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  1. 22 hours ago, Travislicious said:According to the Warrior's twitter account, April 15th is the release.They've said nothing about rice, but I would guess it hits at the same mark the QR1 didI never wore Warrior Gloves, so I wasn't following pricing, what was the price point of the QR1 when they came out? Thanks
  2. What is the price point going to be on these gloves? Thanks
  3. That's funny Jarret, we had our skates in the factory at the same time being made for pretty much the same reason. I do have to say, I skated on them again yesterday and they felt even better than the first time, if that's at all possible.
  4. Jarrett, Since our skates were probably on the floor of the factory at the same time, I will share my very similar positive experience as well, since last night was my first game with them. Communication: I messaged Rob and emailed my new player skate order in on Nov 11 at 1:35pm EST. I hadn't heard back from him or anyone at VH that day or by 10:30am EST the next morning, so I emailed asking what the typical turnaround time was for acknowledgment of new skate orders. Rob got back to me very quickly and told me that the 11th was Remembrance Day in Canada (as it was Veterans Day here in the US) and that he would be working on and processing my order shortly. ​He then sent me the options list and we went back and forth with some customization questions, etc.... After all was finalized, I received my PayPal invoice and paid it immediately on Thursday, Nov 12th. After placing the order, talking to some people and reading more on MSH, I was up in the air about which holders I wanted, so I emailed Rob and requested a change in holders and steel and he said no problem. After more reading and thinking about it, I emailed him back after the weekend and reverted back to my original holder request (LS3 Edge with LS3 Steel). I apologized for the back and forth, but he assured me it was no problem. On Friday the 20th, I received an email from Rob that my skates were shipping that day via FedEx. I then received a tracking email from FedEx confirming that, then I received another later in the day from FedEx that they were picked up and have an expected delivery date to my home on Tuesday 11/24. I checked the FedEx tracking over the weekend and saw they were already at the main hub in NJ and were going to be in route to the local FedEx facility. Impatient and excited me, called FedEx to ask if there was a possibility the skates would be delivered on Monday the 23rd. I was told no. I then asked for a hold to be put on the package so I can pick it up at the FedEx facility near me and they did that. Monday morning, the 23rd, I checked the site and the update was that the package was ready to be picked up and being held. Needless to say 9am I shoot over the FedEx facility 30 minutes away and pick up my skates. Christmas came a month early for me, thanks to my wife for my great early X-Mas gift. Preparedness: Once I found out on Friday that the skates would be here Tuesday, knowing I had a game that night, I immediately ordered an additional pair of LS3 Blackedge steel from No-Icing, with my custom 8'/12' radius with my 9/16" FBV and medium forward pitch to try to make them as similar to the Grafs and the natural pitch on those. They would be delivered by Tuesday, in time for my game that night. (OK, I admit, I am neurotic) Fitting: I read the paperwork that was included in the box and I did not try to put them on before baking them. I got a wet towel and set my oven to 180. I did 1 skate at a time and flipped the skate at the 8 minute mark of the 16 minute bake. I tightened up the laces about 90% as suggested in the videos, sat down, knee in line with toe for 20 minutes and then repeated the process for skate 2. I did use a wood clamp to make sure heels were molded perfectly so I would be locked in. I pressed around my forefoot while skates were hot and sort of molded around my feet. I used a very thin Easton sock that I would use to skate. Toe toe box felt amazing, which I usually have problems with new skates due to a slight bump on the outside of my big toes. No problems whatsoever and my heels were locked in, no movement at all. I should also mention, I removed the VH footbeds and installed my own Sofsoles First Skate: I jumped out on the ice, did a few laps around our zone in warmups, felt very very comfortable. I did feel slightly different on my outside edge for some reason, but that may take some getting used to, as I was using Grafs with Graf holders, the pitch slightly different. Overall, my feet felt great, I may have tied a little too tight, but that's something I will have to adjust and get used to, as I am not used to such an aggressive wrap and molded skate. I do feel I have some getting used to on the response and on the edges, but nothing major. I am sure 1-2 times on the ice, will do the trick. I'll be skating for 2 hours Thanksgiving morning, so hopefully that helps. I am still very excited to use them again and can't wait for tomorrow. After the game last night, I removed the footbeds and dried my skates with my equipment in my rocket dryer. Rob mentioned that will help prevent rusty rivets. So, like Jarret, it's too soon to tell the durability, but from the way I felt inside the skate, I would highly recommend VH for those looking to get into a high end skate that they can have customized to their own foot. I will update with any changes or additional comments as I skate with them more.
  5. I baked them and from what I can tell, they feel great from a comfort perspective, I can't wait to skate in a game tomorrow night. I'll also be skating Thanksgiving morning for 2 hours with some buddies, we rented the rink as a Thanksgiving tradition, early morning.
  6. Got my VH skates today. Can't wait to bake em and mold em. I ordered on Nov 12th and received on the 23rd. Not bad at all and I am in NJ.
  7. Great way to start the weekend with an email from Rob from VH....I should have them on Tuesday....Can't wait. Hi Darren, Your skates are shipping today via Fedex, tracking #xxxxxxxxxxxx Before trying them on, please watch the heat molding video at the following link: http://www.vhhockey.com/order-info/ Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your order. Rob ThomsonDirector of Customer ServiceVH Footwear
  8. MC88, In speaking with Rob this week regarding the order of my new VH skates, I was debating between the Clarino and wick liner and when I asked him which was more durable, here was his response (and my apologies if you knew this already) "the tan clarino is a more durable line. If you are skating bare foot, normally guys will go with the black sweat wicking liner. If you are a really heavy sweater, I would say go with the black liner. If you don't sweat excessively, than I would go with the tan liner." Not sure if this is just for my pair, but I'm getting some liner tearing on both skates and in the same spot:
  9. I've been skating on Grafs for the last 6-7 years. Never skated on Bauer holders. I've never had to replace steel during a game, so I am guessing it won't be an issue. I am used to taking the steel from the holders frequently, since I send my steel for radius and sharpening to No-Icing. What is the consensus on the best holders?
  10. For an new order from VH, would it just make the most sense to go with LS2 Holders with Step Steel, over LS Edge with LS3 steel? It seems Step is the way to go and there is no option for STEP with Edge holders.
  11. If their logo is on any equipment in any NHL game, you can bet they are paying the fee.
  12. Just sent in my order form and some pictures. Can't wait to hear back from Scott and team over at VH. I'll keep you posted.
  13. I've been using no icing sports for my radius and sharpening for about 5+ years. Bob is a great guy and they provide a great service.
  14. How do you feel the durability has been on the VH's (obviously other than the rivets)? For those that have the newer and the older versions?
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