That's a joke. The size of the holes in the lower part of the clear full-face masks would not stop a 1 micron sized virus.
  14. Yep, totally idiotic. So they had like 4 players and 1 goalie. and at one point in the video, they showed the players were about 3 feet away from each other, waiting their turn to shoot on the goalie. https://www.nhl.com/fr/canadiens/video/en-coulisses-phase-2/t-277634034/c-5385592
  15. I watched a video of the Montreal Canadiens practicing. It was pretty lame. Just a couple guys on the ice shooting. No team drills.
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