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    CCM Ribcor 48K
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    CCM rbz
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    Black Eagle Talon 60s
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    Black w/silver cage (half shield no tint)
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    Black CCM 110s
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    CCM Tacks
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    CAMO Easton Synergy (RG series)

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  1. guess you're playing at Floyd as well. I think they've been handling it pretty well. not a huge fan of dressing outside, but its a start.
  2. Whatever you do, don’t go to Buddy at Paramus park. That guy is a total POS
  3. Been out of the loop here again (just too damn busy). But when you get pics of your mite dropping bombs from the point, you gotta share he finally moves up to 8u this spring, and so ready for it https://imgur.com/gallery/KlEzPdH
  4. FT coaching my middle guy this season The rink had a mite jamboree this weekend to kick off the season. Its kind of a cash grab, but they do bring in photographers with great gear and shoot throughout the day. They grabbed this one of me and my boy. https://www.instagram.com/p/BoDbrYFDRB9/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  5. FB must have killed that group. I just went looking for it with no luck...
  6. ... and please, make sure your child's name is in large easy to read letters. not from a label maker, or written in pencil. BLACK SHARPIE on HOCKEY TAPE, right over the top of the cage. Sorry, been coaching L2S and large mite groups for the last 3 years, and nothing drives me more crazy.
  7. I have 2 of my own playing. the two different socks thing works pretty well in practice. (but now a bunch of them are doing the mix match thing, so its getting harder) my go to, is the sweet flow on my older one: My the younger one is a go getter, you can't miss him :D (different color helmet helps too, he only one of two on the squad with a white bucket)
  8. WOW!!! I've been out of the loop here for a while now, but lurking again. Got to skate on Pro ice the other night. The practice ice was down, for the usual Monday night skate, so they let us use the BIG BOY ice next door at the Pru Center :)
  9. yep! looks like i can! I'll set it up tonight when I get home :D
  10. Damn! Just saw this. Is it too late to donate??
  11. Are you doing the AC one? there's a few spots left, I was thinking about it...
  12. I use Darn Tough hiking socks. 100% merino. wicks sweat, antimicrobial, and super soft. Buy the ultra light, don't get the cushioned ones, well not for hockey. I have some of the cushioned ones for all the boy scouts stuff i have to do now with my oldest. and they too, are the best sock i've EVER worn Go figure, these are the ones I rock. and I'll grab a pair anytime i have an extra 20 bucks kicking round (yes, yes. i know $20 is a lot for socks.) Edit: and they are guaranteed for life
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