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  1. Micron Mega Air-90. Fit my feet perfectly, perfect boot angle, no lace bite, no problems. Of course, they weighed a ton compared to current carbon fiber boot skates, and they had this white plastic clip attached to the inside area of the boot which I didn't know if it was a gimmick or actually helped to transfer power. Maybe real leather on the inside of skate boots are the solution for good fitting hockey skates. Circle back to the things that worked in the past. For goaltending equipment, the best thing was my CCM Pro-pac goalie girdle. They were very flexible and fit great. The girdle fit tightly with the belt and laces tied up. You didn't need suspenders, but they were optional if you attached them to the shell buttons. This was back in the day before anyone tucked their chest into their pants.
  2. While thinking about it all, I figure if something like this comes around again, instead of shutting everything down, people can wear masks and go about their business. It would be inconvenient to wear a respirator mask while playing hockey but doable at the same time.
  3. That's what folks here are saying. There's a semi-bad area where the rink doors close behind the nets. The boards aren't quite even and the ice is not level. The rink folks do level the ice maybe twice a year, once in the fall before hockey and figure skating start up and once before a big figure skating competition in the spring when they need level ice.
  4. The governor of Virginia has pushed back the stay-in-place order from April 24 to June 10.
  5. What I meant was a different player. I saw a photo of Oshie sitting in his spot in a locker room where there was a similar pair of Bauer shoulder pads behind him, but I think that was for a player who sat next to him in the locker room.
  6. Interesting. These are the kinds of shoulder pads T.J. Oshie wears (photo shows another player) It's pro-stock model. Almost like Nexus. There's a lot of articulation and mobility allowed in the shoulder area. That or he wears Eastons.
  7. Aside from the weight and bulkiness, I kind of wonder if that type of shoulder pad design would prevent collarbone injuries. Not a T.J. Oshie superfan, but I just wanted to point out his particular injury as an example because it happens more often than not. Here's a video showing him and the position of his body as he hits the boards.
  8. Our hockey league sent out a message to everyone, that the league is going to start up on April 27. At that point, the shut down of non-essential businesses would be lifted. I guess they are trying to be positive, and be prepared to start up if it all dies down in a month.
  9. Didn't know that. The CCM Speedblade 4.0 seem to be okay so far.
  10. When i took my skates to this sharpening place in my home town, the guy would look down the blade and sometimes flex it, as if there were a bend in it. I heard that people who had "lightweight" blades that Bauer made (either thinner metal or perforated with holes) had issues with bent blades.
  11. The physical therapy is actually helping more than I thought it would. The tingling isn't on 100% of the time, like it was in the beginning. It comes back once in a while. I have one more PT session. I went to a second orthopedic surgeon about my shoulder, as the effect of the cortisone shot is wearing away. He said I would be a candidate for ream and run surgery, but elective surgery is not an option with the corona virus thing.
  12. I'm well rested for the most part. I look forward to games and have a positive outlook before every game. I try to stay hydrated all day on a game day, I'll drink a lot of water. Looking back, the teams that put more pressure on me make me rush my passes, make bad passes, flub my pass, or dump a puck away (either icing it or just getting it out the blue line without looking to pass or carry it out). I switch between playing as a winger and defenseman. I seem to do better as a defenseman. When I'm a winger, I'm not always clicking with my teammates and an entire shift was wasted on trying to get out of our own zone. I've not formally played as a forward in a team that was coached. I was a goalie growing up and I played in a minor hockey league in Midgets. Most things I've learned from watching games and tutorial stuff on youtube. Sometimes, I'll forget what I've learned and don't recognize my mistakes until later.
  13. Rink closure extended by a state mandate to April 23.
  14. For non-elite players who play in amateur/recreational leagues, I see that in some of our games, our team performs well and others, our team performs awful. And on a personal level, sometimes, I don't perform as well in some games as others, regardless of the win-loss outcome. If I see myself not playing as well in the first period, that usually continues into the second and third periods. What would be your recommendation to a player (elite or not) who is regressing to making sloppy plays/sloppy passes/throwing away the puck needlessly, i.e. hockey IQ seems to fall off?
  15. PERFORMANCE: Excellent. Provides excellent grip on the stick blade to the puck. Keeps ice shavings off. It makes a difference. If I forget to put it on and I've played about two games, I can feel less grip on the puck, and feels like I have no tape on my stick. I play in senior men's league hockey so the ice shavings build up on the ice in the second to third periods. That all gets on the bottom edge of your blade as you skate around if you don't have stick wax. EASE OF USE: It is a puck-shaped block of wax. It is rubbed on hockey tape that is wrapped on a stick blade. You can put it on lightly or heavily. I rub it on the front, back and bottom edge of the blade. I put it on right after I tape up a blade, and once before each game. VALUE: This is rather inexpensive and lasts a long time.
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