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  1. There are just for street wear? The players won't be wearing a version of them on the ice.
  2. Well, it's a big font size, but nothing as large as what we see on glove cuffs and goalie leg pads. The big red stripe bothers me more because it wouldn't match all team colors. If you have red in your team colors, it would match.
  3. It looks good except for the huge red stripe.
  4. Just some general questions. How long have you been skating and how long with your current skates? What's your skate size? What is your height and weight approx.? What position do you play? What's your skating style during games? Up and down (north/south) or you zig zag all over/ hard turns, sprinting and stopping hard. You may or may not get a better skating experience with an aggressive pitch. A different profile or multi-profile with the same pitch may help you get an improved feel.
  5. If we look at a regular single radius profile with zero pitch, the skater would feel balanced without a feeling of their toes or heels are getting pushing up. If you have a 10 foot circle, you can cut out a 1 foot long section and the arc is going to be the same no matter where you make the cut. If you have an ellipse that is 10 feet from one end to the other, and then you cut out a 1 foot section, it's not going to be the same shape if you cut it from the middle as opposed to from one of the ends. Maybe the blade profile isn't a shape that is cut from the very middle of the ellipse. What if they are cutting it off center so the back of the blade is longer and flatter, and the front of the blade curves more. When you put that profile onto a blade, you might have the sensation of leaning forward too much. So, they put a reverse pitch on it.
  6. Wow, another blockage found. Good thing you listened to your body. Your LDL is really good. My LDL is now at 54. It was 129 in last year's blood test (which is way above 99 for those who want to know the upper limit for normal LDL).
  7. A couple jerseys I dislike: Atlanta Thrashers 3rd jersey Montreal Canadiens throwback jersey Phoenix Coyotes Kachina jersey And now, the Dallas Stars third jersey. They aren't even using the same green as their normal jerseys. They are using a neon green.
  8. Sounds strange. Can't picture how you got hit. The thumb piece of a trapper is big chunk that starts at the T and goes down to the wrist. Do you wear your trapper loose, medium tight or cranked down?
  9. Was it like a close up 95+ MPH slap shot, or your trapper was getting old and that one slap shot was the straw that broke the camel's back?
  10. Let us know how things went. I just had a blood test mid-October. My cholesterol went down. I've changed a lot of my eating and have lost about 10 lbs.
  11. You get power for acceleration from your hams and glutes too. Squats and deadlifts will help. Maybe sprint work too, since you were fast 6 months ago. You couldn't have lost that much muscle mass unless you were couch surfing, like an invalid, all day long.
  12. Understood. Just want to put that option out there if you didn't know about it. I've never bought a stick over $150.
  13. Have you thought of checking out prostockhockey.com for pro-stock returned hockey sticks?
  14. At first, you don't notice any difference until you go deep into a turn, all else being equal like radius and radius of hollow. Aside from that, you'll notice that Step steel can last longer between sharpenings.
  15. Exactly. Much like those wind tunnel tests done on cars, you see blowing vapor flow up, over and around the car to see where wind is redirected on the front, and also where turbulence occurs behind the car. If a player skates through another player's vapor particles cloud breathed out on exhalation, some of it is going to make contact with the outside of that shield, and some if it is going to flow up, over and back down to where the player wearing the shield can breathe it in. It's not usual to be close to someone forechecking or backchecking to where you are going to breathe in some of what the other guy is exhaling.
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