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    As we are in our 15th year of existence (3/20 being the official date), we will be using this logo to commemorate it: It will also be featured on SummerJam and Winterfest jerseys on a patch, and we'll also have a t-shirt. Absolutely crazy that we've been around so long. Thanks goes to everyone who has helped us out along the way.
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    The 13th Annual MSH SummerJam will be held at the Warrior Ice Arena in Boston, MA on August 5, 2023! Details, including registration, will be announced soon!
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    16 years ago, we opened our doors. Thank you for all who have helped and supported us along the way.
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    On March 20, 2004, we opened our doors to the public for the first time. It's absolutely crazy to think that we'd still be here 20 years later! Thank you for all who have contributed to MSH's success!
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    Over the past few months, we had been watching the post count to determine when the millionth post would be posted on MSH. After running queries against the server (we really don't delete posts; we will hide from view) and so we wanted to make sure that the post we would find would be the one that actually changed the post count to 1,000,000. That post was this one: https://modsquadhockey.com/forums/topic/72472-girdle-shell-alterations/?do=findComment&comment=1125215 What's even better is that it was this member's first post! I have reached out to them to get their address to send them a small token of appreciation. Thank you all for supporting MSH and helping us achieve this milestone!
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    First off, thank you for supporting MSH! We are approaching our 15th year of being the largest resource of hockey equipment discussion on the Web, and we’ve achieved great things as a community. However, one of the biggest things that a community must do is constantly evolve. Nowadays, it is important to be active on social media channels as well as video content; life moves fast and people consume media differently. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with forums per se, but it is time that we evolve into a position that we can offer all of those options. So we’ve designed a new front end that will highlight the content we create, yet provide an easy way to move on to /forums for a deeper dive. We will be highlighting product reviews and articles that will be strictly on this side of the site; posts that we create as well as some of our members’ creations. If you would like to contribute to our article bank, don’t hesitate to send me a PM or email me at admin@modsquadhockey.com. Let us know what you think!
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    Just wanted to wish all of our members a happy Holiday season! Obviously 2020 has been crazy and I've been working through some issues myself over the past few months and haven't been as active, I just want to say that I appreciate those who are helping out and creating content in my absence. It's definitely noticed and appreciated!
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    Details coming soon!
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    We at MSH have always strived to deliver a great product for our event attendees, and when we weren't satisfied with the last jersey manufacturer we used, we went and started to contact several jersey manufacturers to see what they can offer us. @IPv6Freely had mentioned to me that he had spoken to 5ivehole when he was sourcing out jerseys for his team, but went with another brand. I decided to contact them, and found out that they were somewhat local to me, and so we decided to meet up for lunch and discuss their product. Charlie was awesome to talk to and I felt at the time that they checked off all of the boxes of things I was looking for; well-made jerseys, good materials and attention to detail. The fact that he was somewhat local was an added bonus. From there, he sent me their jersey template and I designed the jersey. @McDougalfaschnitzer had refreshed the SummerJam logo and at the time, indicated that he wanted to do the same for the Winterfest logo. He completed it by the time I had finished the jerseys. What we did next was something we had never done before; we allowed the Winterfest attendees to vote on the designs. We showed them 8 different color combinations, and they chose a white base versus a columbia blue base. Once we nailed down the decision, I sent Charlie the designs and the logo. Typically, we have a "show" logo, which includes gradients and flashy colors, and an embroidery-friendly logo, which has been muted down for easier embroidery. The one I sent Charlie was the embroidery-friendly logo, as the crest was going to be embroidered. More on that later. We chose their EliteKnit material, which is their dimpled, pro weight, moisture wicking material. We also went with their Swagger collar, which lays flat and is stretchy. I had three requests; I wanted the silver stripe to be dazzle instead of EliteKnit, as I wanted it to pop a bit. I also asked to get the silver stripe on the collar to meet the silver stripe on the shoulders for continuity, and also asked if they could cut and sew their socks. 5ivehole typically sublimated their sock (which by the way, is the best hockey sock I've ever handled. 5ivehole makes uniforms for Red Bull Crashed Ice athletes and those guys require a heavy-duty sock.) Some of the things he could do no problem (the dazzle stripe) but had never attempted the cut and sew socks or had someone ask him to do something silly as trying to get stripes to align. But the fact that he said that they will find a way to do it really impressed me. Once again, more on that later. That all being said, here are our jerseys for the 14th Annual MSH Winterfest! Here's the shoulder patch, a first for us: Remember that "more on that later" comment earlier? Charlie made an executive decision on the crest. They sublimated the snowglobe and the trees in the Winterfest word mark onto twill, cut it, then overlaid it into the crest. It looks absolutely awesome! I was blown away when the jerseys delivered; I didn't know they had that capability. Now we have the ability to use our "show" logo on crests! Here is the uniform set, in all its glory. I can't thank Charlie and 5ivehole enough. They were awesome to work with and exceeded all expectations that I had. It's allowing us to be able to try different things to deliver a great product.
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    We are excited to announce that the 17th Annual MSH Winterfest will be held on Dec 2, 2023 at Yost Ice Arena on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, MI! This was in the works since February this year, and it was dependent on Michigan's schedule, and we got word a few days ago that it was going to be possible. In order to participate, please request access to the event by visiting this link: Thank you for supporting MSH!
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    Save the date - 12.2.2023 - it won't be your standard Winterfest!
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    Happy to announce that the 15th Annual MSH Winterfest will be held in metro Detroit on Saturday December 7th! Registration is now open - request to join here: http://modsquadhockey.com/forums/clubs/5-15th-annual-msh-winterfest/

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