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  1. It's been over a year. My left hip has been doing well. I got my right hip replaced a week ago. Almost the same experience as the left hip replacement. I don't remember all the details of my left hip surgery post-op, but I feel more pain at the side of the thigh. Same was last time, I've been very tired everyday. I walked a mile yesterday. It took 32 minutes to do, I may have pushed myself too far though. I'm doing PT exercises once a day and have had one PT appointment since my surgery.
  2. Mesh? Like this? https://nevermadeitprostock.com/collections/hockey-socks/products/used-red-waterloo-reebok-socks-28 or like this? https://nevermadeitprostock.com/collections/hockey-socks/products/new-black-with-purple-and-white-stripe-knit-hockey-socks-large
  3. I had more of a sizing issue and returned a pair of skates without skating on ice or baking them. Regular width was way too narrow and wide width worked out. Same length. This was with Hockey Monkey.
  4. I couldn't find a chart. ROH can vary between skaters so what's optimal for someone else might not be optimal for you.
  5. Depends on your fitness goals. I like weight lifting and ice hockey. Now, ice hockey is on the shelf, so to speak, for me. Do you want to lift more and carry more muscle in lieu of having less muscle mass and more cardio endurance? I did a lot of weight lifting to gain muscle and strength in my 20s and 30s. Didn't care so much for endurance, so I was strong and fast, but my endurance wasn't the best on the ice. I could fly around the ice in the first period, but would get slower as the periods went by. Into my 40s, I was trying to keep muscle, but also be fit. Playing ice hockey is a HIIT workout in and of itself. I balanced out my gym workouts so I was doing more cardio in my workouts. My main cardio workout was running. Now in my early 50s and having had various surgeries and having another one coming up. I'd say watch what you eat. I got a stent put in from a clogged artery. I was "in shape" but not eating healthy all the time. Basically, I could burn off calories from a high cholesterol meal (like a whole medium pepperoni pizza) by working out at the gym. But, burning calories doesn't equate to burning cholesterol.
  6. Not sure what your skating is like after 7 years. What position do you usually play? Are you skating east-west (a lot of direction changes within a zone) or north-south (straight line between zones) more often? Zones being offensive, neutral and defensive.
  7. RBC is going to be the first ad on the Montreal Canadiens jersey. Not sure if the NHL jerseys are going to go the way of European hockey teams where advertisements are printed into the fabric all over the place instead of a patch. https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/canadiens-announce-rbc-as-first-official-game-jersey-partner/c-335520044
  8. I've never had issues with holders, my last Bauers had Tuuk Lightspeed2. Current CCM skates have the SpeedBlade +4.0
  9. Money and time. Wood plugs also had a bit of the heat-activated glue. That alone meant a person in a factory had to heat it up before shoving it in.
  10. He's starting this season with 780 total goals. Gordie Howe's record stands at 801 goals and Wayne Gretzky's record stands at 894 goals. I don't know if Alex Ovechkin can beat Wayne's record before he retires. 1. Alex doesn't have an enforcer like Marty McSorley like Wayne did.2. i think it might take 3 seasons to get close to it. The COVID-19 shutdown ruined his chance of getting to it earlier. As he gets older, he can still play, like Jaromir Jagr did, but his speed and power will start to decline so 50+ goal seasons will be harder to do.
  11. You can use boiling hot water. That's something to clean the inside of the glove, but will also soften the glove to close better. There's no more real leather in goalie gloves. It's artificial leather, not sure if lanolin is going to work.
  12. $119 for the abductor weighted slide device seems a bit steep.
  13. I agree with you. There are a lot of dryland exercises that work the muscles that these Dri-blades are activating. I'm not saying Dri-blades don't work as they claim to. But, if you are already have access to a gym, there are machines and equipment that can activate muscles that you use in skating. The only plus I see is doing dryland shooting/puck handling drills and not having to have a shorter stick than what you use on ice.
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