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  1. Hi there, Thanks for the link. I have seen those gloves before and while I like the idea to an extent it would not be exactly what I want in a cuff. What I think might do the trick is the cuff that was on the Warrior Projekt (website link interestingly enough from MSH): http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/53950-warrior-projekt-glove/ It's too bad that they do not to my knowledge do this glove for a custom order. I did like the cuff on that glove. If Warrior could do that glove for a custom I would have a pair made (once again to my knowledge this glove was only made overseas) but using a different model with that cuff would likely fit the bill. By the way I do realize that the Anisimov is pretty much the same style cuff as the CCM glove I mentioned in my original post but I prefer how the CCM feels in comparison with the Warrior.
  2. Hey, Thanks for your message. I will keep in mind what you said about both Eagle and Warrior. Particularly about what physical changes can be done to the glove. The stock gloves I mentioned (stock models in N.H.L. colours) both fit fine and would work as is, although I would consider having somebody do some mods for me. Part of the reason I do not just buy those gloves at a basic retail level is that I outside of a solid black I do not like how they design the colours. Frankly I think most of the designers for hockey equipment should be fired. You can talk to me about marketing all you want I think equipment generally looks terrible. Another way of looking at it is that the N.H.L. are quite intelligent in limiting the amount of times you can put a brand or logo on a piece of equipment that is visible. You would think designers would pick up on the desire to purchase pro stock but they likely look at it as a supply side argument. Anyways ... There is a Source for Sports in town so I will give them a call and see what they say, and will look at contacting both respective companies. Thanks, CS
  3. Hi there, I will preface this comment by saying that I have not read every single post in the thread. That said I would be interested in anybody providing a list or retailers who would be willing to take an order for a pair of custom gloves. I live in a major city in Canada and there are lots of hockey stores here, but whenever you talk to retailers it seems they either are ignorant of what can be done regarding custom work, or they have no interest. Now before anybody decides to tell me I am being unreasonable I will also add that there are two things I have always allowed for. Number one I am willing to pay extra for custom gloves so price is not the issue, and number two I do not expect that the gloves will be made yesterday so to speak. I do expect to know what can and can not be done when paying in the neighborhood of $300 or above for said gloves. I can't imagine going to a tailor on Savile Row and having him tell me well just live with it and stop being a Diva. Although good service is something I would hope for regardless of money involved, it certainly should be provided if a consumer is going to pay a premium for merchandise. To add to that one should expect to pay a premium if they expect to be shown consideration by the retailer. Simply put it goes both ways. I know that Easton did offer a package through PSHG called "the Works" but that appears not to be available, and I am not even sure if PSHG is doing business even if their website is still active. Since I am only looking for a single pair I presume Eagle, Easton, and Warrior are my choices. Finally as a mention I would be interested in any of these N.H.L. colourways in the following models in a "stock" pro stock glove if you can understand my thought process (since CCM and Reebok will not do one pair of gloves to my knowledge). I would however like the gloves to be new if anybody might have a pair for sale. CCM CS400 or Crazy Light 14" - New York Rangers or San Jose Sharks Reebok 9k/11k (whatever the prostock version is) 14" - New York Rangers or San Jose Sharks Thanks, ChampagneSupernova
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