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  1. Thanks guys! I definitely want to keep the focus on having fun and improving their skills. I like the idea of videoing them at the beginning and the end of the season,
  2. Hey all, Anyone have any ideas for good drills for a 8U roller team, players range in skill from very good to never having played.
  3. So i am getting back into the game after years out, the skate I have fit best into over the years is the Nike Flexlite 12/18, I have a pair of 18's that are on their last legs, is there anything out there with a similar last/fit?
  4. Sorry I think I misunderstood what you were saying, I thought you were looking for a boot to make into an ice skate. But if not, then just keep your eyes on ebay, I see Reebok inlines fairly frequently on there. I have a similar issue to you, but with early Mission Proto Boots being the best fit for me, getting harder and harder to find.
  5. They pop up on ebay from time to time. I picked up some 11k rollers for 50 bucks not too long ago, 9 wides though. Take the chassis off and put a holder on it.
  6. Might be the best boot Mission ever made. So comfy, got a almost deadstock pair off the 'bay for 50 bucks last year. Picked up maybe my favorite converted pair ever, OG CF652 Tacks with Konki chassis at a PIAS last week. decent shape too.
  7. i play goalie and skate out so here goes Player: Skates:ice-Graf G3, roller-Mission D-limited Gloves-Eagle x70+ Shoulders-Easton Ultra Lite Elbows-Easton Z-air Pants: ice-Bauer 6000, roller-bauer vapor 8 w/ biltrite girdle Shins-CCM 462 Helmet-Nike 0004 red w/black cage Sticks:TPS tricore whip w/ Sakic sicore, TPS rubber x-flex w/ nike PT3(sakic clone) Goalie Helmet:itech 1200 white Chest:vaughn 3700 Block:Vaughn Velocity Blk/Wht Catch: Vaughn XP custom blk/wht Pants:Itech 4.8 Leg pads: TPS Xceed 33" blk-wht-silv Skates:Bauer reactor 3000 Sticks:Montreal 9000 Toskala, Sherwood 9950 Lalime
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